Yescom 12000lbs Electric Recovery Winch Review


In Brief:  Yescom 12000lbs Electric Recovery Winch Review

The Yescom 12000lbs Electric Recovery Winch is one of the best buys that you can make without denting your budget when it comes to heavy-duty winches. The winch demonstrates ruggedness and consistency in all kinds of winching situations and is the most reliable partner for off-roading. If you are looking to get into heavy-duty winching, the Yescom 12,000-lb winch should make it to the top of your list!

Yescom USA is not a typical winch manufacturer but rather an e-commerce business that was started in 2002.

Their product lines span over a wide range of categories like animals & pet supplies, arts & entertainment, business & industrial, office supplies, tools & hardware, and a lot more.

Their winching products are a part of the Business & Industrial category.

In this article, we are going to discuss the features of the 12,000-lb winch by Yescom.

By the end of the following few sections, you will be well aware of the specifications of the winch, recommended accessories for this model, when and who should use this winch, and some other relevant product information.

Key Specifications of Yescom 12000lbs 12V 6.6HP Electric Recovery Winch

Yescom 12000 lb 12V 6.6 Recovery Winch Wireless Remote for Trailer Truck SUV Jeep Electric

The 12,000 pounds of pulling power offered by this Yescom electric winch is possible due to the powerful motor and the efficient three-stage planetary gearing system that is housed safely inside the winch housing.

The powerful gearing system complements the horsepower of the engine.

The winch is fitted with a steel cable whose motions are guided with the help of a top-quality roller fairlead.

The kit also includes a wireless remote controller that can be used for powering-in and powering-out operations of the steel cable.

With the help of these top-notch components, the winch can deliver a powerful performance, faster line speeds, and noiseless operations.

Although the winch body looks compact, the power it offers can withstand the harshest of operating conditions.

Safety mechanisms are also engaged in the winch to ensure that the loads do not slip when there are interruptions to the power with the help of automatic load-holding.

Check Out the Detailed Specifications in the table below –

Working Load
12,000 lbs. (5,443 kg)
6.6hp/4.8kw (12V)
Series Wound
Rope Material
Steel Wire
Rope Dimensions
3/8 inch (Thickness) x 92 feet (Length)
Gearing Ratio
Gearing System
Three Stage Planetary
(LxWxH): 21 1/8 inches x 6 5/16 inches x 8 9/16 inches
79.2 lbs.
Battery Recommendations
650CCA minimum for winching
Battery Leads
Two-gauge, 72 inches
Freespool Clutch
Sliding Ring Gear
Drum Length
8 13/16 inches
Drum Diameter
2 ½ inches
4-Way Roller Fairlead
Braking Mechanism
Two-way braking action in the drum
Wireless Remote
Available (Optional in some cases)
Handheld remote
Available with 12 ft. lead
Mounting Bolt Pattern
10 inches x 4 ½ inches

Warranty / Repairs

A three-month warranty is offered for the Yescom 12,000-lb electric winch. Yescom also provides its customers with the choice of returning the electric recovery winch within 30 days of purchase of the customers who are not satisfied with the product in any manner.

The customer has to ensure that the product is returned in its original packaging, and they will also have to take care of the shipping costs for the returned merchandise.

More information regarding the warranty and return policies can be found by contacting Yescom via call or email at 1-888-823-9222 and [email protected], respectively.

Customer Review Analysis for Yescom 12000lbs Electric Recovery Winch

The customers are happy with the performance and the longevity of the Yescom 12,000-lb winch. The product lasted for many successful and tough pulling jobs without breaking down.

The wireless remote controller has been well-appreciated by many for providing the much-needed safety to the user with loads as substantial as 12,000 pounds.

The winch has been described as heavy-duty and durable by many people.

The quality of the winch was established when many users were able to successfully scale muddy slopes with the help of this winch and also self-recover from tricky situations.

The users had no difficulties in hitching this winch up to a wide range of vehicle models.

The affordability of the winch makes it a popular choice for most. Summarily, the winch stood the test of time, strength, and resilience and passed with flying colors!


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Yescom 12000lbs 12V 6.6HP Electric Recovery Winch are listed below.


  • Good quality winch
  • Sturdy and rugged construction that can withstand heavy loads
  • The excellent wireless remote controller function
  • Good value for money
  • Highly versatile in terms of fitment and applications
  • Works as advertised


  • The warranty terms on this winch could be better


When and Who Should Use

The Yescom 12,000-lb winch is an ideal winch for self-recovery.

The high rated pull capacity and strength of the winch allows the user the confidence to explore the toughest trails and be assured of getting recovered safely from the trickiest spots with the help of the Yescom electric winch.

The winch is also well equipped for helping recover other vehicles. As the rated capacity is 12,000 pounds, the winch can be used for recovering all kinds of ATVs and 4x4s because their GVWR*1.5 will probably be lesser than 12,000 pounds.

Recommended Accessories with Yescom 12000lbs Winch

Apart from the winch, Yescom also manufactures quite a few winch accessories that will further enhance your experience of using the winch. We have listed a few of these accessories along with their purchase links below.

Replacement Synthetic Rope with Aluminum Hawse Fairlead

Yescom 50'x1/4' Dyneema Synthetic Winch Cable Rope and Aluminum Hawse Fairlead 4000 3000 for Winch


Winch Cover

No products found.


Cable Hook Stopper

No products found.


Winch Bumper Plate

No products found.


Winch Cradle Mounting Plate

Yescom 10x4-1/2 Winch Cradle Mounting Plate 13000lbs Capacity Recovery Carrier w/ 2' Hitch Receiver



What is included in the Yescom 12,000-lb winch kit?

Apart from the winch, the packaging includes a solenoid box assembly, a pair of safety gloves, a roller fairlead, a set of fixing accessories, a wireless remote controller, battery leads, a wired remote controller with a 12 ft. lead, a hook, a safety pull strap, and an instruction manual.

Can the fairlead be mounted to the winch? If yes, what is the process?

The winch does not have any holes for mounting the fairlead. The fairlead has to be attached directly to the bumper.

Is the motor reversible?

Yes, the winch motor is reversible, and therefore it allows the cable motion in both forward and reverse directions. There is also an option to disengage the clutch and enable free spooling if needed.

Where is the winch manufactured?

The winch is made in China.

Is the winch waterproof?

The manufacturers have not officially stated the winch to be waterproof. However, some users say that the winch is water-resistant based on their experience. It is recommended that the winch be adequately covered when it is not in use.

Our Recommendation

The Yescom electric winch gets a strong buy recommendation from us for multiple reasons. The product is exceptionally durable and well-tested.

The customer testimonies regarding product performance are overwhelmingly positive. The winch can operate effortlessly for long times without breaking down under loads.

The performance of the winch is possible due to the high-quality components and the nicely engineered design that makes sure all the parts are running in sync.

The glitch-free, consistent delivery available at economical prices makes this Yescom electric winch one of our favorite 12,000-lb winches!


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