Motoalliance VIPER 12,000-lb Winch Review


In Brief: Motoalliance VIPER 12,000-lb Winch Review

With the creation of the Viper Recovery 12,000-lb winch, Moto Alliance has created a product that the customers have grown to recognize and trust. The winch can product call itself a part of the Recovery series because it has proved itself to be a useful recovery companion several times with different customers, vehicles, and situations. The search for a rugged, durable, reliable, and affordable winching companion stops with the Viper Recovery 12,000-lb winch!

Moto Alliance is a Minnesota-based manufacturer of winches and related automobile accessories. Their products include winches that are segregated into different lines depending on the features and capacities.

The Moto Alliance winch that we are going to discuss in this article is a part of the Viper Recovery series.

The winches in the Recovery series are rated anywhere between the 8,500-lb and 13,000-lb range. We are going to look at the 12,000-lb model in detail.

It is a standard recovery winch that can be a reliable companion in all kinds of off-roading experiences. The winch is a perfect fit for 4X4s like tow trucks, jeeps, and different types of recovery vehicles.

By the end of this article, you will be familiarized with the technical specifications of this 12,000-lb, the recommended accessories, and the various applications where this model can come handy. Read on to find out more!

Key Specifications of VIPER 12,000-lb Winch

MotoAlliance VIPER Winch 12 VDC 12000lb/5443kg, Integrated Contactor, Wireless Remote, BLACK Rope

The 12,000 pounds of puller power is impressive by any standards. This powerful performance is a result of the high-efficiency permanent magnet motor and the steel gearing system.

The gearing system is made of high-strength metal and is fully sealed for protection against the weather elements.

The winch includes an integrated contractor/solenoid that aids in the performance of the winch.

The wireless and cabled remote controllers are both included so that the user has the option to switch between the two as per convenience.

The wireless remote controller is especially useful because it allows the user to operate the winch while keeping a safe distance from the operations.

The synthetic rope fitted on this winch is made of Dyneema and is a very resilient rope that can stretch and hold loads as heavy as 12,000 pounds without breaking.

Other features of the winch include automatic in-the-drum braking and a sliding ring gear clutch.

The detailed technical specifications of the Viper 12,000-lb winch are tabulated below – 

Working Load
12,000 lbs. (5,443 kg)
12V DC, 5.5HP / 4.0 KW
Sealed permanent magnet
Rope Material
Black Dyneema Synthetic Rope
Rope Dimensions
85 foot (Length) x 3/8 inches (Thickness)
Gearing Ratio
Gearing System
3-Stage Planetary
21.3″ (L) x 6.3″ (D) x 8.6″ (H)
59.5 lbs. (Shipping weight)
Mounting Bolt Pattern
10.0″ x 4.5″
Freespool Clutch
Sliding Ring Gear
Aluminum Hawse
Braking Mechanism
Automatic In-The-Drum
Wireless Remote
Handheld remote
Available, with an 11-feet cord

Warranty / Repairs

There is a one-year limited warranty offered on this Viper 12,000-lb winch by Moto Alliance.

The warranty states that the product will remain free of any electrical defects for one year from the date of purchase, and there will be no defects in the material, workmanship, or mechanical components of the winch for its lifetime.

More information regarding the warranty coverage and claims process can be found by contacting Moto Alliance via call or their contact page at 866.527.7637 and, respectively.

Customer Review Analysis for VIPER 12,000-lb Winch

According to the testimonies of the many customers who have used the Viper 12,000-lb winch, the product is a great tool that is highly dependable and powerful.

It has been rated well on three parameters, which are the ease of installation, the value for money, and the remote control functionality.

Many winches provide wireless control, but several issues hinder the adequate functioning of the same.

The Viper 12,000-lb winch faces no such qualms. Many customers have used the winch for a wide range of applications, and it worked perfectly. The winch installation also proved to be very straightforward.

