Warn Vantage 4000 S Winch Review


In Brief: Review  of Warn Vantage 4000 S

The Warn Vantage 4000 winch should have your full confidence due to several factors. The powerful motor, all-steel composite gear housing, strong gears, a high gearing ratio, a weather-proof solenoid, durable rope, and finally, the synchronicity of all these components make the Vantage 4000 ones of the best purchases in the market.

One of the best product lines developed by Warn Industries for the Power Sports segment is the Vantage series. The Warn Vantage 4000 winch is a part of this series that was designed for ATVs and side-by-sides.

The Vantage 4000 winches are packed with 70 years of off-roading know-how, innovation, and the evolving technology of Warn Industries.

The winch is a stellar example of value and performance blending seamlessly to give its customers a reliable and consistent performance time and again.

All of Warn products are designed to stand the test of time and pressure, having passed through multiple field tests and quality checks.

In the following sections of this article, we take a look at the specifications of the Vantage 4000 winch and also deep dive into related product information.

Key Specifications of WARN 89040 Vantage 4000 Winch

WARN Vantage 3000 Winch - 3000 lb. Capacity

Features like an all-metal composite gearing system fully sealed solenoid and motor, and an easy to use clutch are commonalities in a Warn Vantage winch.

Check out the features of the Warn Vantage series in a quick video

Here are detailed specs of Warn Vantage 4000 – >

Working Load4,000 lbs.
Motor1.1 HP (0.8 kW) Permanent Magnet, Sealed
Rope MaterialSteel Rope
Rope Dimensions7/32 inch x 55 feet
Gearing Ratio180:1
Gearing System3-Stage Planetary
Weight17.5 lbs.
FinishFlat Grey, Powder Coated
Duty CycleIntermittent
FairleadStandard Roller
Braking MechanismIntegrated Compact Spring Brake
Mechanical Warranty5-year warranty
Electrical Warranty1-year warranty
Primary Control SwitchDash-mounted rocker
ClutchCam activated, long-travel dial
Tie RodsZinc Plated
HookZinc Plated
End HousingGlass-filled composite nylon
Corrosion Resistance240 hr. functional, 96 hr. visual
Waterproof sealingIP67
Operation TypeAutomatic
Remote ControllerCorded
FastenersZinc Plated
Gear MaterialPowdered Metal
Maximum Line Speed18.6 feet per minute
Minimum Line Speed5.3 feet per minute
Current at Full Load200.8 amps
Current at No Load21.6 amps
Duty Cycle at No Load2.5 min., 12 min. cool

Warranty / Repairs

The mechanical and electrical warranty of the Warn Vantage 4000 winch states that the product will be free from the said defects for five years and one year, respectively, from the provable date of purchase.

If any defect arises, you can get the winch repaired or replaced, subject to certain conditions.

The Warn Industries customer support can be contacted via email or contact at [email protected] and 800-543-9276, respectively.

You can also contact any of the local authorized dealers of Warn by availing their dealer locator service, available at 800-910-1122.

Customer Review Analysis for WARN 89040 Vantage 4000 Winch

The customers are happy about the quality of Warn Vantage 4000 winch and its warranty terms. The winch is said to perform consistently when used for a wide range of applications and does not falter even at heavy loads.

The duty cycle only requires intermittent downtimes when the load is near the full capacity.

The customers have also rated the remote control functionality well as it affords them the much-needed safety while using the winch.

Others have reported that the helpful user manual aids significantly in the installation process.

Finally, the customers highly recommend this product for its superior performance and the excellent value for money that it offers.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Warn Vantage 4000 winch are listed below.


  • Works as advertised, reliable and consistent performance
  • Highly recommended by the users
  • Good quality components
  • Replacement parts available easily and prompt customer service
  • The high-quality remote controller offered
  • Free spooling possible with easy to engage and disengage the clutch


  • Electrical wiring should be a bit longer


When and Who Should Use

The Warn Vantage 4,000 lbs. can be used by anyone who is looking for medium-duty winching applications.

The high rated pull capacity of the winch allows it to work correctly in recovering heavy vehicles and hauling heavy equipment around. It can also be used to recover boats and broken down off-roading cars.

Some of the other applications for this winch could be pulling a dent out of a vehicle, moving heavy construction equipment and material, felling a big tree or a pole, etc. It can also be used for fun and recreational activities like zip-lining.

Recommended Accessories with WARN 89040 Vantage 4000 Winch

There is no shortage of accessories supplied by Warn. Apart from their multiple, diversified line of winches, Warn Industries also offers a range of products for their winches, for enhancing their performance.

Some of these accessories are the Warn backpack, a recovery kit, a sidewinder, a synthetic rope sleeve, quick connect power cable connectors, and a lot more. You can purchase these accessories at the following links.

Warn Backpack

WARN 95510 Epic Trail Gear: Accessory Backpack/Storage Bag



Warn Recovery Kit

WARN 97565 Medium-Duty Epic Accessory Recovery Kit - Medium



(The kit includes shackles, trunk protector, snatch block, recovery strap, winching gloves, and a good quality backpack)

Warn Sidewinder

WARN 100770 Winch Accessory: Epic Sidewinder, Black



Warn Synthetic Rope Sleeve

WARN 100330 Winch Cable Accessory: Synthetic Rope Sleeve Abrasion Protection



Several other replacement parts and accessories are available, which you can buy as per your need or convenience.


Can this winch be modified to be operated with a wireless remote?

Yes, the winch can be operated with a wireless remote controller. The same is not made available with the winch kit but can be purchased separately.

Can I put more than 50 feet cable on the winch?

The winch comes with a steel wire. If you switch to a synthetic rope with a different fairlead, you may be able to accommodate more cable on the winch.

Is this winch made in the USA?

Yes, this Warn Vantage 4000 winch is made in the USA.

How much dead weight can this winch pull?

The rated pull capacity of the Warn Vantage 4000 is 4,000 lbs. However, all winches are typically recommended to be used at ½ or 3/4th of their capacities. Therefore, you should refer to the instruction manual for safe usage limits.

Does the winch have a convertible control pack? What is the color of the product?

The winch kit does not come with a convertible control pack. It is a winch with a black, dual coated, powdered, weather-proof finish.

Does the Warn Vantage 4000 come with the nuts and bolts needed for installation?

The winch kit includes all the necessary hardware and cabling needed for its installation.

Can I plug the winch into an electrical outlet instead of my vehicle’s battery?

This is possible, but you should only plug it in if the outlet is rated at 12 volts.

Does the winch offer free spooling capabilities?

Yes, the Warn Vantage 4000 offers power in, power out and free spooling of the rope.

Our Recommendation

Warn Industries have over 70 years of experience when it comes to winching; all of Warn’s products are best-selling and highly recommended by the customers in their respective categories.

The Warn Vantage 4000 model is defined by its robust and durable housing, all-steel gearing, powerful motor, and the durable rope that supports pulling the heaviest weights.

The solenoid is sealed off in a weather-proof box that makes the winch suitable for use in all kinds of weather and increases the versatility in terms of applications.

The affordable pricing, assuring warranty terms, and prompt customer service make the Vantage 4000 one of the top choices for medium-duty winching needs.


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