Mile Marker PE3500 77 53112BW Winch Review


In Brief: Mile Marker PE3500 77 53112BW Winch Review

A PE 3.5 winch is a compact machine that looks deceptively small for the high amount of pulling force it can generate. The winch is ideal for your off-roading adventures and comes as a tremendous help to get you out of sticky situations. The components of the winch are of good quality, and it has been tested for use before being sold in the market. 

With over thirty years of experience in the industry of aftermarket products for 4x4s, Mile Marker Industries offers top of the line products that enjoy a broad audience in the USA and worldwide.

They manufacture hydraulic and electric winches along with related parts and accessories. Their customers are not only off-roading enthusiasts but also the USA military.

Mile Marker Industries have categorized their winches into different segments, and the PE3.5 (ES) is a part of the winch line explicitly developed for ATVs and UTVs.

The ES part of the winch name denotes the synthetic rope used with this model.

By the end of this article, you will be well-versed with the features of this winch. You will be able to decide better if the PE3.5 is appropriate for use and all the necessary information that will help you use this winch better.

Key Specifications of Mile Marker 77 53112bw Winch

Mile Marker PE3500 ATV/UTV/Side-by-Side Electric Winch with Synthetic Rope - 3500 lb. Capacity, Silver (77-53112BW)

The PE3.5 (ES) is fitted with a synthetic rope and has a rated pull capacity of 3,500 lbs. The winch is comparatively lighter because of the synthetic rope, and an aluminum hawse fairlead guides the motion of this rope.

The performance of this winch is possible because of the powerful 2 HP motor, and high quality, all-metal, 2-stage planetary gearing system, and the weatherproof 300-amps solenoid.

The center focused drum houses the rope and brake of the winch.

Safety features like automatic load-holding offered by the braking mechanism make sure that there is no load slippage even in case of power interruptions.

The winch comes with a wired remote controller as well as a handlebar-mounted rocker switch that provides versatility in terms of operating the winch.

The entire winch is submersible and completely waterproof, mudproof, and snowproof, which makes it suitable for a wide range of winching applications.

Check out the features of the Mile Marker PE3.5 winch in a quick video.

Check Out the Detailed Specifications in the table below –

Working Load
3,500 lbs. (1,588 kg) Single Line
2 HP (1.5 kW), 12 V DC
Permanent Magnet Motor
Rope Material
Synthetic Rope
Rope Dimensions
3/16 inch (Thickness) X 50 Feet (Length)
Gearing Ratio
Gearing System
3-Stage Planetary
13.0 inches X 4.1 inches X 4.2 inches
15.9 lbs. (9.4 kg)
Drum Length
3.15 inches
Drum Diameter
1.5 inches
Aluminum Hawse
Braking Mechanism
Automatic Load-Holding
Bolt Pattern
4 Bolt Pattern, 4.88 in. X 3 in.
Handheld remote
Wired Remote, 12 feet lead (3.7 m)
Two Year Limited Warranty

Warranty / Repairs

The manufacturers of the Mile Marker products offer a two-year limited warranty on all their electric winches.

The warranty assures that there will be no mechanical or workmanship defects in the winch for two years from the date of purchase and no electrical faults for one year from the date of purchase.

More information regarding the warranty terms can be found at Mile Marker Industries can be contacted via their contact page at

They can also be contacted via call or email at 1-800-886-8647 and [email protected], respectively.

Customer Review Analysis for Mile Marker 77 53112bw Winch

Like all other Mile Marker products, the PE3.5 (ES) winch also enjoys the customer’s confidence, and this is reflected in their positive reviews of this product.

The winch stands out from the rest in the fact that it can be operated under any number of conditions and even submerged completely without any interruptions in its operations.

The customers were also delighted with the remote controller that can be handheld or mounted on the handlebar.

The increased versatility of use is praised by the users. There are users who can testify to the long life of the winch and its reliability.

Along with excellence in product development, Mile Marker has also focused on providing quality after-sales service. Overall, the winch is a well-backed product in the market.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Mile Marker 77 53112bw winch are listed below.


  • Prompt customer service
  • Works as advertised
  • Can be used in all kinds of weather conditions
  • Long product life
  • Completely submersible and yet functional
  • Replacement parts are readily available
  • Highly recommended by the customers


  • A longer warranty should be provided


When and Who Should Use

The PE3.5 winch is designed to be a part of the Powersports line of the electric winches by Mile Marker. The winch is designed for mounting on any 4X4s and helps in self-recovery during off-roading.

Alternatively, the winch is also capable of recovering other vehicles as long as the weight is within the rated capacity of the winch.

Some of the other winch uses are snowplowing, removing fences, felling trees, moving block of wood, etc. The winch can be used for any pulling jobs as long as the weights are within the limits of the winch.

Recommended Accessories with Mile Marker 77 53112bw Winch

Mile Marker has made the job more comfortable for you to get the accessories that are compatible with the PE3.5 winch.

This recovery kit includes a couple of shackles, a couple of recovery straps, a snatch block, and a pair of recovery gloves, that are all packaged within a durable carrying bag. The same can be purchased at:

Mile Marker ATV UTV Winch Accessory Kit - 19-00105,8


You can also purchase these components separately at the links mentioned below.

Winch Shackle

Mile Marker 60-50158 Orange 5/8' Powder Coated Shackle


Winch Recovery Strap

Mile Marker 3' x 15' Recovery Strap - 19315


Winch Gloves

Mile Marker Black/Orange Heavy Duty Recovery Winch Gloves - 30-19-G2, X-Large



What are the average amperage ratings of the winch at different loads?

The winch draws 43 amps at no load and 160 amps at the full weight of 3,500 pounds.

What are the line speeds of the winch?

At no load, the PE3.5 winch’s line speed is as fast as 19 feet per minute, and at full capacity, the line speed is 9.8 feet per minute.

Does the winch come with a mounting plate?

Yes, a mounting plate is included with the PE3.5 winch, but it would not be specific to the make and model of every vehicle.

Does the PE3.5 winch support free spooling?

Yes, the winch supports free spooling. Be careful to leave sufficient access space for the selector switch while mounting the winch onto your vehicle.

Does the winch connect into an electrical system, or does it need to be connected to a battery?

The winch should be connected to your vehicle’s battery, which is sufficient for powering it.

Does the winch kit include the wiring to hook up to my specific vehicle model?

Yes, the PE3.5 winch comes with all the necessary electrical wiring for hooking up with an ATV, UTV, truck, or Jeep quickly.

Our Recommendation

Our strong recommendation of the PE3.5 (ES) winch relies upon the ample positive customer experiences and testimonies that speak to the effectiveness of this winch model.

The PE3.5 winch has surpassed buyer expectations when it comes to performance and durability.

The winch is an all-weather model that can operate in snow, rain, or mud with ease. The gearing mechanism, solenoid, and motor are all housed within a sturdy, all-steel body that can withstand the test of time as well as heavy loads.

The aircraft-grade wire, well-lubricated bearings, durable aluminum hawse fairlead, automatic brakes, etc. are just a few features of this winch among the many others that make it work smoothly and noiselessly.

If you are looking for a compact powerhouse for your off-roading adventures, the PE3.5 winch is ideal for you!


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