Warn 27550 XD9000i Winch Review


In Brief: Warn 27550 XD9000i Winch Review

The Warn XD9i takes away the worries of off-roading on hilly terrains and becomes your most reliable partner in the most tricky situations. The winch has proved its worth in the self-recovery of vehicles with its powerful engine and durable components. With a wide range of features in its corner, the XD9i winch is a winch that demands and deserves your attention for a reliable service at an affordable price!

Warn Industries has over half a decade of experience in manufacturing winches. Over the years, they have simplified the buying process for their customers by dividing their winches into separate categories.

The winches are available in four broad segments- trucks & SUV, Powersports, Industrial, and Utility/Commercial.

The Trucks & SUV segment is further categorized into- Standard Duty, Premium, Ultimate Performance, Heavyweight, and Classic/Specialty. The XD series of winches are a part of the Classic/Specialty series.

These are Warn’s longtime bestselling winches and excellent options for those heavy-duty jobs.

The Warn XD9i winch is known for its durability, compactness, low-profile design, and high capacities. They are tried and tested winches that have successfully delivered good outcomes over the years.

In the following sections of this article, we will explain what makes the XD9i work by elaborating on its specifications and other relevant product information.

Key Specifications of Warn 27550 XD9000i Winch

WARN 27550 XD9000i 9000-lb Winch

The XD9i winch has a rated pull capacity of 9,000 pounds, which is powered by a powerful, 4.6 HP series wound motor. The winch boasts of fast line speeds, and the attached cable is made of durable steel.

The smooth and dependable operations of the winch are supported by the three-stage planetary gear system, which boasts of a gear ratio of 156:1.

The XD9i winch boasts of a removable control box that allows multiple mounting options. The integrated design of the winch offers excellent protection to the winch’s electrical components.

This is aided by the corrosion-resistant finishing, which ensures that the winch can operate in all kinds of conditions.

The winch provides best-in-the-industry controls and offers safety features like automatic load-holding. This ensures that there is no slippage when heavy loads are being pulled.

The wired remote control allows the owner to operate the winch from a distance.

The warranty terms of this winch are also said to be extremely favorable. Overall, the winch has proven to be reliable and operational under high loads due to its quality components.

Detailed specifications of the product are listed in the table below.

Working Load
9,000 lbs. (4,080 kg) single-line
Series Wound 12V 4.6 hp
Rope Material
Steel Wire
Rope Dimensions
5/16 in. (Thickness) X 100 ft. (Length)
21.8 inches (L) X 6.3 inches (D) X 9.94 inches (H)
Recommended Battery
Minimum 650 CCA
Battery Leads
Two gauges, 72 inches
Gearing Ratio
Gearing System
3-stage planetary
85 lbs. (38.5 kg)
Free spooling, Sliding Ring Gear
Drum Length
9 inches
Drum Diameter
2.5 inches
Aeroshell #17
Mounting Bolt Pattern
10 inches X 4.5 inches
Braking Mechanism
Automatic mechanical direct drive cone
Handheld remote
Remote switch, 12’ (3.7m) lead

Warranty / Repairs

Warn Industries pride themselves over the warranty terms that they give their customers.

Notably, in the case of XD9i winch, the electrical components are warranted to be free of defects for seven years from the provable date of purchase. In contrast, the mechanical parts come with a lifetime warranty.

The terms of the warranty are honored by Warn Industries provided the winch has been used as per the specifications listed by the manufacturer.

For information regarding the warranty, Warn Industries can be contacted via call or email at 800-543-9276 and [email protected], respectively.

Customer Review Analysis for Warn 27550 xd9000i Winch

The customers are happy with the performance of the XD9i winch classifying it as one of the top-tier winching products in the market. The quality of the winch is spoken highly.

The customers are also pleased with the multiple mounting options that are possible because of the utterly removable control box.

This control box can be mounted separately and allows for a compact and neat arrangement on your vehicle’s bumper.

The winch installation was also straightforward, and people were able to get it done without the use of any additional equipment.

The winch worked as expected, and the overall experience of using the XD9i winch was smooth and glitch-free for all.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Warn 27550 xd9000i winch are listed below.


  • Made in the USA
  • Good brand reputation
  • Works as advertised
  • Good quality components
  • Easy and straightforward installation
  • Needed installation accessories included with the winch kit


  • Cables could be slightly longer for better connectivity


When and Who Should Use

The use of Warn’s XD9i winch is not limited to personal use. The winch’s high-rated pull capacity makes it suitable for small business uses as well as lugging heavy equipment on the construction site.

Mostly, the customers, as well as the company, have advertised the use of this winch for self-recovery.

Alternatively, the winch can be attached to a trailer and help recover other broken-down vehicles or boats.

The winch is weatherproof, and this means that it can even be operated in snowy or rainy conditions, which means that the winch can be attached to a snowplowing machine as well.

Recommended Accessories with Warn 27550 xd9000i Winch

The XD9i winch will be used in the heavy-duty application. Therefore, the best practice is to assemble a ready-to-go winching kit that has all the additional accessories that help better the performance of the winch.

Instead of the headache of hunting down and buying all these accessories separately, Warn has eased the buying process by assembling a heavy-duty winch kit for its customers.

The winch kit includes shackles, trunk protector with forged loops, snatch block, recovery strap, and a pair of winching gloves.

This ready-to-go winching kit can be purchased at:

WARN 97570 Heavy-Duty Epic Accessory Recovery Kit - Large



Can I replace the steel wire with a synthetic rope?

Yes, the steel wire of the winch can be replaced with a synthetic rope for the XD9i model. Care has to be taken to replace the steel roller with a hawse fairlead, which is more compatible with the synthetic rope.

What is the finishing like on the Warn XD9i winch?

The Warn XD9i winch boasts of an argent powder-coated finish, which is chip resistant and provides the needed protection against the weather.

What are the line speeds of the XD9i winch?

Warn Industries have typically focused on the creation of winches that can handle heavier loads easily. Therefore, the focus is not much on faster line speeds but more on the reliability aspect. However, the XD9i winch can spool its rope as fast as 38 feet per minute.

Do I need lubrication with the XD9i winch?

Typically, you will not need any lubrication with the XD9i winch, but Aeroshell #17 is recommended for use if required.

Our Recommendation

The XD9i winch is a promising product that offers some of the best-in-class features to the buyers. The faster line speeds, powerful engine, robust gear mechanisms, automatic braking systems, durable components, weatherproofing, and much more make the winch a right product for meeting all your winching needs.

The product has been a part of the Warn winch line for a long time. It is a tried and tested winch that has successfully conquered many rough terrain and come out successfully on the other side.

The winch is a product of intelligent engineering and extensive quality testing. Therefore, XD9i winch is an excellent addition to your toolkit.


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