Worx WG 303.1 Electric Chainsaw Review


In Brief: Worx WG 303.1 Electric Chainsaw Review

The Worx Electric Chainsaw WG 303.1 offers corded electric cutting powered by a convenient 120V plug. It features a 16-inch bar and rugged chain as well as an included oil tank. This saw weighs in at just 11 pounds, making it one of the lighter options available for use by residential customers.

The Worx company prides itself on the creation of innovative products that fulfill a need.

The products from this company’s line feature designs intended to help residential customers complete tasks and realize visions.

The Worx Electric Chainsaw WG 303.1 brings the convenience of the Worx product line to beginner.

This chainsaw provides enough electric power to handle yard work with ease and plenty of cutting capability for professional performance results.

Key Specifications of the Worx WG 303.1 Electric Chainsaw

WORX WG303.1 14.5 Amp 16' Electric Chainsaw

Combining an auto-tension function with an auto-oiler, the Worx Electric Chainsaw WG 303.1 offers convenient, user-friendly functions perfect for beginners.

This corded electric chainsaw utilizes 120V outlets so it runs smoothly on household currents.

Check out the Worx Electric Chainsaw WG 303 1 in action here –


Read the long list of Worx Electric Chainsaw WG 303 1 specs below:

Powered SourceCorded Electric
Power(cc)/Battery Volts120V
Battery Charge (Amps)N/A
Runtime (hrs)4 hrs.
Bar Length16 in.
Warranty Length2 years
Rated Voltage60Hz
Power Input14.5amp
Oil Tank Capacity200ml

Unique Features

Despite its compact size and beginner-friendly design, the Worx Electric Chainsaw WG 303.1 provides plenty of durable, long-lasting features.

It includes an auto-oiler and built-in oil reservoir for convenient operation on the go.


With an auto-tension feature, this chainsaw prevents the chain from becoming too tight and potentially breaking or operating too loosely and causing a risk of injury.


The auto-oiler function on this chainsaw keeps it lubricated throughout each cut and ensures you can complete your tasks more efficiently with fewer stops.

Built-In Oil Reservoir

This chainsaw includes a built-in oil reservoir, so you can fill the reservoir and use it for multiple cuts without having to stop and refill it too often.


Performance, Design, and Safety

The Worx Electric Chainsaw WG 303.1 combines convenient design features, exceptional performance, and high-quality safety features.

The result provides beginners with an accessible saw and helps experts enjoy precision cutting without worry.


With a lightweight design and plenty of electric power to back it up, the Worx Electric Chainsaw WG 303.1 performs admirably.

This chainsaw holds up well to extended use and operates smoothly for several hours at a time without needing to take a break.

The saw also sets up quickly right out of the box. Even complete beginners have no trouble learning how to use this saw easily and completing household tasks efficiently with its help.

The saw features a durable, powerful chain that performs particularly well and cuts smoothly through both live and dead trees, branches, and firewood.


The saw features a traditional style with a convenient, accessible design.

It includes a few simple knobs on the side that make it easy to activate and operate, and it includes two sturdy handles designed to provide both safety and control.

The saw includes powerful inner components as well as durable outer attachments.

Overall, it combines convenient design elements with streamlined processes to provide customers with excellent beginner sawing solutions.


This chainsaw includes a built-in chain brake that activates automatically when needed. It also comes with an auto-tension function that keeps the chain at the right tension for both efficiency and safety.

Additionally, the saw includes multiple handguards for extra safety.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Customers in need of replacement parts can check the Worx company web site for some accessories. This site includes chargers, bars, chains, batteries, and more, but does not offer replacement internal components.

To perform routine maintenance on this chainsaw, always unplug it first. Additionally, unplug the saw when moving it and when changing or adjusting any attachments or accessories.

Before and after each use, check to see if all working parts remain undamaged and properly aligned. Replace, tighten, or align any parts as needed. Always keep the saw sharpened and lubricated properly for the best results.

The Worx company provides a two-year limited warranty for this chainsaw. The warranty also includes an optional one-year extended coverage selection.

The limited warranty covers replacements and repairs of damage due to a faulty saw. Customers must register their equipment before the warranty goes into effect.

For more warranty information, contact the Worx company’s customer service at 1-866-354-9679.

Price of the Worx WG 303.1 Electric Chainsaw

The Worx Electric Chainsaw WG 303.1 provides powerful sawing at an entry-level price. The saw comes in well under budget for most customers and remains one of the Worx company’s most affordable choices.

The saw remains affordable because of its simple design without too many extra features. Additionally, since it provides electrically powered cutting, it requires no additional attachments from the start.

The saw offers a high value for its price.


Who Should Buy the Worx WG 303.1 Electric Chainsaw?

Thanks to its simple design and basic but durable functionality, the Worx Electric Chainsaw WG 303.1 provides impressive results for beginners.

The saw includes features designed with beginning users in mind and offers user-friendly cutting for residential use.
The saw packs enough power to handle yard work and cut down small to medium trees.

It cannot work as a commercial saw but runs for years with no trouble completing household jobs and DIY tasks.
Customers of all ages and all walks of life report using this chainsaw with excellent results.

Its lightweight design makes it a good option for older users or those with more petite frames.

Why We Like It

The Worx Electric Chainsaw WG 303.1 brings the convenience of the Worx company to residential customers with a safe, efficient saw.

It creates smooth cuts and exceptional results right out of the box and makes sawing possible even for complete beginners.

We like this chainsaw because of its user-friendly functions. We also like it because its lightweight design makes it a good choice for most homeowners, including those with some physical limitations.


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