Proforge 1434Z Hydraulic Floor Jack Review


In Brief: Review of Proforge 1434Z Floor Jack

Proforge has developed a heavy-duty, solidly built, consistent air hydraulic jack in the form of the 1434Z jack. This model is compact, which allows it to be used with all kinds of loads. The long handle makes it easy to operate the jack which, when paired with a suitable air compressor, makes lifting 22-tons look like a breeze. If you are in the market for an industrial-grade jack, the Proforge 1434Z hydraulic jack is the one for you!

The Proforge hydraulic jack is going to be the focus of this article today. It is one of the few heavy-duty jacks that offers a lift capacity of 22 tons.

In the following sections of this article, we will explore the features of this hydraulic jack in detail.

We will aim to take a deeper dive into the specifications of this jack along with related product information like warranty coverage, recommended usage, compatible accessories, customer testimonies, etc.

We will also answer some of the frequently asked questions about this product. Keep reading to find out more!

Key Specifications of Proforge 1434Z 22-Ton Air Hydraulic Floor Jack

22 Ton Air / Hydraulic Floor Jack ProForge

The 22-ton or a whopping 44,000 pounds of lift capacity of this jack makes it suitable for a commercial as well as an industrial-grade jack. Heavy-duty steel has been used for making this jack.

The strong jack body is fitted with a sturdy handle and a chrome-plated ram. The spray-painted finish of this jack makes it immune to corrosion, rust, and other weather elements.

The smooth operations of this jack are supported by a piston ram. This ram is polished and treated to resist thinning over time. The jack also makes use of a Y-style polyurethane sealing ring along with a backup ring.

The 46-inch long handle, equipped with air controls, saves considerable effort on the user’s part.

The adjustable range of the handle is 90 to 180-degrees. With a single pull of the handle, the self-retracting 22-ton ram gets activated. There is also a handle lock lever included with the setup.

The jack’s body is fitted with large rubber rings around the steel wheels at the back of the jack, which acts as a shock absorber to resist wear and tear or skidding.

The details of the technical specifications of this Proforge 22-ton jack are tabulated below.

Lift Capacity
22 tons (44,000 pounds)
Minimum saddle height
9 in (without adapter)
Maximum saddle height
17 11/16 in
8 11/16 in
4 ½ in
Handle Length
46 in
Wheel Diameter
8 in
Air Pressure Range
90 PSI to 145 PSI
Air Compressor
Minimum 3 HP required
Adjustable Angle
90 to 180 degrees
Saddle Extensions
20, 25, 60, 100 mm

Warranty / Repairs

For warranty information regarding the Proforge 1434Z 22-ton hydraulic jack, the sellers can be contacted directly via the channels provided by the seller website.

Alternatively, they can provide contact information to the manufacturers.

The same may also be provided in the owner’s manual supplied with the jack.

Customer Review Analysis of Proforge 1434Z 22-Ton Air Hydraulic Floor Jack

The several customers who have used this Proforge 22-ton hydraulic jack have been impressed with its performance. The unit’s durability is excellent. The jack works precisely as advertised by the manufacturers.

The users said that when the jack is paired with an appropriate compressor, the lift is effortless.

Overall, the users have described the jack suitable for heavy-duty use. It is built sturdily and is excellent for all kinds of applications, including heavy-duty ones like in construction lifting.


Pros and Cons of Proforge 1434Z 22-Ton Air Hydraulic Floor Jack

The pros and cons of the Proforge 1434Z 22-Ton Air Hydraulic Floor Jack are listed below.


  • Quick lift system enables faster contact between lifting ram and load
  • Compact design that fits comfortably between dual tandem axles
  • Ideal for lifting all kinds of heavy-duty machinery, equipment, vehicles, etc.
  • Spray painted finish for rust and corrosion protection.
  • Rubber wheels for better shock absorption
  • Recommended by the users for heavy-duty applications
  • Saves efforts and is easy to use


  • Quality control could be better.
  • Cannot be operated manually


When and Who Should Use

The 22-ton capacity of this Proforge jack stand makes it suitable for industrial and commercial use.

The jack stand is useful for lifting heavy construction machinery, agricultural equipment, heavy-duty trucks in mechanical workshops, etc.

Recommended Accessories with Proforge 1434Z 22-Ton Air Hydraulic Floor Jack

A heavy-duty jack like the Proforge 1434Z jack should be paired with equally heavy-duty jack stands. Once the jack has lifted the load, it is essential to stabilize and support it with jack stands for safety purposes.

We have listed a few pairs of good quality 22-ton jack stands, along with their purchase links below.

Sunex Jack Stands

SUNEX TOOLS 1522A 22-Ton Jack Stands, Pair


Omega Jack Stands

Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand - 22 Ton Capacity


OTC Jack Stands

OTC 1780 Stinger Series Super Heavy Duty 22 Ton Jack Stands - 1 Pair



Does the jack come with saddle extensions?

Yes, four saddle extensions rated at 20, 25, 60, 100 mm are included with the jack kit.

Can the jack be operated manually, or does it need an air compressor?

An air compressor (ideally rated at 3 HP) is needed to operate this 22-ton Proforge jack.

What is the diameter of the jack wheels?

The diameter of the jack’s wheels is 8 inches.

Our Recommendation

We recommend that the Proforge 22-ton air hydraulic jack be purchased if you are looking for a heavy-duty jack to lift some hefty loads.

These kinds of loads would typically be in the 10 to 22-ton range.

The jack has all the necessary strength and engineering to support hefty weights like this.

The compact design, long handle, saddle extensions, secure operating system, self-retracting ram, and a lot more make the jack very straightforward to use. These features also significantly reduce the efforts expended by the user.

There is no manual mode. The jack is operated with the help of an air compressor. 

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