Should You Replace or Repair Your Floor Jack?


The decision on whether to repair or replace a floor jack should not be taken lightly. The results of this choice could result in a lot of money saved or possibly fatal injuries averted.

In this article, we will be looking at the floor jack and the situations necessitating its repair as well as its replacement.

This piece of equipment is a necessary requirement for many institutions.

As such, understanding when a faulty floor jack should be repaired or outright replaced is fundamental.

When Is It Wise to Repair a Floor Jack

Even with the complete adherence to the maintenance guidelines outlined in the manual, it almost guaranteed that the jack would need repair at some point.

A floor jack does not have many alternatives that could accomplish its tasks.

That, coupled with its high pricing, gives the option of repairing the piece of equipment a lot more weight as compared to replacing it.

It is, therefore, vital to examine the nature of the problem you have to access whether it can be repaired. It is easy to recommend one repair the floor jack when the problem is with a part that can be easily be swapped with another.

Some of the everyday situations that may require a repair of the floor jack include:

The wheel becomes immobile or is constantly squeaky

Depending on the size of the floor jack, they can be cumbersome. This can render them completely immobile, affecting the utility of it.

Fortunately, this problem is relatively easy to address.

The cause of this problem might be the lack of lubrication, which interferes with the movement of the wheel. This could be solved by using a common lubricant that can be found in any motor shop.

Damaged wheel

The wheel could damage to the point it ceases to be useful.

In this case, the entire wheel would be replaced. Fortunately, most of the floor jack brands have replacement wheels for their jacks available for purchase or replacement with their respective retailers.

When the jack does not extend fully or drifts down slowly – This problem would require a simple repair as opposed to a replacement.

It could be caused by leakage of the hydraulic fluid over an extended period and could be solved by simply topping off the hydraulic fluid.

If the problem is persistent, it is advisable to look for the leakage and fix it.

When the oil has a milky appearance

This is often the result of water mixing with the oil. In this case, a repair would be favorable as compared to a replacement.

The solution is to completely drain it of all the hydraulic fluid and have it refilled.

When is it Wise to Buy a New Floor Jack?

Despite the expensive nature of the floor jack, after an extended period of service, it would require replacement.

The importance of knowing when to replace a floor jack cannot be overstated.

Using a faulty floor jack, can cause serious injury to the user or even prove fatal.

Some of the situations requiring complete replacement include:

When the handle kicks back up

This warrants immediate replacement.

No one should use the floor jack when this happens as it is dangerous.

The heavy object being lifted could be suddenly dropped, causing severe injury to the user or those around it.

When the frame has taken damage

As sturdy as the floor jack seemingly is, in the case where it is visibly damaged, bent or cracked, it should not be put to use. One should not attempt to repair it.

When water mixes with the hydraulic fluid

Water can damage the floor jack to beyond repair.

This problem, if addressed fast enough, can be fixed. But if discovered after some time, it can render the unit unrepairable.


The decision on whether to replace a floor jack should not be taken lightly as the use of a faulty jack could lead to serious injury and even death.

As much as financial reasons guide the decision, it should also have a focus on the well-being of its users.

As such, users should ensure they inspect their equipment regularly to ensure any repairs are carried in a timely fashion.

This would help guide the decision on whether replacements are necessary.

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