Senco Air Compressor Reviews


Senco was founded in 1936 when Albert Juilfs’ Springtramp Eliminator made its way into the machine world.

Senco now functions under the Kyocera Company of Netherlands.

Senco manufactures a wide range of air compressors for domestic and job site use.

This can make it a tedious task for you to identify a model perfectly suited to your needs.

This article aims to simplify that very task for you by giving you a collated overview of said products alongside their key specifications and features.

Senco Air Compressor Reviews

Senco air compressors feature a variety of capacities and power outputs alongside different maximum pressures of airflow.

Listed below is a quick overview of the aforementioned products.

Model NoCapacity

Still unsure? Not a problem.

We have also summarised the details of these products in sections that are divided on the basis of capacity in gallons to further buttress your ability to make an informed choice.

Compressors Capacity – 1 to 5 gallons

In this section, we will look at air compressors from Senco with a capacity ranging from one to five gallons.

Model PC1010

Model PC1010 has a capacity of 1 gallon with a maximum pressure of 135 PSI and a power output of 0.5 HP. It is an ultra-light and ultra-quiet tubeless pump compressor.

Weighing only 20 pounds, this product is highly portable and can be carried around easily for a variety of home improvement and renovation jobs alongside crafts and hobbies.

It is a very quiet finish and trims compressor with a one year warranty and a 0.7 SCFM airflow at 90 PSI.

User reviews suggest that the model is very quiet in operation, easy to use and transport and ideal for tools like brad nailers.

It is also a fairly economical choice for those looking to use a compressor for small trimming and nailing jobs.

However, some users suggest the need for improvement in the durability of the product.


Model PC1010N

Model PC1010N has a capacity of 1 gallon, with a power output of 0.5 HP and a maximum pressure of 135 PSI.

This product is designed with the professional contractor in mind. The lightweight and compact design make it highly portable.

It is also very quiet and a perfect tool for finish and trim jobs.

It has a long life induction motor and an oil-free pump which requires little maintenance. The product comes with a one year warranty.

It takes less than two minutes to pump and less than 30 seconds for recovery.

User reviews laud the fast pump uptime of the compressor and quiet operation. It is also a workhorse which is an asset to have around the home and the job site.

The durability of the regulator knob, however, needs to be improved.


Model PC0968

Model PC0968 has a capacity of 2.5 gallons, a power output of 1 HP and a maximum pressure of 135 PSI.

This product has the power and speed to handle most finish and trim applications.

It weighs only 38 pounds and is hence very portable with an oil-free pump for efficient and long-lasting maintenance-free applications.

It has a compact twin tank stack design with a heavy-duty induction motor that has a long life. This electric compressor also comes with a one year warranty.

User reviews suggest that the powder-coated body is rust-resistant. The product is well balanced due to its design and the stainless steel hose.

The product is good for powering brad nailers and finishing jobs. However, the durability of the regulator for this model needs to be improved as well.


Model PC1131

Model PC1131 has a capacity of 4.3 gallons, a maximum pressure of 125 PSI and a power output of 2.5 HP.

The product has a compact twin tank stack design, a cast iron head, and a cast-iron cylinder. It also has a direct drive, heavy-duty induction motor.

It comes with a universal coupler, a regulator and gauge.

It delivers an airflow of 4.3 CFM at 100 PSI. The compressor is oiled for noiseless operation and reduced damage from friction. It is ideal for home improvement jobs and tasks such as finish nailing and framing.

User reviews laud the cold start valve, and high power compared to most other compressors with this capacity. It is also well oiled and noiseless with a durable design.

However, the angling of the pressure gauges makes them difficult to read and this needs to be improved.


Model PC0968N

Model PC0968N has a capacity of 4.5 gallons, maximum pressure of 200 PSI and a power output of 1.75 HP.

It has an efficient induction motor with long-lasting operational capacity. The oil-free pump design makes it very easy to maintain.

The control panel is integrated with easy to read pressure gauges and quick couplers alongside regulators. The dual couplers allow you to use two hoses at the same time.

The rugged roll cage protects vital components and also provides better grip and portability.

This compressor can be used extensively for professional applications, inflation jobs and framing or nailing work.


Air Compressors Capacity over 5 gallons

In this section, we will look at two Senco air compressors with a capacity of 6 and 15 gallons respectively.

Model PC1280

Model PC1280 has a capacity of 6 gallons, a power output of 1.5 HP and a maximum pressure of 150 PSI.

It has a compact, lightweight and balanced design for easy portability. The oil-free pump allows for maintenance-free operation.

The product is ideal for finish and trimming jobs.

The pancake design is meant to allow for easy storage. The integrated control panel allows easy access to couplers and gauges and the pressure control knobs.

Dual couplers allow running of two hoses simultaneously and the fully shrouded design protects critical components from damage.

It is a durable product ideal for both home improvement and professional work.


Model PC0970

Model PC0970 has a high capacity of 15 gallons, maximum pressure of 200 PSI and a power output of 1.75 HP.

It is a versatile product meant for professional contractor jobs but which can also be used for homeowner projects. The tank fills up quickly and it has a small recovery time.

It delivers airflow of 4.9 SCFM at 90 PSI.

Multiple tools can be hooked up to this compressor at the same time and it has a compact design with a weight of only 103 pounds despite the high tank capacity.

The roll cage protects from hot and moving parts. It has multiple grip points and pneumatic wheels for easy movement across the job site.



These are, hence, the detailed reviews of Senco air compressors.

With models suited to both homeowners and professionals, we hope this article makes it easier for you to choose a compressor best suited to your needs.

We have tried to help you make an informed decision which will enable you to derive maximum use from your compressor.

In case of any queries, feel free to leave them in the comments and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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