TEKTON 5541 2-Ton Power Puller Review


In Brief: TEKTON 5541 2-Ton Power Puller Review

The manual winches in the market are an intelligent investment when it comes to small, light-duty winching jobs. The Tekton 5541 may look like a compact and straightforward tool, but the mechanism at work helps in easing your efforts to a significant extent. With an economical price, you cannot go wrong with buying a Tekton 5541 Power Puller for its premium features and performance.

When it comes to manual winches, Tekton Power Pullers are unmatched in the markets.

The market is flooded with electric winches that can put a pretty dent in your pocket even if you are looking for some reasonably simple winching tools for smaller jobs.

However, Tekton’s manual winches are the perfect alternative to this problem.

The Tekton 5541 model is a manual winch, also known as a power puller that offers a maximum pull of 4,000 pounds.

It is one of the safest and most affordable tools to work with. Whether it is farming work, small construction projects, or landscaping, the Tekton 5541 model can come in handy for you.

By the end of this article, we will detail all the specifications for this manual winch and additional information that will come handy while selecting and operating of this winch.

Key Specifications of TEKTON 5541 2-Ton Power Puller

TEKTON 2 Ton Power Puller | 5541

With a maximum load-bearing capacity of 4,000 pounds, the manufacturers of this Tekton manual winch recommend restricting the winch use within safe load limits of 2,000 pounds.

The pulling of such hefty loads is reduced to a simple, one-hand operation with the help of a ratcheting gear system.

The winch is equipped with a durable and robust braided steel cable attached to a hook on one end. These hooks feature safety latches for secure use.

The winch is also fitted with a slow-release pawl that allows for safely reducing the tension, one notch at a time.

There is something to be said about the strength of hardened all-steel construction of this manual winch. The entire winch body boasts of a galvanized finish that makes this winch corrosion-resistant.

Lastly, the winch handle is comfortably cushioned for ergonomic operations and preventing slips while operating the winch.

Some of the other specifics of the winch are detailed below – 

Working Load
4,000 lbs.
Safe Working Load
2,000 lbs.
Cable Material
Aircraft-grade, braided steel
Cable Diameter
3/16 inch
Maximum Pull Length
7 feet, 10 inches
Number of gears
Hook Size
3/8 inches
Handle Length
17 inches
14 lbs.
Gearing Mechanism
Ratcheting gear pulley system
Construction Material
Lifetime Warranty

Warranty / Repairs

The best part about Tekton is that it offers a lifetime warranty on the winch. This warranty assures that should any problem arise with the Tekton 5541 Power Puller, it will be repaired or replaced free of cost by the manufacturers.

This sort of confidence in their product bodes well for the customers.

Tekton can be contacted for further information via call or email at (888) 648-3371 and [email protected], respectively. You can also find more support information at www.tekton.com/tool-help/.

Customer Review Analysis for TEKTON 5541 2-Ton Power Puller

There are certain facets of the Tekton 5541 Power Puller that have been rated excellently by the customers who have used this product for different jobs.

The product stands out when it comes to value for money, ease of use, and durability.

The customers were able to get the power puller set up quickly and used it for a wide range of small pulling jobs.

The rope spooling operations was extremely smooth, and the warranty terms are also extremely favorable for someone looking at a very quality and affordable winch.

Overall, the galvanized finish for corrosion resistance, strengthened steel construction, and aircraft-grade cable make this Power Puller a popular product at its economical prices.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the TEKTON 5541 2-Ton Power Puller are listed below.


  • Laminated locking pawl and steel gears
  • Non-slip grip, cushioned handle for ease of operations
  • Self-closing safety latches on the drop-forged steel hooks
  • Allows pulling heavy loads with significantly fewer efforts
  • More control over the descent of heavy objects with a notch at a time control
  • Durable, rugged, and affordable manual winch


  • Some customers faced a small issue spooling the cable


When and Who Should Use

The Power Puller comes handy for small landscaping projects, farming work, or even light-duty construction jobs.

The safety hook attached to the cable can be attached to lawnmowers, trailers, loads, etc. to move them and get small jobs done with considerably less effort than would be needed if done manually.

The Power Puller should be employed for all those jobs where you have to expend a significant amount to energy to get the job done. It will reduce these efforts by a huge factor.



Can the Power Puller be used for lifting loads?

Yes, the Power Puller can be used for lifting loads provided that the load is well within the safe working limits of the Power Puller. However, the instruction manual clearly asks not to do this so you would be better off avoiding this.

I used this winch for pulling a tree. How do I release the tension on the winch hook?

The tension on the winch hook can be reduced by manipulating the ratchets back and forth. The lever should be pulled slightly to flip the ratchet, the load should then be lowered, and the ratchet should be flipped again to hold the weight at the new position.

Can the steel rope on this Power Puller be replaced with an AmSteel cable?

Yes, the rope can be replaced with the AmSteel cable as long as the dimensions are the same, and the new line fits the pulleys.

Can this Power Puller be used for tensioning a zip line?

Some customers in the past have used this Power Puller for tensioning a wire fence. However, it is not recommended to use the Power Puller for a zip line unless it is okayed by the manufacturers.

What does the ‘Always Guaranteed’ phrase mean?

All Tekton products are guaranteed for their lifetime. Any issues with the product can be taken up with the manufacturers directly via their customer support line.

Is this Power Puller made in the USA?

No, the Power Puller is made in China.

Our Recommendation

When it comes to manual winches, there are hardly any products in the market that will beat the Tekton 5541 Power Puller. It is incredibly affordable and provides one of the best warranty terms known to the customers.

The construction of the winch is also reinforced to handle the stated loads.

The manufacturers have not made empty promises to the customers, and the winch can successfully pull the loads while significantly reducing the load that the user has to expend in doing the job.

With several customers testifying for the excellent performance of this Power Puller, there is no doubt in our minds that this winch will serve you well in all kinds of pulling jobs.


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