Overall, the customers were pleased with the quality of the product that they got for paying a very reasonable price.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the VIPER 12,000-lb Winch are listed below.


  • Both wireless and wired controllers are supplied with the winch
  • A high ease of installation
  • Good value for money and great service
  • Works as advertised
  • Excellent, rugged and robust build
  • Recommended by many users


  • Product life could be longer


When and Who Should Use

The 12,000-lb recovery winch should be used by enthusiasts who frequently find themselves in tricky and challenging off-roading situations.

The winch is a perfect go-to tool for getting yourself unstuck and even helping other off-roading vehicles to get back on track.

The high capacity of the winch makes it capable of recovering almost all kinds of vehicles (ATVs, SUVs, rigs, etc.).

Recommended Accessories with VIPER 12,000-lb Winch

There is no shortage of complementary accessories for the Viper 12,000-lb winch.

Moto Alliance has recognized the need for compatibility with a wide range of vehicles, and therefore, you can find an assortment of different mounting plates at:

Mount Dash Switch

MotoAlliance VIPER UTV Winch Flush Mount Dash Switch, Green Backlight


Mini Rocker Handlebar Switch

MotoAlliance VIPER Replacement ATV/UTV Mini Rocker Handlebar Switch - All Winches


Replacement Contractor/Solenoid

MotoAlliance VIPER ATV/UTV Replacement Contactor/Solenoid 1500lb-5000lb Winches


Winch Cover

MotoAlliance VIPER ATV/UTV Winch Cover



Is the 12,000-lb pulling capacity at a single line or with a snatch block?

The single-line pulling capacity of the winch is 12,000 pounds.

When mounting this winch to a trailer, what is the best way to power the winch?

Moto Alliance offers a quick connect wiring harness kit along with the winch, which should be used for connecting the winch to any power supply. These wirings are available in different sizes so that the installation of the winch can be more customized according to your needs.

What is the operating range of the wireless remote controller?

The wireless remote controller can be used within a 50 feet range of the winch.

Can this winch be mounted to a trailer?

Most large trailers have facilities to accommodate a winch. Depending on the kind of trailer you have, you may have to drill holes per the mounting pattern of the Viper 12,000-lb winch.

Can the winch be operated with a 24 V source?

No, the winch motor is rated as 12 V DC and therefore, it is expected that the winch will be connected to the standard vehicle battery rated 12 V DC.

Does the winch have a free spool brake?

No, the winch does not have a free spool brake. The free spooling mechanism is to allow the user to draw out the wire at one’s own pace and not under heavy loads.

Is the winch waterproof?

The winch is adequately sealed against the elements. However, it does not have an official waterproofing rating. Marine and military-grade seals are used for protecting the delicate components of the winch.

Is the winch made in the USA?

The winch is designed and engineered in the USA, but the manufacturing is outsourced to the partners of Moto Alliance abroad.

Does the Viper Recovery 12,000-lb winch require a mounting plate?

This particular model does not require a mounting plate. It can be mounted easily onto any flat surface with compatible bolt patterns.

What is the average amperage of the winch under different loads?

The average current draw of the winch at no load is 31 amps, and at the full capacity of 12,000 pounds is 245 amps.

What is the line speed of the winch at different loads?

At its full capacity, the Viper Recover 12,000-lb winch offers a line speed of 4.4 feet per minute, whereas, at no load, the line speed of the winch is as fast as 21.3 feet per minute.

Our Recommendation

The Viper Recovery winch series is one of the toughest, heavy-duty winch lines in the market today. The products are rugged and offer top of the class performance in the face of extreme loads.

The Viper 12,000-lb winch does not make any false claims about its abilities. The winch is indeed a powerhouse packed with high torque output and an impressive pull that can get you out of almost any kind of a situation.

When you go off-roading, you will want a reliable winch that consistently delivers on the promise of power and quick recovery. With Viper Recovery 12,000-lb, you don’t have to look any further!


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