Can You Run RV Generator While Driving?


The answer to the question asked in the title is simply “Yes”. You can run the generator of your RV while driving on the road without an issue.

In usual conditions, there is no harm in running the RV generator when driving. However, there are certain circumstances where you should avoid this kind of operation.

How safe it is to Run RV Generator While Driving

There is no issue at all if you are running your RV generator while driving if you have a fixed type of generator.

On the contrary, if you are using a portable generator, possibilities are there that you may cause some damage to it.

Aspect to Consider

When the generator installed in your RV takes the fuel from the main tank, you should be careful while the generator continues to run when you are driving.

This is so, as the fuel level of your RV drop significantly, as it is used by both the RV and the generator.

In order to deal with this issue, you can use a special safety feature.

It works by cutting off the fuel supply if the gas level drops below 1/4 of the tank. Moreover, when using a propane-fueled generator, you should be aware of the local laws of your state about this kind of fuel.

On the other hand, if your generator is powered by gasoline, make sure the fuel tank cap is tightly closed.

If it is loose, the fuel might start to overflow through the tank as the RV passes a bump.

When placing a portable generator, make sure to secure it by fastening it with your RV. In addition, the compartment containing the portable generator shouldn’t have any other stuff.

Talking about your safety, you should keep in mind that the exhaust of the generator is always pointed away from windows of air intake of your RV.

This is so, as the carbon monoxide coming out of the generator’s exhaust can prove fatal. Therefore, make sure to install a carbon monoxide detector within the cabin of your RV.

Why you need to run the Generator while Driving

In fact, there are numerous reasons for running your RV generator when driving. The first reason relates to the air conditioning of the RV’s cabin.

The generator offers enough power to run the rooftop AC, microwave, refrigerator, electric water heater, and entertainment system.

The most important of them is the air conditioner, which can’t run on the batteries.


By going through the article, it would be clear to you that running the RV generator won’t cause any harm to your RV.

However, this answer is valid if you are using a fixed generator.

On the contrary, using a portable generator may not be that safe. For instance, when taking a sharp turn, the portable generator may collide or overturn, which could result in damaging its mechanical parts.

This is the reason you should always settle for the built-in generator to meet the power needs of your RV.

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