VMAX VMAXTANKS 6 Volt AGM Deep Cycle Battery Review


In Brief: VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery Review

The 6 Volt AGM 225Ah battery is a deep cycle battery that is ideal to use for powering RVs and boat appliance systems. It is also excellent for high powered audio systems, golf carts, and any other electric power grids that may require a deep cycle battery for continued use. It is designed to be completely maintenance-free, using advanced innovative absorbed glass mat technology.

VMAX is an American manufacturer that specializes in the production of the world’s finest deep cycle batteries.

They pride themselves on their creations and use only the best innovations to produce top-class batteries.

It doesn’t matter whether it is for solar power systems, wind power systems, domestic, commercial, or industrial applications.

Vmax batteries will provide you with a sustainable power source no matter what.

The VMAX 6 Volt AGM Battery is one of their many creations and includes industry-leading innovation in its design.

Key Specifications Of VMAX 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery

VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery: High Capacity & Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Battery for Golf Carts, Solar Energy, Wind Energy. The float service life span of VMAX AGM batteries range between eight to ten years. They are designed for long-running, heavy-duty applications.

The absorbed glass mat technology is designed with high porosity and fully absorbs and contains the battery electrolyte.

This not only provides it with its deep-cycle action, but it also extends the service life of the battery far beyond that of its closest competitors.

This design, which does not include the use of contaminants or silica gels, is also a greener and safer option.

Further enhancement of the battery is provided by the heavy-duty grids employed in the VMAX battery’s manufacturing.

The heavy-duty, lead-tin alloys used for the plates provide VMAX batteries with better performance and a much longer life span.

In either float or cyclic use, VMAX AGM batteries offer better performance and lifespan even after repetitive over-discharging.

This makes these batteries ideal for marine, industrial, and commercial applications.

Because of the free maintenance design, it will never require you to check the electrolyte’s gravity level or need to be filled up with water.

In fact, as you will notice with VMAX AGM batteries, no provisions are made to do such maintenance.

However, if these batteries are to be used on 12v circuitry, it may require the installation of two series-connected batteries to handle the required load.

With such a long lifespan and convenient performance, though, it would not be much of a bother to compensate for this problem.

How To Use The VMAX 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery

There isn’t much to do to get the most out of your VMAX 6 Volt AGM Battery.

Once unboxed, it may require charging before use simply to ensure that you get to enjoy the full use and life span of your battery.

During a float charge, it may take 48 to 96 hours to get a full charge.

Alternatively, you can fast-charge your battery for 12 to 24 hours. To fit the connectors to the battery terminals, unscrew the provided bolts, fit the connector, and re-install the terminal.

It is rather basic and straightforward. Of course, for further safety instructions and operation guides, visit the manufacturer’s website and go to the FAQ section.

Rated Amperage Hour225 Ah
Energy Capacity1.55 kWh
Capacity Reserve
ElectrolyteLead Acid non-spillable
ElectroplatesMilitary-grade lead-tin alloy
Containment TypeAbsorbed Glass Mat
Dimensions9.5”L x 7.3”W x 11”H
Discharge Temp Range-4F - +104F
Charging Temp Range+14F - +140F
Recommended Storage Temp-4F - +104F

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Warranty And Repairs

VMAX extends a warranty to all purchases made directly from VMAX or authorized dealers.

It states that their product is guaranteed to be free of defects concerning materials and workmanship.

The period of the warranty is extended for a maximum of twelve months from the date of purchase.

Any reports of defective products made during this time will be replaced free of charge.

Terms and conditions do apply, so before claiming on the warranty, visit the manufacturer’s website for clarification on these terms.

Customer Review Analysis

Plenty of customers who had invested in these VMAX batteries were impressed by the quality of the product.

They all found it to have the advertised quality, and they offered little to no complaints about VMAX.

However, there were a few customers who found they received defective units.

Those who complained about the quality of their batteries stated that it would not take any charge. Some even said that it discharged quicker than advertised.

It should be noted, though, that it may only have been because of applying the wrong chargers.

It is recommended to only use rated chargers that are compliant with factory specifications. A few customers who attempted to solve this problem by investing in compliant chargers noticed that it did not fix the problem.

However, these may have only been individual cases, but the customer service team at VMAX did compensate and replace these defective units.

Overall, the customer experience with this product seems to be satisfactory.

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Pros And Cons Of VMAX 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery


  • Heavy-duty, high-performance design that will not disappoint
  • Low discharge features are ideal to use on boats or if it is to be stored for long periods of time
  • Features a safe, non-spill design that does not release toxic fumes or have any hazardous faults
  • Maintenance-free design is a very convenient option for inexperienced owners
  • Constructed with a long lifespan that will last for up to ten years
  • Ideal for use on a great variety of commercial, industrial, or domestic applications


  • Not suitable for use in powering automobiles or other similar applicants
  • Will require a series connection of two or more 6-volt batteries if intended for use on 12-volt circuits in RVs
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Who Should Buy

Anyone needing to replace a deep cycle battery for RVs boats can feel free to invest in the VMAX 6 volt battery.

It is also great for commercial systems, home backup generators, golf carts, high powered automobile audio systems, or any other kind of use.

Even people looking to replace the battery on their electric wheelchairs or any similar apparatus would be welcome to try out this VMAX.

However, due to the lower voltage output, it is not meant for powering motor engines or the like that would require the installation of a 12-volt battery.

With deep cycle action, it is suitable for powering boat and RV appliances but may require a couple of batteries connected in series.

These batteries do allow applications in series, and buying multiple units is not a bad idea. These batteries are surely worth the investment.

Our Recommendation

With so many reasons to invest in a VMAX battery, why would you not want to?

If you want the best option for your boat or to replace your ancient, inefficient deep cycle battery, then this VMAX is the ideal product for you.

If you are an enthusiastic camper in search of the best deep cycle battery that will provide you with the performance you demand, VMAX is a good option.

The long life span is very appealing, as well.

Because of its advanced maintenance-free design and non-spill, non-toxic technology, it is by far the greenest option, too. We, like many other patrons, highly recommend this product.

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