Sun Joe SWJ800E Electric Pole Electric Chainsaw Review


In Brief: Sun Joe SWJ800E Chainsaw Review

The SWJ800E is a 6.5-amp electric pole saw. It extends to a height maximum of 8.7 feet, giving operators the ability to prune trees standing up to 15 feet tall. The SWJ800E is known not only for its magnificent performance and affordable price tag but also for being the absolute electric lightest pole saw on the market!

Sun Joe is known mainly for producing high-quality pressure washers, but the company is also a dominant force in the lawn care tool industry.

If bushy trees are a problem in your neighborhood, there’s only one pole chainsaw you need to consider: the SWJ800E.

This lightweight, 6.5-amp pole chainsaw reaches unimaginable heights to slice branches and remove stems with surprising accuracy. Check out our full review of the SWJ800E down below.

Key Specifications of Sun Joe SWJ800E

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw with Automatic Chain Lubrication System

First of all, the SWJ800E is a simple corded-electric model, meaning that you’ll need to rely on long, outdoor-safe extension cords to power this unit.

However, this isn’t a limitation in the slightest—being a corded-electric model means infinite runtime and cutting power.

The SWJ800E sports a hefty 6.5-amp motor that delivers up to 6,000 RPM. High-speed cutting paired with a pole extendable to 8.7 feet means shaving entire trees completely bald before breaking a sweat.

The Sun Joe + Snow Joe channel on YouTube uploaded this video to demonstrate how the SWJ800E looks in action:


Below, you’ll find a table summarizing the key specifications of the SWJ800E:

Powered Source
Power (amp)
Runtime (minutes)
Bar Length (inches)
Up to 6,000
Weight (lbs.)
Noise (dB)
Warranty (months)
User ManualCheck Manual
Oil Pump Capacity (pints)
Chain Speed (feet/second)

Pole Length (feet)
Extendable to 8.7

Unique Features

The SWJ800E is a simple pole saw that isn’t packing many exclusive features. However, there is one thing that buyers need to know about this electric pole saw.

Lightest Pole Saw on the Market!

Rarely do companies get to boast that their products are the most of anything. However, in the case of the SWJ800E, Sun Joe has bragging rights over producing the lightest electric pole saws on the market.

Only this model and the Sun Joe SWJ8001E come in at just seven pounds.

The SWJ800E is super-easy to lift, carry, and navigate through bushy trees. Even if you don’t lift, you’ll be able to use this tool one-handed.


Performance, Design, and Safety

Let’s take a moment to analyze how the SWJ800E performs, what benefits its design offers, and what safety features are in place.


The SWJ800E cuts branches of up to 7.5 inches thick. Cutting through branches thick branches is shockingly quick, meaning less time spent working under the sun.


As we mentioned earlier, this pole chainsaw weighs only seven pounds and can be handled and maneuvered using a single hand.

The extendable pole reaches a maximum height of 8.7 feet, giving someone of average stature the ability to clip stems and branches off trees standing up to 15 feet.

Plus, the head on the SWJ800E does not affect balance and accuracy. Operators can swing the pole while grasping the non-slip handle grip to poke the narrow bar and cutting chain into tight overhead spots.


The SWJ800E’s only safety feature is the built-in safety switch. This switch keeps the 6.5-amp motor from accidentally starting up when the operator is least prepared.

To turn the pole chainsaw on, you’ll need to press and hold the safety switch while pressing the trigger. You can release the switch after the chain begins spinning.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Here, we’ll quickly summarize what the product manual says about maintenance and the two-year limited warranty.

Ease of Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance is pretty straightforward, even if you haven’t used a pole chainsaw before. The longer you use the SWJ800E, the slacker the chain will become.

To tighten the chain, all you need to do is take a flathead screwdriver and turn the tensioner screw clockwise. The chain should fit snug around the edge of the bar.

You’ll also want to fill the oil tank before each use to ensure better cutting quality and a longer-lasting cutting chain.

Every 60 seconds of use, the SWJ800E will consume roughly 0.15 fl. oz. of lubricant, so you’ll need to stop work and top off the tank regularly.


The SWJ800E is protected by a three-year limited warranty that covers repair and replacement costs. Sun Joe will honor the warranty as long as you haven’t tampered with the tool in any way.

If you’re unsure why your SWJ800E is acting up, you can take it to the nearest authorized seller, call the Sun Joe Customer Service Center at 1-866-SNOWJOE, or visit the company website

Price of Sun Joe SWJ800E

Some pole chainsaws can cost as much as a top-rated gas chainsaw, while others won’t cause a dent in your finances. The SWJ800E is one of the latter.

This ultra-affordable pole chainsaw puts other models to shame by being lightweight, high-reaching, and incredibly reliable.

If the cost of the pole chainsaw is your greatest concern, you can put it to rest. The SWJ800E’s low price makes it the most attractive model available.


Who Should Buy Sun Joe SWJ800E?

Better yet, who shouldn’t get this tool? Everybody who prunes trees, as a professional or otherwise, would benefit from the SWJ800E.

There’s nothing else can say about this tool except that it exceeds expectations in every way imaginable.

Imagine the perfect pole chainsaw being able to extend to great heights and pruning otherwise impossible-to-reach branches and stems.

Best of all, weighing only seven pounds, even those without upper-body strength than can handle and maneuver this 6.5-amp machine.

Why We Like It

Whether you’re a contract tree surgeon or just a hobbyist, Sun Joe SWJ800E pole chainsaw is the perfect tool. Presenting excellent cutting quality, easy usability, and infrequent maintenance issues, no tree surgeon should live without the SWJ800E.


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