Review of Torin Big Red T83002 Pro Series


In Brief: Review of Torin Big Red T83002 Pro Series

The Torin name is a well-known one when it comes to automotive repair or maintenance tools. The T83002 jack model is a part of the Big Red Pro series and indeed a ‘Pro’ product according to several satisfied customers. With industrial-grade finish and professional-level features, the T83002 is a must-have for all garages, workshops, and mechanical toolkits. Hurry and grab yours because, at its current price, this Torin jack is a steal!

Since 1968, Torin is a leading manufacturer of lifting equipment. Their product lines are diversified over different brands, one of which is Big Red.

Under the Big Red name, the T83002 model is a heavy-duty garage jack, which is a part of the Pro series. Torin has long been a reliable name for quality automotive maintenance and repair products.

In the following sections of this article, we will discuss the Big Red Pro series garage jack.

By the end of this article, you will be better acquainted with the specifications, features, warranty coverage, customer testimonies, recommended use, and a lot more about this model. Read on to find out more!

Key Specifications of Torin Big Red T83002 Pro Series Heavy Duty Floor Jack

BIG RED T83002 Torin Pro Series Hydraulic Floor Jack with Single Quick Lift Piston Pump, 3 Ton (6,000 lb) Capacity, Red

This Big Red Pro series hydraulic garage jack is constructed with heavy-duty steel.

This rugged construction with a professional-grade finish makes the jack appropriate for industrial use as well as commercial use.

The powder-coated finish of this jack is rust and corrosion-resistant. Torin assures longevity and durability when it comes to the T83002 model.

The front of the jack is fitted with big steel casters, and the rear is equipped with 360-degree swivel casters for a higher degree of maneuverability.

The wide-body stance of this jack provides the stability needed to operate under large loads. The jack is designed to meet the ASME safety standards.

There is a safety bypass system whose job is to protect the jack from damage due to overloading. This system ensures that the jack remains safe to operate, making it ideal for use with trucks, SUVs, cars, etc.

The detailed technical specifications of this service jack model are tabulated below.

Lift Capacity
3 tons (6,000 lbs.)
78 lbs.
Minimum Lift Height
5 ½ in
Maximum Lift Height
20 ½ in
Lifting Range
15 in
Handle Length42 in

Check out how to properly bleed a Torin Big Red Pro Series jack in a quick video at:


Warranty / Repairs

Torin Big Red service jack model T83002 is covered by a one-year limited warranty

. Torin will repair or replace the product if any defect should arise in the materials or the workmanship of the product in this one-year duration from the date of purchase.

The fulfillment of this warranty is subject to certain conditions detailed by the manufacturers.

More information regarding usage and warranty can be found here>

Product registration can be done here>

Torin Automotive Equipment has a Parts and Warranty Department that can be contacted at 1-888-44-TORIN (1-888-448-6746).

The customer support contact form can be found here>

Customer Review Analysis for Torin Big Red T83002 Pro 

The Torin Big Red T83002 is a popular jack with customers. It has been rated highly for its presentation, sturdiness, and value for money.

The customers are happy with the heavy-duty construction of the jack, which stands up to challenging lifts effortlessly.

The jack comes with a very detailed instruction manual. Despite the simplistic and intuitive design of the jack, the manual is an excellent addition to the kit.

The customers have been able to use the jack with all kinds of vehicle models with ease and for long durations of time without any problems.

Overall, many users have recommended the Torin T83002 jack to others for its excellent performance at an affordable price.


Pros and Cons of Torin T83006 3-Ton SUV Service Jack

The pros and cons of the Torin Big Red T83002 Pro Series Heavy Duty Floor Jack are listed below.


  • Heavy-duty and rugged construction
  • Excellent value for money
  • Highly recommended by the users
  • Long-lasting, anti-corrosion finish
  • Wide-body for better stability
  • Versatile jack that works with all kinds of car models


  • The jack could offer better control for lowering the load


When and Who Should Use

The Torin T83002’s rugged build ensures that it is not just limited to the occasional use.

The jack is built to withstand heavy use and can be an ideal addition to any garage, mechanical workshop, professional repair shop, or automobile enthusiast’s toolkit.

The jack is a part of the Pro series, and with that durability promise, the jack is ready to be used day in and day out without any issues, for any automobile-related tasks.

Recommended Accessories with Torin Big Red T83002 Pro 

The rubber pad of any floor or garage jack is the part that comes most frequently in contact with the vehicle.

It is therefore essential that you keep replacing this rubber pad from time to time to prevent the jack’s hard exterior from scratching, denting, or dinging the vehicle frame.

A good quality rubber pad (of universal fit) can be purchased at:

2-Pack of Rubber Jack Pads (Slotted Pucks) - Universal, Standard-Size Adapter - Frame Rail Protector Puck / Pad Keeps Pinch Weld, Paint and Metal Safe - by Mission Automotive

This rubber pad is slotted to accommodate the vehicle frame comfortably.


How long is the jack handle?

The handle is approximately 42 to 48 inches long, as per customer’s measurements.

Where can I get the replacement parts for the Torin T83002 model?

The replacement parts are not sold separately by the company. If you need any part, you should get in touch with the customer service helpline available at 1-888-448-6746.

Does the jack drop the load over time?

With any hydraulic jack, it is a given that the jack will not be able to hold the load for an extended amount of time because eventually, the pressure will bleed. The best thing to do is to use the jack for lifting the weight and plugging in jack stands to support this load for the remaining duration.

Does the jack comes filled with oil?

Yes, the Torin T83002 jack comes pre-filled with hydraulic oil.

Can you lower the jack from the handle?

Yes, rotating the jack’s handle will help in lowering the load adequately.

Is the jack’s saddle removable?

Yes, the jack’s saddle is removable.

Our Recommendation

There is no doubt about the fact that the Torin Big Red Pro Series is one of the best products for quality lifting equipment.

The jacks are best-in-class products that are trusted by professionals as well. The jack is built solidly for withstanding the test of time and pressure.

It is an excellent lifting tool that makes raising cars look effortless.

The jack boasts of adequate safety mechanisms, and Torin has also made sure that the jack is compliant with the ASME standards.

With several customers testifying to this jack’s consistency and reliability, it leaves little doubt in our mind that this Torin T83002 model would be an excellent investment for anyone looking for a quality garage jack!

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