Powerwinch RC 30 Trailer Winch Review


In Brief: Powerwinch RC 30 Trailer Winch Review

The Powerwinch RC30 is a good purchase if you are looking for a quality marine trailer winch. The product is designed exclusively for use with boats and boat trailers. The wireless control, the light inside winch casing, the strong rope, and the corrosion-resistant winch housing make this product one of the best purchases for boat winching!

Powerwinch is one of the leading innovators and manufacturers in the marine industry. Their offerings specifically cater to the marine products required for making the boating experience much smoother than before.

They have 50 years of experience in this business, and their product lines include marine trailer winches, capstans, free-fall anchor windlasses, and related accessories.

There are currently three broad variants of marine trailer winches made available by Powerwinch. In the following sections of this article, we are going to take a deep dive into understanding the wireless remote trailer winch.

We will elaborate on who should use the winch, the warranty terms, recommended accessories with the winch, and also answer some frequently asked questions about this model.

Key Specifications of Powerwinch RC 30 Wireless Remote Trailer Winch

Powerwinch RC 30 Wireless Remote Trailer Winch

The RC30 model of marine trailer winches by Powerwinch is a wirelessly controlled model. The same was developed because the company felt that the entire fatigue of manual winching could be eliminated with a simple push of a button.

The RC30 comes with all the necessary hardware and wiring harnesses that are needed for installation. It can successfully handle boats as substantial as 11,500 pounds.

The winch body also has a light enchased inside for assisting at night.

There is an emergency crank that is also fitted in the winch casing. The powering-in operation of the winch is handled with the help of the wireless control, whereas the rope can be free spooled out for convenience.

Not only can this marine trailer winch pull boats, but it is also capable of lifting loads to 4,000 pounds in weight.

The winch housing was redesigned to be stronger so that it can sustain the heavy loads with ease and make marine winching significantly more comfortable for all the users.

The technical specifications of the RC30 marine winch are tabulated below – 

Maximum Boat Weight
11,500 lbs.
Vertical Lift Capacity
4,000 lbs. (Single Line)
Pull Capacity
7,500 lbs. (Double Line)
Wiring Harness Rating
60 amps
One Year Limited Warranty
Rope Material
Aircraft-quality, steel wire
Rope Thickness
7/32 inches
Rope Length
40 feet
11.5 inches X 9 inches X 9.5 inches (W x H x D)
36 lbs.
Wireless Remote Controller
Line Speed
8 feet per minute
Power Source
12 V

Warranty / Repairs

Powerwinch offers a one-year limited warranty on the RC30 marine trailer winch.

More information regarding the warranty or claiming process can be found by contacting Powerwinch via their customer support number- 1.800.243.3097.

They have also provided a contact page available here

Help related to the RC30 model can be found here

Customer Review Analysis for Powerwinch RC 30 Wireless Remote Trailer Winch

The customers were pleased with the RC30 winch because the product worked as expected. It has several quality features.

The light that is enclosed in the winch casing is an especially useful feature because it improves nighttime visibility.

The customers used the winch with boats of various sizes, including some models as big as 26 feet, and the winch was able to pull the same with ease.

When subjected to heavy loads, the winch was able to operate noiselessly. The customer service provided was also very prompt.

The winch works precisely as advertised and makes pulling heavy boats very easy. The customers highly recommend it for its performance and affordability.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Powerwinch RC 30 Wireless Remote Trailer Winch are listed below.


  • Wireless control eliminates the need for manual winching
  • The light inside the winch casing helps during nighttime operations
  • Works as advertised
  • A corrosion-resistant zinc-plated finish
  • Capable of pulling as well as hauling
  • Fitted with an emergency crank stowed away in the winch casing


  • Instruction quality could be better


When and Who Should Use

The RC30 winch is exclusively designed for use with marine trailers. The winch should be used by anyone who wants to retrieve a boat or owns a marine trailer and wants to tow any boats that are not working.

It is also capable of lifting objects and not just pulling them, which sets it apart from a lot of other models available in the market today.

Recommended Accessories with Powerwinch RC 30 Wireless Remote Trailer Winch

Some of the accessories that are made available by Powerwinch for the RC30 marine trailer winch are listed along with their purchase links below.

These replacement parts come handy and ensure that the winch life is prolonged as long as possible.

Wiring Harness

Powerwinch P7830201AJ Wiring Harness 60 Amp


Circuit Breaker

Powerwinch P7837300AJ 60 Amp Circuit Breaker


Winch Socket

Powerwinch P7810300AJ Socket



Can the winch be installed with a quick release?

No, the winch can only be installed with two nuts or bolts. For making its quick release, you’d have to jury-rig something.

Does the winch kit include a wiring harness?

Yes, the winch kit comes with the complete wiring harness needed for setup.

Where is the remote receiver located?

The remote receiver is located within the winch housing.

Can an external battery be used instead of my truck battery?

Yes, an external battery can be used instead of your vehicle battery, but care should be taken to keep charging or replacing the battery.

Does the wireless remote controller also facilitate the power-out operation?

The wireless key fob includes buttons for on/off, light, and reeling in. There is no support for powering-out currently.

Can I use my 4 or 7 pin connectors for attaching the winch to my truck battery?

No, the winch should be connected to the battery directly using the wiring provided with the winch kit instead of using different connectors. This is so because the more substantial the weight, the more current will be drawn, and this could damage the connectors.

Can I use a remote controller with this winch?

The winch comes with a wireless remote controller. Alternatively, there is a covered rubber grommet on the backside of the winch. There is a rocker switch that is protected from weather, and it can be used for controlling the winch.

Does the winch have to be reprogrammed every time the winch is powered?

No, the remote does not have to be reprogrammed each time the winch is powered on, but you check for the blinking lights to ensure that the winch is paired with the remote.

Our Recommendation

There are a lot of winches available in the market, but few are explicitly targeted for marine applications. The RC30 winch is a notch above a lot of boat winches because it allows wireless control over its operations.

The other winches that are available expect the user to crank the winch manually, but the RC30 will enable you to retrieve the heaviest of boats at the click of a button.

The winch also features a light inside the casing that allows the user to operate at nighttime as well. Overall, the RC30 is an excellent marine trailer winch as it packs a powerful performance in a compact body and offers reliability at an economical price to its buyers.

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