Remington RM4216 Rebel Gas Powered Chainsaw Review


In Brief: Remington RM4216 Chainsaw Review

The RM4216 is one of Remington’s many high-quality chainsaws. Its 16-inch bar offers excellent reach for basic limbing jobs, and its 42-cc engine provides enough sawing power to fell trees of up to 20 inches in thickness. The RM4216 is a lightweight gas-powered chainsaw built for occasional use.

Remington is known for engineering some of the most reliable gas and electric tools. If you need a chainsaw for yard maintenance or business, Remington is a great company to choose.

Today, we’re looking at the lightweight, ultra-convenient RM4216. This gas-powered chainsaw is an excellent occasional-use tool that can also assist in tough tree-felling jobs in a pinch.

Read our review below to see if the RM4216 is the best option for you.

Key Specifications of Remington RM4216

Gas Powered Chainsaw Automatic Chain Oiler-Anti Vibration System

The RM4216 is an excellent chainsaw for infrequent users. This gas-powered tool shines when used to perform light-duty jobs like limbing trees and trimming hedges.

However, in a pinch, users can take their RM4216 to tackle large trees for prepping firewood or milling lumber. If you need a chainsaw for camping trips, this Remington model the perfect candidate.

The RM4216 features a 16-inch cutting chain that users can swap either a 14- or 18-inch replacement.

The adjustable auto-oiling system can deliver just enough lubricant to complete small and large cutting jobs with little to no waste.

Watch this video by The Country Living Project to see why the narrator was happy with his RM4216:


Below, you’ll find the RM4216’s key specifications in table format:

Powered Source
Power (cc)
Runtime (minutes)
Bar Length (inches)
Weight (lbs.)
Noise (dB)
Warranty (months)
User ManualCheck Manual
Oil Tank Capacity (pints)
Chain Speed (feet/second)

Unique Features

The RM4126 comes with two notable unique features, namely QuickStart Technology and 5-Point Anti Vibration.

QuickStart Technology

Gas chainsaws are notorious for being stubborn starters. They require an entire 50-step ritual to start up a cold engine, and a thoroughly warmed engine may not be any easier.

Remington solves this problem my installing QuickStart Technology into the RM4126. To get this system working, you’ll still need to perform the standard steps, but the engine will start in fewer tugs of the recoil cord.

5-Point Anti-Vibration

Gas chainsaws are also known for creating localized tremors up the operator’s arm and shoulders. With the RM4126’s 5-point anti-vibration setup, tremors are less noticeable and do not affect precision in a significant way.

The anti-vibration system combined with the ergonomic handles (and what PPE you’re rocking) will keep the RM4126 steady from start to finish.


Performance, Design, and Safety

Let’s take a look at how practical the RM4126 is in terms of performance, design, and safety.


The RM4126 is a residential-grade chainsaw. It can tackle shrubs and thin branches without the slightest indication of trouble. The tool’s 16-inch bar can cut through trees of up to 24 inches with the right technique.

Just note that the RM4126 can’t handle commercial-level sawing for extensive periods. On average, customers stated that this chainsaw requires at least 30 minutes of downtime for every 30 minutes of use.


As is typical with most modern chainsaws, the RM4126 is made almost entirely out of durable plastic composite to keep its weight low.

However, it still has some weight, allowing gravity to assist the 12.75-pound RM4126 in downward cuts.

The RM4126 is also quite easy on the hands, thanks to the cushioned grips on the front and back handles. Holding and lifting this gas chainsaw for extended periods shouldn’t cause too many problems.


Remington prioritizes safety and comfort when designing chainsaws, and the RM4126 is no different.

This chainsaw comes with an instant power switch that kills the engine during emergencies, a manually operated chain brake, and a safety lock button to prevent accidental startups.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Let’s see how easy it is to maintain the RM4126 as well as what sort of coverage Remington’s two-year warranty offers.

Ease of Maintenance and Repairs

Gas-powered chainsaws are stubborn tools. For heavy-duty engine problems, reach out to Remington or an authorized seller to see how they can help.

As for basic maintenance, the RM4126’s chain needs to be tensioned every now and then, roughly after every five cuts.

To do this, use the included multi-purpose tool that loosens the bar-retaining nuts, then take the tool and turn the tensioning screw clockwise. A correctly tensioned chain should be snug along the bar’s underside.


Remington provides a two-year warranty that covers repairs and replacing defective parts as a result of manufacturing faults.

Using the RM4126 in unintended ways, as well as installing incompatible parts immediately voids the warranty.

Visit the Remington website at or call 1-866-206-2707 if you have any questions regarding the RM4126 or the company’s warranty policies.

Price of Remington RM4216

For an occasional-use chainsaw, the RM4216’s price tag is quite pricey. There are some pretty noteworthy gas (XtremePowerUS 22-inch) and cordless (WEN 4017 16-inch) chainsaw models for less.

However, considering what the RM4216 can do, you’re certainly getting your money’s worth.


Who Should Buy Remington RM4216?

The RM4216 is mainly designed for infrequent users. The 42-cc engine may prove too weak for regular tree-felling and log-cutting jobs, but sporadic heavy-duty jobs shouldn’t be too much trouble for this chainsaw.

If you’ve never dealt with gas chainsaws before, you’ll more than appreciate Remington’s SMARTSTART technology. In the right conditions, you can start a cold engine with a single tug of the recoil cord.

Why We Like It

The RM4126 is an excellent occasional-use chainsaw for performing minor tasks all day long. This 16-inch 42-cc chainsaw can also fell thick trees, but you’ll need to take it slow and give the tool plenty of time to rest.

The RM4126’s is pretty pricey, but you’re getting reliability and convenience packed into a compact machine.


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