Smittybilt CC121 Recoil Recovery Rope Review


In Brief: Smittybilt CC121 Recoil Recovery Rope Review

Abrasion-, mildew- and UV-resistant are a few words that can be used to describe the Smittybilt Recovery Rope. The rope is compatible with a wide range of winches and suitable for all kinds of jobs owing to its high breaking strength. Available at a bargain, this rope is one of the best purchases you will make to enhance your winch’s performance.

Smittybilt is one of the best-selling brands in the winch business.

Apart from winches, the brand name can be found on a wide range of after-market automobile accessories that are designed to enhance the performance of your vehicle and give you the best experience of off-roading.

While steel wires were all the rage for winches till a few years ago, constant innovation and research led to the development of a lightweight alternative that is just as effective, if not more than, the steel wire.

While there are dangers of serious injury with a steel rope, the new age alternatives overcome these disadvantages to offer a much safer winching experience.

The product of focus in this article is the recoil kinetic recovery rope by Smittybilt.

Apart from winches, Smittybilt has invested a fair amount of expertise in the development of this rope, which offers some never seen before features that will transform the entire winching experience for the better. Read on to find out more!

Key Specifications of Smittybilt CC121 Recoil Recovery Rope


Designed for situations where even the toughest ropes falter, the Smittybilt kinetic recoil rope operates confidently and reliably in the face of heavy loads and severe conditions.

The expert engineering that has gone into the development of this rope engages the underload to stretch and store some energy, which is then used to pull the vehicle out of sticky situations.

The integrity of the rope is tested time and again, where it passes with flying colors as 12 strands are interwoven to create this final product.

This braided design offers additional strength and elasticity to withstand the loads that the rope is subjected to. The breaking strength of the rope is pegged at 30,000 lbs.

The material employed for making this rope is the flexible and heavy-duty Nylon 66. The maximum elongation of this rope stands at 30%, which leads to an additional 30% of length while winching.

The rope is also made resistant to abrasion and cuts by coating it with an ICO-THANE 10 material. This hard layer forms a sturdy cover for the rope and prevents the infiltration of dirt.

The rope comes with a handy storage bag, which makes it convenient to carry it around.

The detailed technical specifications of this kinetic recovery rope are tabulated below – 

Breaking Strength
30,000 lbs.
Rope Material
Heavy-duty and flexible Nylon 66 material
Rope Thickness
1 inch
Rope Length
30 feet
Number of strands in the braid
Maximum Elongation

Warranty / Repairs

If the product is purchased from the Smittybilt Depot, there is a 30-day return window where the user can return or replace the product if they are not satisfied with the product in any way.

The product has to be returned in the original packaging and should be in new condition. Details regarding the same can be found at

Smittybilt can be contacted regarding the warranty claims process or any other information via call or email at 877-695-7810 and [email protected], respectively.

There is also a contact form available here for contacting the manufacturers directly.

Customer Review Analysis for Smittybilt CC121 Recoil Recovery Rope

This Smittybilt Recoil Recovery Rope is one of the best selling replacement ropes. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews from a lot of customers who have tried the product in a wide range of situations.

There are two parameters where the rope has received excellent ratings from a majority of the users. These parameters are the value for money and the durability of the rope.

The spliced ends of the rope make it easier to attach the rope to all kind of winch models. This winch rope is well worth the money for the performance that it offers.

The new-age technology used in this rope prevents it from snapping or breaking under high loads, which is a significant safety hazard for other cables.

Overall, the product is rated well for its affordability, quality, and performance.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Smittybilt CC121 Recoil Recovery Rope are listed below.


  • Lightweight rope
  • Compatible with a wide range of winch models
  • Comes with a storage bag with mesh inserts that allows drying off a wet rope
  • Minimal jerk when the rope tightens up
  • Offers the right amount of stretch (up to 30%)
  • Good quality craftsmanship
  • Reputed brand and excellent customer support offered


  • Rope handles should be coated to prevent fraying


When and Who Should Use

The Smittybilt Recovery Rope has a breaking strength of 30,000 pounds. This high strength makes the rope suitable for all kinds of heavy-duty winches that are tasked with the recovery of the heavy vehicles or other heavy-duty jobs.

The rope is a suitable replacement for another synthetic as well as cable ropes. The length and the dimensions of the rope ensure that it can be fit on all sizes of winch drums.

Recommended Accessories with Smittybilt CC121 Recoil Recovery Rope

Although the rope is engineered to be resistant to fraying or abrasion, it is a good practice to use a protective sleep, at least when the rope is not in use to keep it sheltered from the elements of the weather.

A quality rope sleeve can be purchased at:

WARN 100330 Winch Cable Accessory: Synthetic Rope Sleeve Abrasion Protection



Does the rope with a carry bag?

Yes, a storage bag is included with the winch that has mesh inserts. This design helps a wet rope dry up faster.

Is the rope made in the USA?

No, the rope is not manufactured in the USA. It is made in China.

Can this winch rope be used with a snatch block?

No, the recoil recovery ropes are not designed to work with snatch blocks.

What is the maximum load that can be recovered with the help of this recovery rope?

The maximum capacity that this rope can be used to recover is 17,000 lbs.

Our Recommendation

As compared to the other ropes and cables available in the market, the breaking strength of this rope is 30,000 lbs. It is of universal fitment, which means that it is highly versatile when it comes to fitment with different kinds of winches.

The rope is coated enough to ensure that there is no dirt infiltration. The stretching ability of the rope is one of the maximum available in the market. When it is exposed to heavy loads, the rope can expand as much as 30% instead of breaking.

Once you use this Smittybilt Recovery Rope, we are sure that you will not want to use another rope again!

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