X-BULL 12,000 lbs Cable Electric Winch Review


In Brief: Review of X-BULL Cable Electric Winch

The 12,000 pounds of pulling force that this X-Bull winch claims to have is not just an empty promise but a proven fact. The winch has been put to the test in all kinds of situations by a broad base of customers who have nothing but excellent views regarding the product. When such a reliable and tested product is available at a bargain to the customers, you must take advantage of the opportunity and enhance your winching experience for the better!

X-Bull is an Australian-based company and a manufacturer of several aftermarket accessories for 4X4s like recover tracks, winches, recovery kits, wheel weights, wheel nuts, wheel spacers, tire valves, and a lot more.

Even though the company was only started eight years ago, it has engineered several products that have quickly become best-sellers in the market today.

This article will focus on the electric winch by X-Bull. The winch has a rated pull capacity of 12,000 pounds. This rated pull capacity is possible due to the several excellent features that X-Bull has engineered into this product.

By the end of this article, you will be familiar with the different features of this winch, which accessories will complement its performance, the warranty offered, where the winch can be used, and a lot more.

Key Specifications of X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric Winch

X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric Winch 12000 lb Load Capacity

This electric winch by X-Bull is rated at 12,000 pounds. The winch can be operated with the help of a hand controller as well as a wireless remote controller. The winch is fitted with an 85-feet long steel cable.

The high pull of the winch is powered with the help of a series wound motor that is sealed to protect against exposure to weather elements.

The three-stage planetary gear system ensures smooth operations. The motion of the rope can be controlled by the remote controller and guided in either direction with the help of the 4-way roller fairlead.

The remote controller can be used for powering the cable in as well out, i.e., the winch supports bi-directional winching. The clutch fitted on the winch allows free spooling for a faster wire rope payout.

The winch body is waterproof and finished with a corrosion-resistant layer. The heavy-duty sealed contractor also ensures quiet and efficient operations of the winch.

The technical specifications of the winch are tabulated below.

Check out the features of this X-Bull electric winch is a quick video.

Check Out the Detailed Specifications in the table below –

Rated Pull Capacity
12,000 lbs.
4.5 kW, Series Wound Motor
Rope Material
Steel Wire
Rope Dimensions
26 m (Length) X 9.5 mm (Thickness)
Gear Ratio
Gearing System
3-Stage Planetary
Recommended Battery
650 CCA (Minimum)
4-Way Roller Fairlead
Drum Size
64 mm X 224 mm
Weight88 lbs.
530 mm × 165 mm × 235 mm
Mounting Bolt Pattern
254 mm × 114 mm
Remote Controller
Wireless Remote Controller
Braking Mechanism
Automatic Load-Holding

Warranty / Repairs

The warranty information for this electric winch can be found by contacting the seller directly.

If you are buying the winch from any sites like Amazon or Home Depot, you can reach the seller using the channels provided by these sites. X-Bull can be contacted via their contact page at https://www.xbullauto.com/who-we-are.

Customer Review Analysis for X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric Winch

The customers were delighted with the performance of the winch, which worked exactly as expected.

The customer service provided was excellent, and the product is capable of competing with some of the best winches in the market in terms of performance, build, and reliability.

The users were able to mount the winch onto their cars and trailers with ease.

The wireless remote controller provided with this winch is hard to beat in terms of quality. The range on the remote is impressive and assures safety while dealing with heavy loads.

The customers also highly recommend this winch for its affordability.

They spoke highly of the quality of the motor, cable, and the remote controllers provided with the winch. Overall, the X-Bull winch was well-received by the customers.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric Winch are listed below.


  • Comes with a wired and wireless remote controller
  • Waterproof and high corrosion resistance
  • Steel cable has a high tensile strength
  • Excellent value for money
  • Highly recommended by the customers
  • The powerful and reliable performance offered
  • Good customer support


  • Installation instruction quality could be a little better


When and Who Should Use

The use of the X-Bull 12,000-lb winch should be utilized by people who need an ultimate power tool. The winch is suited for heavy-duty jobs like pulling big rigs, moving heavy equipment, erecting structures, felling structures, etc.

If you feel like the job that you need to accomplish justifies the capacity of this winch, then X-Bull 12,000-lb is the winch for you!

Recommended Accessories with X-BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric Winch

X-Bull offers a wide range of accessories and replacement parts that are useful for enhancing the performance of the winch.

They also sell pre-assembled accessory kits that make the buyer’s job much easier when it comes to purchasing compatible accessories for their winch.

Instead of hunting down individual products, you can simply buy the accessory kit. The purchase links for some of these accessories by X-Bull are listed below for your convenience.

Winch Cover

X-BULL Winch Cover Neoprene Fits for 8500-17500lb,Waterproof


Replacement Synthetic Rope

X-BULL SK75 3/8' x 100’Dyneema Synthetic Winch Rope 23,809 Lbs


Replacement Roller Fairlead

X-BULL Winch Roller Fairlead for 9500-17000 Jeep Truck


Accessory Kit

X-BULL Winch Accessory Kit Recovery Kit :Recovery Tow Strap + D-Ring Shackles+ 8-Ton Snatch Block +Shackle Hitch Receiver +Trailer Hitch Lock+ Winch Dampener+Folding Survival Shovel+Tire Deflator


(Includes D-ring shackles, recovery tow strap, snatch block, shackle hitch receiver, winch dampener, trailer hitch lock, tire deflator, and folding survival shovel)


Is the winch waterproof?

The winch motor is waterproof.

What is the average amperage rating of the winch?

The amount of current that the winch draws depends on the load to be dragged. The more massive the weight, the higher will be the current draw.

Does the winch come with a solenoid and a roller fairlead?

Yes, the winch kit includes a solenoid, a roller fairlead, the steel cable, a wired and wireless remote controller, and the necessary electrical wiring for setting the winch up.

Can the winch be detached from the truck and used?

No, it is better to secure the winch to a truck for operating it because the loads to be pulled are hefty. If the winch is not mounted to a sturdy object while pulling the load, it may not be able to perform correctly, and the operation might be dangerous.

What material is used for the drum of the winch, steel, or aluminum?

The winch drum is made of steel.

Can I plug the winch into a 120 V outlet?

No, the winch is rated to be operated at 12 V. Therefore, it is not advised to use it with a differently priced power outlet. The winch should be used with the vehicle’s battery.

Can this winch be mounted to a car hauler that already has a pre-fitted winch plate?

Yes, this can be done provided the mounting bolt patterns match.

Can the remote controller unit be purchased separately in case it gets damaged during use?

Yes, X-Bull asks that their customers get in touch with the support services for any after-sales queries that you might have.

Where is the winch manufactured?

The winch is made in China.

While switching from forward to reverse, does the winch free spool before engaging?

No, the winch engages instantly.

Our Recommendation

The X-Bull electric winch offers a lot of exciting features and is available at a bargain compared to some of the more expensive winches that are available in the market.

The winch allows for wired and wireless control, which is something that is not offered by many other winches.

The wire can also be operated bi-directionally with the help of the remote controller. The free spooling function allows a faster payout when needed and allows the user to carry out rope maintenance easily.

The winch is a reliable companion that consistently delivers the stated power with ease.

If you are planning to indulge in pulling some heavy loads and need a reliable winch that will be able to sustain the tests of heavy loads and harsh conditions, the X-Bull Electric Winch will certainly not disappoint you.


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