How Can I Make My 5.7 Hemi Ram Faster


If you need more speed from your Ram truck, there are ways to do it, but some may cost you a lot of money.

The 5.7 Hemi is a very popular engine and can be found in many models out there today.

To make them faster is one of the most exciting things to do, and we will look at ways how to do it.

Reduce Engine Weight

To do that, you need to replace iron parts that are replaceable with the much lighter aluminum parts that can be obtained.

You can start with the flywheel and change the iron one out with a flywheel that is made from an aluminum alloy.

The iron drive shaft can be replaced with an aluminum driveshaft to make it much lighter than with the stock part.

This will help to get a much higher power output and thus getting more horsepower delivered to the rear wheels.

And in general, it will make the vehicle lighter and, in turn, will allow better performance as well as better efficiency.

You Can Flash The ECU

By flashing the Electronic Control Unit, you will remove the restrictions that are installed by the manufacturer to inhibit the full potential.

The ECU is the brain of the HEMI 5.7 that tells the engine how much fuel mixture to allow.

What it does is tell the engine exactly how much fuel, air, and spark must be allowed.

This will increase the engine horsepower as well as allow it to run at better efficiency for improved overall performance.

This is a basic instructional video on how to flash the ECU of any type of engine and is general information –

You Can Upgrade To Cold Air Intake

With this method, you will increase the horsepower as well as the torque of your engine quite drastically in no time.

The cold air intake will make a difference in acceleration as well as fuel consumption at the same time.

The difference between cold air and hot air is that you get much more oxygen than with hot air into the fuel mixture. This, in turn, will provide more power, and you will notice it in the immediately increased performance of the vehicle.

In order to achieve this, you need to upgrade the stock air intake system of the Hemi 5.7 engine to enhance performance.

This is where you can use the aFe Power Momentum performance intake system for the Hemi 7.5 engine.

This intake system will increase the intake with up to 23 percent to improve the power of the engine drastically.

With this cold air intake system, a lot of horsepower will be added to the engine as well as torque gain.

It is a one-piece air intake system that is easy to install on the Hemi 5.7 and will not cost a lot. It is an innovative design and works quite simply, and can be installed by anyone with a little bit of knowledge.

You just need to make sure of the fittings of your model before you buy so you have a perfect fit.

And make sure of the hardware and installation instructions that come with the cold air intake system when you install it.

It would be best if you took note that this product may not be installed in California because of specific health laws that are in place.

See this video on how to properly install this cold air intake system on the Hemi 5.7 Ram –

Exhaust upgrades

With this, you will be able not just to feel the difference but also to hear it when you upgrade the exhaust system.

So you want to change the wheezing of the exhaust into a roar, then you need to add a new voice.

This can easily be done to replace the stock exhaust with one of the many high-performance exhaust systems available out there.

Here’s a quick video on how to do that –

These exhaust systems are available in many different configurations that will increase the horsepower of your vehicle quite a bit.

These exhaust systems are made from stainless steel or aluminum and will provide a much cleaner airflow and a nicer sound.

The larger pipe diameter will allow a much better flow of exhaust gases to increase the power of the engine a lot.

One that is designed especially for the Hemi 5.7 Ram is the aFe twisted steel exhaust with y-pipes included.

This will drastically increase the horsepower of the engine with more than 32 HP for better performance and faster speeds.

But that is not all!

There will be an increase of around 44 and more torque together with a new sound.

The sound can be changed and shaped by using different configurations of single or double flow exit of the exhaust system.

And on top of that, it is worth the price you pay for it, which may be a bit steep but still affordable.

It is also very easy to install it on your Ram and can be done in a short time with a bit of effort.

Other modifications

There are many other modifications that will increase the speed of your Hemi 5.7 Ram drastically, as well as overall performance.

Some of these are an intercooler and heat exchanger system, as well as outflow intercooler tubes that improve the airflow of the engine.

Other upgrades that can be done is the catalytic converter that will increase performance as well as fuel efficiency.

Twisted headers for the exhaust system are also another upgrade that will improve the performance of your Ram truck more than you think.

And these are only a few of the many ways there are to make your Ram much faster than it already is.


So armed with all these upgrades, you can make quite a speeder out of your HEMI 5.7 Ram truck.

As always, this will just get the adrenaline pumped and cause some addictions that may cost you more money.

The more speed you have, the more you want, and the endless cycle of more speed will never end.

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