How Much Weight Can A Come-Along Pull?


In Brief: How Much Weight Can A Come-Along Pull?

Typical come-along winches can pull between 2 tons and 4 tons. There are many options for smaller winches with under 2 tons pulling capacity. Some come-alongs can pull up to 12 tons, with a wide range of heavy-duty come-alongs in the 6-ton to 10-ton range. You can get a come-along that suits any winching application.

A come-along winch, sometimes called a hand winch or ratchet winch can provide a lot of pulling capacity without the drive of a motor.

However, they are essentially hand tools, and therefore cannot match the pulling capacity of engine-driven or electric-driven winches.

So how much weight can a come-along winch pull, and will it be enough for your day-to-day needs?

The short answer: It depends.

There are come-along winches that can pull as much as 12000 lbs, which compares with some fairly high-end electric winches.

The majority of come-alongs do not get anywhere near that figure, though.

The most common pulling capacities for come-alongs fall in the 2-ton to 4-ton range. Many come in below 2 tons.

The heavy-duty come-along winches tend to have pulling capacities between 6 tons and 10 tons, with some pulling as much as 12 tons.

So, if you want to buy a come-along but are worried that it will not handle the weight of the loads you need to pull, then you can stop worrying.

There are come-alongs out there to satisfy any reasonable load capacity you could require.


We hope this guide has helped you see the diversity in load capacities found in come-along winches.

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