VIVOHOME 1,500 lbs Motorcycle ATV Lift Jack Hoist Stand Review


In Brief: Review of VIVOHOME Hydraulic Jack Hoist Stand Review

The VIVOHOME 1,500 pounds jack stand is a reliable, compact, and ergonomically functional tool that has made lifting two-wheelers a one-person job. The high load-bearing capacity makes this jack stand suitable for almost all kinds of motorcycles. The additional accessories like tie-down straps, adapter bars, and the detachable handle make the job easier for most who would previously spend a lot of money on a mechanical workshop. With affordability and durability at your fingertips, we would assuredly want every reader of ours to benefit from the excellence of this VIVOHOME product!

There is a wide range of product offerings by VIVOHOME that can be categorized into tools & home improvement, home & kitchen, garden & outdoors, pet supplies, and a lot more.

Their products are widely used and appreciated by a lot of satisfied customers.

In this article, we are going to focus on a motorcycle hoist stand with a rated lift capacity of 1,500 pounds. The hoist is a part of the tools & improvement offerings VIVOHOME.

A compact, stylish-looking, highly functional tool, this hoist stand is packed with a ton of features worth exploring.

By the end of this article, you will be well-versed with the technical specifications of this jack stand, the recommended usage, warranty information and claims process, the customer sentiment regarding the product, and a lot more.

Keep reading to find out more!

Key Specifications of VIVOHOME Jack Hoist Stand 

VIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle ATV Lift Jack Hoist Stand 1500 lbs

Most motorcycles available in the market today lie in the 220 to 600-pound range, which makes this jack stand rated at 1,500 pounds more than capable of handling any two-wheeler.

The compactness of the jack stand, coupled with its simple mechanism makes it easy to service your motorcycle without getting wrapped up in complicated operating mechanics.

The construction of the jack stand’s frame is done with durable, high-strength steel.

The frame is equipped with non-slip rubber pads that provide the required grip and buffer to prevent any damage to the motorcycle body.

There is a three-position safety locking mechanism that helps keep the vehicle fixed.

The body of the jack stand also includes a long-reach handle and swivel casters that make maneuvering the jack stand extremely easy.

The best feature of the jack stand has to be the dual modes of operation, i.e., manual or automatic. The manual mode is when the jack stand is operated with the help of the foot pedal.

Alternatively, the jack stand can be attached to a compressed airline, and a pneumatic cylinder can be used for carrying out the lifting.

The jack stand kit includes a removable handle, a couple of tie-down straps, and a pair of adapter bars. The technical specifications of the jack stand are mentioned below.

Lift Capacity1,500 lbs.
Package Dimensions
32.28 in (L) X 16.34 in (W) X 4.92 in (H)
Shipping Weight62 lbs.
Minimum Lift Height14.5 in
Maximum Lift Height4.5 in
Lifting Range10 in

Check out the features of this VIVOHOME jack stand in a quick video.

Warranty / Repairs

VIVOHOME offers a 6-month warranty on this jack stand model wherein all repairs and replacements during this duration will take place free of cost provided that the product is used within the stipulated limits and guidelines mentioned in the manual.

More information can be sought by getting in touch with the customer support helpline of VIVOHOME.

Customer Review Analysis for VIVOHOME Jack Hoist Stand 

Hundreds of customer reviews of this jack stand leave us reasonably assured that the product is a good-quality one.

There are quite a few parameters like the ease of assembly, value for money, stability during use, and the sturdiness of build.

The customers found the product extremely easy to assemble and maneuver. They faced no issues whatsoever, lifting different models of two-wheelers and found it to be a solid piece of lifting equipment.

The customers were also pleased with the quality of the tie-straps, which come fairly handy to secure the bike to the lift while raising it.

The jack stand provides a high level of control over the hoisting operations. Overall, the customers felt that the product has made life much more comfortable.

The lifting and lowering of the heaviest of two-wheelers have become a one-person job with the help of this excellent jack stand.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the VIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle ATV Lift Jack Hoist Stand 1500 lbs are listed below.


  • Sturdy and rugged construction
  • Excellent level of stability while lifting and lowering loads
  • One of the best jacks for motorcycles
  • Excellent value for money
  • A high ease of assembly and use
  • Easy to maneuver around the workspace


  • The life of the piston could be longer


When and Who Should Use

This VIVOHOME jack stand is designed especially for use with motorcycles.

Anyone owning a two-wheeler who wants to do any services like tire replacement or repair work or any maintenance, can make use of this jack stand and avail its quality service.

The jack stand also finds great use in any mechanical workshop where two-wheeler repairs and replacements are a regular occurrence.

Recommended Accessories with VIVOHOME Jack Hoist Stand 

Once the jack stand has been used to get your vehicle in the air, there is a set of dolly car stakes by VIVOHOME that can support the weight of your vehicle. This top-notch wheel dolly can be purchased at:

VIVOHOME Heavy Duty 4 Tire Wheel Dolly Car Stakes 6000lbs Capacity Red


VIVOHOME also provides a wide range of automotive accessories and tools that can find a place in any mechanic’s workshop.

You can also purchase these tools to do some jobs at home that would previously require a visit to the workshop. These products, along with their purchase links, are mentioned below.

Air Paint Spray Gun

VIVOHOME Electric 450W 3 Patterns Handheld HVLP Air Paint Spray Gun with 3 Copper Nozzles ETL Listed


Thread Repair Kit

VIVOHOME Professional Helicoil Thread Repair Kit Metric 131pcs M5 M6 M8 M10 M12


Rechargeable Laser Tape Measure Tool

VIVOHOME 2 in 1 Digital USB Rechargeable Laser Tape Measure Tool with OLED Backlit Display 16 Ft Laser and 100 Ft Tape Distance Meter



What are the dimensions of the lift pads?

The lift pads of this jack stand are 2 inches wide and 12 inches long. There is an approximate 1-inch gap between the pads.

Can I use this with my bike, whose ground clearance is 5 inches?

The height of this jack stand is a little bit less than 5 inches (4.5 inches, according to some customers). Therefore, it can be used with all bikes that have a ground clearance more than this height. It is essential to find the correct lifting points for best use.

Where is the hookup for the compressor situated?

There is no hookup for the compressor, as this model is a hydraulic jack stand.

Can the bike be moved around for storage in tight spaces with the help of this jack?

Yes, the moving around is possible, although the steering can be a bit challenging as only one pair of casters can swivel while the other pair is fixed. The kit includes tie-down straps that should be used for this activity for better stability.

What material is used for making the wheels?

The wheels of this jack stand are made of steel.

Can this jack stand be used for lifting riding lawnmowers?

Some customers have used this jack model for lifting lawnmowers, and it has worked well.

Our Recommendation

With features like dual-mode of operations and flexibility of maneuvering, we would recommend the VIVOHOME motorcycle jack stand to anyone looking for a quality and reliable hoisting mechanism for their two-wheeler.

The handle and swivel caster fitted on the jack stand make it easy to move it around.

Additions like tie-down straps help in securing the load and stabilizing it while the jack is in use. The simple mechanism of hoisting makes it easy for anyone to understand, assemble, and use this product.

Let’s not forget the durable steel frame and the non-slip rubber pads that make this jack almost irresistibly excellent. Overall, the jack stand gets a big thumbs-up from us!

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