Sunex 1522A 22-Ton Jack Stands Review


In Brief: Review of Sunex 1522A 22-Ton Jack Stands

Sunex 1522A is true for the 22-ton jack stands as well. These jack stands are as heavy-duty as they come. They are also one of the few products in the market that are recommended by professionals themselves. All of this excellence is available at dirt-cheap prices. So hurry and grab yours right away for any heavy-duty lifting!

Sunex Tools, which was founded in 1977, is known for manufacturing the most innovatively engineered and technically advanced automotive tools that cater to the commercial as well as industrial segments.

Their product lines include impact sockets, chrome drives, air tools, hand tools, lifting equipment, lighting, tool storage solutions, shop presses, and other shop equipment.

The product that we are going to look at in this article is the pair of Sunex 22-ton jack stands.

These jack stands are an excellent addition to any garage because they provide the much-needed support once the load has been lifted with a jack.

By the end of this article, you will be familiar with the specifications of these Sunex jack stands.

You will also be in a better position to understand how to use this pair of jack stands, what is their warranty coverage, the compatible accessories with these jack stands, and the customer experiences.

We will also answer some of the frequently asked questions about this model. Keep reading to find out more!

Key Specifications of Sunex 1522A 22-Ton Jack Stands

SUNEX TOOLS 1522A 22-Ton Jack Stands, Pair

The Sunex jack stands have a support capacity of a whopping 22 tons or 44,000 pounds. These are sold in pairs to act as a well-balance support system for trucks, RVs, trailers or construction, farm, industrial equipment, etc.

The high support capacity is possible due to the four-legged steel base.

The jack stand’s strength is also supported by the heavy schedule pipe, which gives that much-needed stability. There are multiple holes in the support pipe to support different height configurations.

There is an attached support pin, which makes this height adjustment quick and easy.

The fact that the adjustment pin is attached is a great feature that prevents it from getting misplaced. The large saddle is equipped with locating lugs. These lugs are essential for supporting and positioning the vehicle frame.

The jack is adequate for trucks because of the modified V-shaped saddle, which is compatible with the truck axles.

The flat base also includes telescopic tubes for the same. The detailed technical specifications for this pair of jack stands can be found below.

Lift Capacity
22 tons (44,000 lbs.)
15.75 in D X 13.78 in H X 10.87 in W
Shipping Weight
72.7 lbs.
Minimum Lift Height11 13/16 in
Maximum Lift Height
19 ¾ in
Lifting Range
7 15/16 in
Collapsed Height
11.8 in
Number of jack stands
One year limited

Warranty / Repairs

Sunex Tools provides a one-year limited warranty for this pair of 22-ton jack stands.

If the jacks fail to provide satisfactory service within a year from the date of purchase, either due to failure in workmanship or materials, despite using the product within the manufacturer’s guidelines, Sunex Tools will repair or replace the product at their option.

More warranty information can be found in the product manual. Sunex Tools can be contacted at 855.600.7927.

They also have a warranty claim page available at

Customer Review Analysis of Sunex 1522A 22-Ton Jack Stands

The Sunex jack stands have been received quite well by the customers. The fact that they can support 22 tons means that they can be used with all kinds of vehicles.

There are a few parameters on which the jack stands stand out from the rest of the competition. These features are stability, sturdiness, and the value for money.

Many customers have described these jack stands as outstanding and built like a tank.

The USP has to be the fact that even auto body shop owners, mechanics, and other professional shop owners have recommended these jack stands.

They have surpassed all expectations to become an industry-recommended tool.

The jack stands are well-built, sturdy, and available at a very reasonable price. They are slightly heavy, but that is to be expected if the jack stands can support 22 tons of load.

The excellent powder-coated finish ensures that the jack stands are protected against corrosion.

Overall, the customers are extremely pleased with this pair of 22-ton jack stands and highly recommend it to all.


Pros and Cons of Sunex 1522A 22-Ton Jack Stands

The pros and cons of the Sunex 1522A 22-Ton Jack Stands are listed below.


  • ASME certified jack stands
  • Quick and easy height adjustment possible
  • Suitable for use with garages, agricultural or industrial equipment
  • V-shaped saddle for better fitment
  • Multiple locking heights possible
  • Heavy-duty, high-strength, high-gauge steel base for
  • Highly recommended by the users


  • Slightly heavyweight


When and Who Should Use

These jack stands should be used by truck owners, trailer owners, or in an industrial, agricultural or professional garage shop setup.

The 22-ton setup is overkill for smaller cars as they will not have sufficient clearance.

These jack stands will be better used for supporting heavy-duty vehicles while carrying out maintenance or repair work.

The sturdy built ensures that the load gets supported adequately and is well-balanced.

Recommended Accessories with Sunex 1522A 22-Ton Jack Stands

The 22-ton jack stands are best paired with a 22-ton jack. Only when the jack has lifted the load will you be able to get the jack stands under the weight.

A high-quality 22-ton air hydraulic truck jack is available at:

Sunex 6722, Air Hydraulic Truck Jack, 22 Ton Capacity, Simple Speed Control, Springless Design, Saddle Extension Screw Included, 3 Adapters, Jumbo 9 Inch Tires



Where are these Sunex jack stands manufactured?

The Sunex 22-ton jack stands are manufactured in China.

What padding or support should be used on top of these jack stands?

There is no need for any support or padding with these jack stands. The V-shaped saddles are designed to be compatible with the truck axles. There is the added risk of the support slipping and endangering the person working underneath.

Can these be used with cars?

There is absolutely no problem in using these jack stands with cars. The only requirement is that the car be raised higher than the jack stands at their lowest configuration.

What is the diameter of the support pipe that holds the saddle?

According to the users of this pair of jack stands, the thickness of the support pipe is approximately 2 inches.

Are the pins included with the jack stands?

Not only are the pins included but also attached so that they don’t get lost.

What is the weight capacity of the jack stands?

The jack stands are rated at 22 tons per pair, i.e., 11 tons per jack stand.

Will this pair be suitable for holding up a vehicle?

Although the pair can be used for holding up the front or the rear of the vehicle, it is not recommended because of the instability issues. Also, four jack stands would be needed to hold the entire vehicle up.

What is the diameter of the adjustment pin?

The thickness of the adjustment pin is ¾ inches.

Our Recommendation

The Sunex jack stands are one of the few pairs that provide whopping support of 22 tons. This high capacity is offered at a very reasonable price, which makes it a highly attractive product to many.

No longer does one need to shell out big bucks to get their hands on a decent pair of jack stands.

The four-legged steel base, high-gauge steel construction, quick & easy height adjustments, large saddle with locating lug supports, V-shaped saddle for compatibility, and a lot more make this pair suitable for professional as well as personal use.

It is one of the few pairs of jack stands that have been recommended highly by industry professionals themselves. Summarily, this pair of 22-ton jack stands gets our full recommendation.

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