Superwinch 1125220 Terra 25 Winch Review


In Brief: Superwinch 1125220 Terra Review

The Terra 25 Superwinch product is one of the best winching products to have in the low rated pull capacity segment. With regular care and maintenance, the Terra 25 winch can serve you for an extended period. The 1.3 HP engine and a durable steel wire rope come in handy for a wide range of applications, be it tree felling, capturing a game, or snow plowing.

Superwinch is a known name for manufacturing high-quality winches. The Terra series is characterized by bigger gears, reinforced drums, and better motors.

The Terra series stands out because of the copper winders that are used for more efficient power delivery and a faster cooling mechanism allowing the winch to operate continuously without a glitch.

The Terra 25 model has one of the lowest-rated pull capacities offered in the Terra series designed explicitly keeping the light-duty winching needs in mind.

Equipped with one of the most excellent designed motors and an all-metal gearing system, the Terra 25 is compatible with a wide range of power sports vehicles, making it one of your favorite accessories for off-roading.

In the following sections, we explore more features of the Terra 25 winch.

Key Specifications of Superwinch 1125220

Superwinch 1125220 Terra 25 2500lb Winch with Roller Fairlead and More

Perhaps the best feature of the Terra 25 winch is the fact that the gearing and solenoid system are packed in a weather-proof casing, making it immune to the harsh operating conditions.

The 1.3 HP motor, along with the steel wire are capable of handling loads up to 2,500 lbs.

The motion of the steel wire is guided with the help of a 4-way roller fairlead. The gearing system is a three-stage planetary mechanism that makes the entire operation smooth and bump-free.

Safety features like automatic load-holding brakes and circuit breaker protection are also offered.

Check out the features of the Terra 25 winch in a quick video at:


Check out its key specifications below – >

Working Load2,500 lbs. (1,134 kg)
Motor1.3 HP, permanent magnet motor, 12V DC
Rope MaterialSteel wire
Rope Dimensions3/16 in. (4.8 mm) x 50 ft. (15.2 m)
Gearing Ratio140:1
Gearing System3-stage, differential planetary
Dimensions13.2 in. l. x 4.5 in. d. x 4.8 in. h.
Weight18 lbs. (8.16 kg)
Switching MechanismSealed, heavy-duty solenoid
Switching MethodHandlebar-mounted toggle
Freespool ClutchCam action
Drum Length3.2 in. (81.3 mm)
Drum Diameter2.0 in. (50.8 mm)
Fairlead4-way, standard roller
Braking MechanismDynamic and Mechanical
Wireless RemoteOptionally available
Handheld remoteAvailable, 10 ft. in length
Color Coated WiringYes
Maximum Line Speed25 feet per minute
Minimum Line Speed9.5 feet per minute

Warranty / Repairs

Superwinch assures its customers that all its products are manufactured with the utmost care and will be free from any defects in terms of quality or workmanship.

Despite this, they also offer a one-year limited lifetime warranty wherein if you discover any mechanical or electrical defects with the winch, you can approach the seller with the product, your specific complaint, and the original billing receipt to get an immediate resolution.

Some of the conditions under which the warranty may not be fulfilled by Superwinch is if you have damage to the winch due to regular wear and tear, if there was an accident or if you have overloaded the winch beyond the specified capacity.

Strict compliance is expected with the installation, operation, and maintenance procedures for getting the best results out of the winch.

You can seek your warranty’s redemption by contacting Superwinch at [email protected] or 1.800.323.2031.

You may also approach the manufacturers directly at the authorized outlets for any additional grievance resolution.

Customer Review Analysis for Superwinch 1125220 

The Terra series has gained massive popularity with the users for a wide range of applications.

The versatility of the winch in terms of the loads it can carry and its high-quality components reinforce the customer’s trust in the product making it one of the bestsellers in the market.

The excellent quality instructions help the buyers in installing the winch on their own.

The Terra 25 winch also operates well with a wired remote controller, and this feature is well-appreciated by the people for the safety that it affords them.

The popularity also lies with the favorable warranty terms and the flexible customer support that is offered to them.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Terra 25 winch are listed below.


  • Thicker drum tubes and flanges for protection against rope abrasion
  • Biggest, heavy-duty motors that are built to last and deliver high performance
  • Rapid cooling possible which prevents overheating during use
  • Sealed cartridge bearings to keep the dust-out
  • Durable, bigger sized (2X) gears for longer life
  • Reputed brand


  • Does not include a dashboard rocker switch


When and Who Should Use

Given its 2,500 lbs. Pulling capacity for static loads, you should stick to under 1,700 lbs. For ensuring a longer life for the winch.

Operating the winch at maximum capacity is generally not recommended as it can wear out the winch sooner than expected.

The Terra 25 can then be used for lifting large chunks of wood, pulling your fences out, or maybe even retrieving a big game during the hunting season. With multiple applications that barely require 2,500 lbs.

Worth of power, the Terra 25 comes quite handy for a variety of purposes and at an economical price!

Recommended Accessories with Superwinch 1125220 

Sometimes, while recovering other vehicles from a ditch, you might need to tether the winch to a tree for an additional anchor.

A tree strap can come in handy in such situations. Using the right tree strap is essential for getting a good hold on the tree. You can find a good quality tree strap at

TGL 3 inch, 8 Foot Tree Saver, Winch Strap, Tow Strap 30,000 Pound Capacity



There are also accessories available to reduce the wear and tear on your rollers from the hook. A cable hook stopper is a useful accessory to have for this. KFI Products offers a quality cable hook stopper at

KFI Products ATV-SCHS Cables , Black




What is the amp draw by Terra 25 at peak loads and no load?

The Terra 25 winch draws 162 amps at peak load i.e., 2,500 lbs and 25 amps at no pressure.

I want a longer cable, so can I change the drum size of my winch?

Do not change the drum size of the winch, as this can negatively impact the pulling power of the winch. Instead, make use of cable extenders or buy a tow strap to extend your reach.

Can I replace the steel wire with a synthetic rope without changing the drum?

Yes, the steel wire can be swapped out with a synthetic rope without changing the drum. However, the fairlead will have to be replaced. The standard roller fairlead that works with the steel wire should be replaced with an aluminum hawse fairlead for extending the life of the synthetic rope. The nicks and cuts made by the previous cable could abrade the synthetic line.

Does the winch have a two-way braking mechanism?

Yes, the winch also boasts of a dynamic braking system that automatically holds the load and prevents it from slipping when there’s a halt in operations.

Does the winch have a considerable draw on the vehicle’s battery?

No, the winch will not drain out your battery as long as you are running the vehicle too. Lots of users noticed that the usage of the winch would not hamper the battery usage in a significant manner.

Does the winch have power reverse?

Yes, Terra 25 offers power reversing as well as free spool release options.

Our Recommendation

With a broad and loyal customer base as well as 50 years of experience, you cannot go wrong with buying any Superwinch product. The Terra 25 models are one of the best options amongst its contemporaries owing to the host of features that are mentioned in this article.

The compact and lightweight body of the winch packs a lot of power and is well-suited for lighter terrain vehicles. It is easy on the pockets and delivers its worth with reliability and effectiveness over the long term.

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