Forney Welder Reviews


Forney was founded in 1932 and is a family-owned tool, equipment, and accessory company.

It is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado and has been manufacturing arc welders since the 1940s.

Forney manufactures TIG, MIG and Stick welders alongside multi-process welding machines. This can make it difficult for you to choose the model best suited to your needs.

However, you need not worry.

This article will summarise the key features and specifications of popular models from Forney to make the purchasing decision easy for you.

Forney Welder Reviews

Forney welders come with a variety of features and across a wide range of price points.

Listed below is a tabular overview of popular models with their important specifications to aid you:

Model NoWelder Type
Forney 220Stick/TIG
Forney 235Stick
Forney 100 STStick/TIG
Forney 140 FC-iMIG
Forney 210MIG
Forney 270MIG
Forney 140 3 in 1Multi-Process
Forney 190 3 in 1Multi-Process

Still, confused? Not a problem. We have collated more details on these products to make the process even easier for you.

Scroll ahead to read about these models in greater detail. We have divided the information into sections based on the welder type for your convenience.

Forney welder reviews

TIG and Stick Welders

In this section, we will look at TIG and Stick welders from Forney in detail.

1. Forney 220

Forney 220 is a TIG and Stick welder with a maximum amperage of 220.

It has dual voltage capability and is well suited to jobs including outdoor repairs, works on the farm and ranch as well as welding with rusty or dirty materials.

It is an extremely portable welding machine which has a lightweight yet sturdy build.

The machine is lifted arc TIG capable as well. It comes with a long power cord, an electrode holder and a ground clamp.

The machine comes under standard Forney 5/3/1 warranty.

2. Forney 235

Forney 235 is a stick welder with a maximum amperage of 230.

It provides extremely efficient duty cycles and enables the user to weld right out of the box with no additional assembly required. It can weld metal up to 0.5 inches in thickness.

Dinse style connection provides easy polarity change and cable repairs. It also has an illuminated on/off switch with a fan cooling system.

It is covered under Forney’s 5/3/1 warranty.

3. Forney 100 ST

Forney 100 ST is an easy weld stick arc machine with TIG lift capability and with maximum amperage of 90.

This welding machine is ideal for do-it-yourself jobs, maintenance, and repair work.

It is a good product for hobbyists and those who are just starting out in welding.

It comes with an electrode holder and a ground clamp and has an extremely small footprint. It is a portable machine that requires a 120v input.

It has an argon and carbon dioxide flow meter as well which makes monitoring of welding performance fairly easy.

User reviews suggest that the product is an economical choice with a very smooth and stable arc. The welding performance is efficient and accurate.

However, the arc strikes a little rough according to some users and this needs improvement.

MIG Welders

In this section, we will explore MIG welders from Forney in a little more detail.

1. Forney 140 FC-i

Forney 140 FC-i is a MIG welder with a maximum amperage of 140.

Applications of this machine include do-it-yourself, maintenance, repairs and metal fabrication. This product is ideal for hobbyists and beginners as it is very portable and easy to use.

It uses a flux core wire. It comes with infinite voltage and wire feed speed control.

It is a gasless/ flux core welding machine. It provides a very efficient duty cycle and comes with torch wrap.

It has a ground clamp and is protected under a one year warranty from Forney.

User reviews suggest that this product is very easy to use, especially for first-timers.

The product is also convenient to set up and the build quality is durable. Moreover, the arc is smooth and stable.

However, some users suggest that the speed of the wire feed needs to be faster for better welding.

2. Forney 210

Forney 210 is a MIG welder with a maximum amperage of 210. It comes with a quick MIG connector and is great for do-it-yourself jobs.

This product is also well suited to maintenance, repair, and metal fabrication. It is an asset around the farm and ranch as well as for working with automotive and boats.

It comes with spool gun capability, gas hose, and regulator. It also has an integrated cable wrap and aluminum wire feeder with the drive system.

It has a flow meter and a metal cabinet with no assembly required and a fold-up door which reduces footprint.

It is protected under Forney’s 5/3/1 warranty.

3. Forney 270

Forney 270 is a fully sized MIG welder with industrial capacity and maximum amperage of 270.

Applications of this welding machine include light industrial jobs and work around repair shops, general fabrication and automotive.

The machine is MIG ready with a regulator and gas hose. It comes with spool gun capability and quick disconnect torch which makes it very easy to use.

It also has an aluminum feed and drives systems alongside multiple trigger modes and a sturdy metal cabinet.

The machine provides very efficient duty cycles.

It is protected under Forney’s 5/3/1 warranty.

Multi-Process Welders (3 in 1)

In this section, we will look at multi-process welders from Forney in a little more detail.

1. Forney 140

Forney 140 is a 3 in 1 MIG, TIG and Stick welder with a maximum amperage of 140.

It comes with a euro connect torch which is fast and efficient to use. It also has a torch wrap and the torch has built-in strain relief which increases the longevity of the cable.

It is easy to switch between modes and the product also features optional spool gun capability for aluminum welding. Synergic controls enable high-quality welds with reduced spatter.

It also has digital readouts and multiple trigger modes. It also has an upgraded cast aluminum wire drive system.

User reviews suggest that the machine delivers very quiet stick welds which are also precise and accurate.

The product also has a sturdy build and is fairly easy to carry around. Some users, however, suggest that the spatter from this product needs to be reduced.

2. Forney 190

Forney 190 is a multi-process MIG, TIG and Stick welder with a maximum amperage of 190.

It features a fast disconnect feature to easily swap out the torch while welding and also has a clean liner. Integrated feet and strain relief in the torch improve the longevity of the machine.

It comes with smart inverter technology to reduce power consumption and it also has dual voltage capability.

Moreover, the product features digital readouts, multiple trigger modes; spool gun capability for aluminum welding and synergic controls for high-quality welds and spatter reduction.

User reviews suggest that the product is very easy to set up and use. The stick mode is especially efficient and the machine is also very portable around the job site.

The build of the machine is also durable.

However, some users argue that the efficiency of the duty cycle at maximum amperage needs to be improved.


We hope this article has been helpful in developing a comparative picture of welding machines manufactured by Forney for you.

You can now choose a model best suited to your preferences and derive the maximum use from it.

If you have any queries, please leave them in the comments so we can get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Welding!

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