Driver Recovery Products LD17-PRO Winch Review


In Brief: Driver Recovery Products LD17-PRO Winch Review

The LD17 Pro winch stands out because of its cutting edge design, superb quality, and reliable performance, all available at pocket-friendly pricing. The significant pulling power is not something that you will find in other products. It takes a certain ruggedness and quality to sustain such heavy loads, and LD17 Pro successfully maneuvers these tough waters with extreme ease!

Driver Recovery Products are known for manufacturing peak performance parts. They are exclusively focused on creating winches that are reliable, dependable, and easy to use.

Over the years, they have upgraded their gear systems, winch motors, and components that are made of the highest quality materials.

Expert engineering, combined with constant testing and improvement, leads to the development of the many Driver Recovery Products.

Apart from winches, the Driver Recovery Products also offers winch straps and winch hooks. The LD17 Pro, as the name suggests, is a heavy-duty recovery winch with a rated pull capacity of 17,000 lbs.

In the following sections of this article, we are going to take a look at the specifications and features of this winch.

We will also detail some related information like recommended usage and compatible products so that you can get the best out of the LD17 Pro winch.

Key Specifications of LD17 Pro Electric Heavy-duty Recovery Winch

Driver Recovery Products LD17-PRO Electric Heavy Duty Recovery Winch - 17,000 lbs. Capacity - Wired Remote Control

The 17,000 pounds of pull is generated by a 6.0 HP motor that is a series wound model. The model makes use of enameled copper wire for generating maximum torque while minimizing losses.

This helps the motor to maintain its duty cycle and keep the winch cooler for longer.

The winch has an automatic braking mechanism supported by a heavy-duty drum that locks the wire in place.

The cable itself is of premium, aircraft-quality, with thick zinc galvanization that provides the adequate abrasion-resistance needed. It is effortless to wind and stays unaffected by mud or sand.

The roller fairlead, which guides the motion of the cable is made of high-strength steel and boasts of an epoxy-grade finish.

This finishing significantly reduces chipping and rusting. The fairlead makes use of c-clips and wave washers instead of bolts and, therefore, lasts longer.

Winching at extreme angles is supported by composite bushings and machined dowel-pin bearings.

The critical components like electrical connections are protected from debris and water, as are the switches, solenoid, and sensitive moving parts.

Some of the other features of this winch are listed below –

Working Load
17,000 lbs.
6.0 HP
4,300 Watts
12 V DC
Rope Material
Aircraft quality
Steel Wire
Rope Dimensions
85 ft. (Length) X 1/2 in. (Thickness)
Gearing Ratio
Gearing System
3-Stage Planetary
22 in. X 7 1/2 in. X 10 1/2 in.
125 lbs.
Freespool Clutch
Drum Length
8 11/16 inches
Drum Diameter
3 ½ inches
Premium Roller
Braking Mechanism

Warranty / Repairs

For details regarding the warranty, Driver Recovery Products can be reached via their contact page at

Customer Review Analysis for LD17 Pro Electric Heavy-duty Recovery Winch

The customers were happy with the LD17 Pro winch for many reasons. The first reason for the LD17 Pro’s popularity is the sturdy housing of the winch.

Instead of the standard plastic housing that easily cracks under pressure, the LD17 Pro is made of more durable material. The winch was easy to install. For some customers, it barely took 30 minutes to install the whole setup.

The winch’s performance was as expected. It held up under rugged conditions and was able to deliver as promised by the manufacturer.

The remote controller provided with the winch also worked well and allowed the users to operate the winch from a distance.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the LD17 Pro Electric Heavy-duty Recovery winch are listed below.


  • Longer duty cycle
  • Reversible operations possible (powering cable in and out)
  • Easy to install with pre-terminated wiring
  • Better protection for critical connections (electrical wirings)
  • Multi-directional pulling actions possible with rollers
  • Premium, aircraft-quality, wire cable with abrasion-resistant galvanization
  • Frictionless, free spooling possible


  • Replacement parts for the winch are hard to find


When and Who Should Use

The winch should be used for applications where a significant load is expected to be pulled. The 17,000 pounds of towing capacity means that the winch is more suited for construction jobs where the weights are significantly heavier.

Some of the applications could be moving around heavy equipment, erecting big poles, demolishing buildings, recovering heavy rigs, etc. to name a few.

Recommended Accessories with LD17 Pro Electric Heavy-duty Recovery Winch

With loads as substantial as 17,000 pounds, the winch strap is probably going under a lot of strain with each winching operation. But Driver Recovery

Products has made the replacement process easier by providing a quality replacement strap, which is available at amazon here>

Some accessories like snatch blocks, shackles, and tree protectors are a must when dealing with heavy loads.

Instead of having to worry about the compatibility of accessories, you can simply buy these accessories that are made by Driver Recovery Products. These are perfectly compatible with the LD17 Pro winch.


Does the winch come with a wiring harness?

No, the LD17 Pro does not include any wiring harness.

What components are included in the LD17 Pro winch kit?

Apart from the 17,000 pounds capacity winch, the kit also includes pre-wound steel cable, a wired controller with a plug, a roller fairlead, a safety pull strap, a heavy-duty ½ inch clevis hook, a 24 pc set of mounting hardware, a 72 inches long ground wire, a 72 inches long power wire and an owner’s manual.

What are the expected current ratings for the LD17 winch at different loads?

At no load, the LD17 Pro winch can operate on a 68 amps current draw while at full capacity, the amperage is 520 amps.

What are the line speeds of the LD17 Pro winch?

At the maximum load of 17,000 pounds, the LD17 Pro winch can pull loads at a speed of 3 feet per minute while at no weight, the LD17 Pro winch can hit rates as high as 23.9 feet per minute.

Our Recommendation

The LD17 Pro winch is a good quality winch that stands up tall to the claims made by the manufacturers about its capacity. The winch has proved to be extremely useful for pulling loads as hefty as 17,000 pounds, which is a significant discomfort in many cases.

The winch has a rugged construction that lasts through difficult jobs with ease.

The finishing, along with the sealed electrical components, is suitable for operating the winch in a wide range of situations with ease.

The winch is also offering all these features at very affordable pricing and, therefore, should make a place for itself if you are looking for some heavy-duty applications in the future.

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