The Advantages Of Owning A Small Chainsaw


In Brief: The Advantages Of Owning A Small Chainsaw

The advantages of owning a small chainsaw are many and varied. They are lightweight, which makes them easier to handle, more portable, and safer. You will experience less fatigue and the chainsaw will be quieter and create less pollution. Small chainsaws are also more affordable, yet still applicable for common gardening tasks.

Chainsaws come in all shapes and sizes.

Bar lengths range from as little as 6 inches to a whopping 72 inches on the largest gas chainsaws.

Almost nobody needs those big saws except professionals, but there are many advantages of owning a small chainsaw for the average homeowner.

This guide will show you all the main benefits of owning a small chainsaw.

Advantages of Owning A Small Chainsaw

Purchasing a small chainsaw can offer you the following benefits over standard chainsaws:

More Affordable

The small chainsaws on the market cost a lot less than the larger ones.

For a standard chainsaw, you will be looking to pay at least $200 to $500, with many costing more than that.

You might not be able to justify spending that money on a chainsaw without a dire need of one.

You can pick up a small chainsaw for under $100, with the cheapest being electric corded chainsaws.

Easier To Handle

Smaller chainsaws, being lightweight and maneuverable, are far easier to handle than their larger counterparts.

For jobs that require high maneuverability, a small chainsaw will outperform a large chainsaw across the board.

If you are a novice user then it will be easier to learn to use a small chainsaw than it will to learn to use a larger chainsaw.

Therefore, if you have never owned a chainsaw before, then you should opt for a smaller one.


As they are more lightweight, small chainsaws are far easier to carry. If you need to travel with a chainsaw, you will be far better off with a small one rather than a large one.

Taking a large chainsaw on a hiking trip would be difficult at best and impossible at worst. However, you can carry a small chainsaw can easily in one hand without causing too much fatigue.

If you need to take your chainsaw off your property, a small chainsaw is a way to go.

Less Fatigue

One more advantage to the lightweight nature of small chainsaws is that you will experience less fatigue.

For experienced chainsaw users, that means being able to work longer. For people with limited physical strength, a small chainsaw might be the only type you can safely use.

If you are trying to teach a younger family member – still an adult, though! – then you should purchase a small chainsaw for them to start with.

Less Maintenance

Smaller chainsaws require less maintenance than their larger counterparts. The limited power of a small saw means that there is less stress on the components and therefore less maintenance is required.

If you have a small gas chainsaw, it will use less gas. If you have a small electric chainsaw, it will use less electricity. Both will require sharpening less often and the engine components will last longer.

The costs quickly add up for larger chainsaws, so for the long-term affordable option a small chainsaw always wins.


Because small chainsaws are easier to handle, less powerful, and are used for less intensive jobs, they are much safer than large chainsaws.

That does not mean that they are completely safe. All chainsaws can be dangerous if used improperly and even small chainsaws are at risk of kickback.

However, the smaller the chainsaw the less risk there is of you losing control of the tool while cutting and experiencing kickback, which is the cause of most chainsaw injuries.


The smaller the chainsaw, the smaller the engine or motor that powers it. Smaller engines and motors create less noise pollution, which can be a major concern for the average homeowner.

Nobody wants to annoy their neighbors with loud chainsaw noises. If you opt for a small chainsaw, the noise will stay within acceptable levels.

You should still wear ear defenders when using a small chainsaw, as even the quietest chainsaws still create sound levels that will damage your hearing over time.

Less Pollution

If you get a small gas chainsaw, it will run through less fuel than a larger one. The result is lower emissions and therefore a cleaner environment around you.

If you opt for an electric chainsaw then there will be no emissions at all, so the cleanest option will always be electric.

As the difference in power between small gas chainsaws and small electric chainsaws is quite small, you can opt for the latter without making much of a sacrifice in terms of cutting power.

What Can You Cut With A Small Chainsaw?

Small chainsaws, while not capable of performing some of the jobs that you might associate with larger chainsaws such as felling trees or cutting firewood, are useful for a wide variety of household tasks. For instance, you can cut most branches with a small chainsaw.

Branches up to 12 inches thick can be cut with a 12-inch chainsaw, though you will have to take your time over 10 inches thickness to ensure a safe cut.

Chopping up fallen branches or taking down very young trees can also be achieved with a small chainsaw.

Aside from that, common gardening tasks are made much easier with a small chainsaw.

Trimming hedges, shrubs, and trees can be performed by small chainsaws, though for larger jobs they will not cut it.

You could also try some creative woodworking with a small chainsaw, creating some rustic pieces for your home and garden.

Woods like pine, cedar, birch, and oak are suitable for cutting with a small chainsaw.


We hope this guide has helped you to see how a small chainsaw could prove useful for your home.

The advantages of owning a small chainsaw often outweigh the disadvantages, so consider going smaller when buying your new chainsaw.

If you have any questions or comments about this guide or small chainsaws in general, please feel free to leave them in the section below.

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