Warn 91801 PowerPlant 12 Air Compressor and Winch Review


In Brief: Warn 91801 PowerPlant 12 Winch Review

The Warn Powerplant 9.5 winch can outlast several other winches in the market with its more efficient and unique engineering. Where other meeker winches fail, the Powerplant can sustain the ruggedness of the terrain and the harshness of heavy loads to deliver as per your expectations successfully. With the enormous power also comes excellent safety mechanisms that make the winch very safe to use for all. The Powerplant is a smart investment in the power-winching space!

The PowerPlant winch by Warn Industries is no ordinary winch. It is a unique, vehicle-mounted multi-tool that combines the functionalities of a winch and an air compressor in one.

It is available in the 9,500 pounds and the 12,000 pounds variants.

The combination of this Powerplant model has been enhanced further with time by adding some new functionality like a contractor, an air hose, stainless steel fasteners, and a new pressure switch.

With so many new features packed into the winch cum air compressor, there is a technical discussion needed to elaborate on all these specifications and how this product is different, or even possibly better, as compared to the other winches in the market.

In the following sections of this article, we aim to give you all the relevant product information and help you decide whether this product is the one for you.

Key Specifications of Powerplant Warn Winch

Warn 91800 PowerPlant 9.5 Air Compressor and Winch

The notable feature of the Powerplant 9.5 winch is the thermal shutoff feature that is not offered in many other winch models by Warn Industries.

The winch is fitted with the industry-leading three-stage planetary gear system, which has established its reliability and smooth performance over the years.

The winch is protected by an extreme duty sealant that keeps the unnecessary elements out and offers the water resistance needed to operate the winch when exposed to water, mud, rain, etc.

The winch has been fitted with a newer design contractor for better performance upgrades and also a mechanical brake that provides a reasonable amount of control over the winch operations.

The compressor on the winch is fitted with an automatic pressure switch that limits the maximum and minimum pressure limits in the reservoir.

The built-in intercooler is effective in reducing the compressed air pressure.

The entire design of the winch and compressor is covered with a corrosion-resistant finish.

The winch also features a thermometric LED indicator that keeps alerting the user about the winch motor’s temperature.

Check Out the Detailed Specifications in the table below –

Working Load
9,500 lbs.
Mount Type
Vehicle Mounted
4.6 HP, 12 V DC, series wound
Recommended Use
Vehicle Recovery
Electric Control Type
Rope Material
Steel Wire
Rope Dimensions
5/16 in. (Thickness) X 125 ft. (Length)
Gearing Ratio
Gearing System
100 lbs.
Maximum Air Pressure
100 PSI
Freespool Clutch
Roller fairlead
Braking Mechanism
Mechanical Cone
Operation Type
Remote Controller
Handheld Remote Switch
Mounting Bolt Pattern
10 in. X 4.5 in.

Warranty / Repairs

The Warn Powerplant winch model is covered with a limited lifetime warranty. Warn Industries can be contacted for more information via call or email at 800-543-9276 and [email protected], respectively.

You can also get in touch with the local dealers of authentic Warn products via their dealer locator service here>

Customer Review Analysis for Powerplant Warn Winch

The Warn Powerplant 9.5 winch enjoys a superior vote of confidence from all its customers as opposed to other models.

Although the winch is a bit larger than usual, the customers had no issues mounting it to their vehicles. It is a fast and robust model with an auxiliary tank.

The kit includes a wireless remote controller, which is necessary these days for ensuring better safety and winching practices.

Although the users felt that winch might be bulky by looking at the pictures, the actual product is perfectly sized and can be mounted easily.

The model proves to be a great combination of the two tools and finds the right balance to optimize both operations successfully. The winch model is highly recommended by the people who have used it.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Powerplant Warn Winch are listed below.


  • Hose connections and outlets are fitted quick connect couplers
  • High-output, powerful air compressor
  • Feedback mechanisms like thermal shutoff and LED indicators available
  • Offers longer duty cycles
  • Corrosion-resistant finish
  • Unique, two-in-one, air compressor and winch model not available elsewhere in the market


  • Does not include mounting hardware


When and Who Should Use

The uniqueness of the product design by Warn is what drives most customers to buy this winch.

The pulling capacity of this winch is handy in self-recovery and in helping recover other vehicles that have gone off-road while traversing challenging trails.

The winch is available for a reasonable price and offers an additional functionality of an air compressor.

There are no other products in the market that will deliver both these functions at such a cost.

Therefore, if you find yourself on rocky terrains often and need a reliable companion for getting out of tricky spots, the Powerplant 9.5 winch is the one for you.

Recommended Accessories with Powerplant Warn Winch

The best part about this Warn model is that the accessory kit needed for this winch is already designed and made available by Warn Industries.

It is of top quality and consists of quick connect couplers, a 20-feet air hose, attire pressure gauge, dual air chuck, and all of this is made available in a sturdy carry bag.

Some of the winching kits available for Warn winches are listed below.

Epic Medium-Duty Kit

WARN 97565 Medium-Duty Epic Accessory Recovery Kit - Medium


Heavy-Duty Kit

WARN 29460 Heavy Duty Winch Rigging Accessory Kit with Camouflage Storage Bag



What is the line speed of this winch?

The Powerplant 9.5 winch offers a line speed of 5.2 feet per minute at maximum load, which is 9,500 lbs.

What Warn mounting kits will be needed for attaching this winch to the vehicle’s bumper?

The Warn Powerplant winch is compatible with the 75330 mounting kits for attaching it to the front of the vehicle and the 32963 in case you want to wire the winch at the back.

Are replacement parts available for this winch?

Yes, Warn manufactures a lot of winches, and the replacement parts for all their models are made available on their website.

What would be the approximate shipping weight for this winch?

The approximate shipping weight for the winch is 116 pounds.

Our Recommendation

The Warn Powerplant winch, as the name suggests, is a dual functionality packed into one. It provides the buyer with the benefit of a winch as well as an air compressor.

The customers have been overwhelmingly positive about the performance of the winch. The features of the winch are top-notch, and it is backed by the Warn promise of quality and reliability.

Features like an automatic pressure switch, automatic thermal shutoff, superior water resistance, and the like make this winch a good fit for use in all kinds of conditions.

Therefore if you are looking for a good quality winch with additional functionalities like an air compressor, the Powerplant winch is the top pick for you!


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