Mile Marker 76-50246BW Truck/Jeep/SUV Electric Winch Review


In Brief: Mile Marker 76 50246bw sec9.5 Winch

The SEC95 winch is a must-have for all the adventure enthusiasts out there who are looking for a trusted companion on a sandy road, a rocky terrain, or a snow-covered path. The all-weather machine is a powerhouse packed in a sleek, compact and completely submersible and aesthetically appealing body. Trusted by the USA military, the SEC95 deserves your vote of confidence for a perfect winching tool!

Mile Marker manufactures winches with a varied range of rated pull capacities. You can find a winch with a pull capacity of 2,500 pounds as well as 18,000 pounds.

The choice of the winch depends on the kind of application you want to use it for, but there is no shortage of options when it comes to Mile Marker.

The SEC95 winch is a part of the electric winch line manufactured for Jeeps, trucks, UTVs, ATVs, and other 4X4s. The line was developed as an alternative to their traditional hydraulic winch line.

The SEC95 winch offers faster line speeds and better features as compared to many competitive winches owing to Mile Marker’s focus on creating the best products for their customers.

In the following sections of this article, we will elaborate on the features of the SEC95 winch and also provide information regarding the recommended use of this winch, warranty information, compatible accessories, etc.

Key Specifications of Mile Marker 76 50246bw sec9.5 Winch

Mile Marker 76-50246BW SEC9.5(ES) Truck/Jeep/SUV Element Sealed Electric Winch - 9,500 lb. Capacity, 1 Pack, Steel Cable

The SEC95 winch has a rated pull capacity of 9,500 pounds. The impressive pull is generated with the help of a 4.8 HP series wound motor that can be operated with 12 V or 24 V DC power source.

The operations are also supported by a rugged three-stage planetary gearing system.

The clockable gear housing boasts of a gear ratio of 212:1. The winch also houses a powerful and completely submersible 400-amps solenoid.

The winch body makes use of corrosion-resistant steel fasteners that help in ensuring the product has a long life despite exposure to weather elements.

The automatic load-holding capacity of the SEC95 winch is particularly crucial given the hefty loads that are being handled.

Even in case of any power interruptions, the braking mechanism will kick in and prevent the load from slippage.

The winch is entirely waterproof. It can be operated with the help of a wired remote controller, which helps put a safe distance between the winch operator and the winch itself.

The remote allows the user to power-in and power-out the cable with ease.

Some of the other specifications are detailed in the table below –

Working Load
9,500 lbs. (4,309 kg) Single Line
4.8 HP (3.6 kW)
12/24 V DC
Series Wound Motor
Rope Material
Steel Wire
Rope Dimensions
3/8 inch (Thickness) X 100 Feet (Length)
Gearing Ratio
Gearing System
3-Stage Planetary
22.25 inches X 6.25 inches X 8 inches
92 lbs. (42 kg)
Drum Length
9 inches
Drum Diameter
2 inches
Braking Mechanism
Automatic Load-Holding
Bolt Pattern
4 Bolt Pattern, 4.5 in. X 10 in.
Handheld remote
Wired Remote, 12 feet lead (3.7 m)
Two Year Limited Warranty

Warranty / Repairs

The Mile Marker warranty for electric winches provides a two-year limited cover for the SEC95 winch, provided it is strictly used only for recreational purposes.

The warranty states that the winch will remain free of any mechanical or workmanship defects for two years from the date of purchase.

Also, it will remain free of any electrical defects for one year from the date of purchase.

In case of any defects, the repairs or replacement for the winch will be done free of cost by Mile Marker.

More information can be sought by reaching out to the company via call or email at 1800-886-8647 and [email protected], respectively.

Customer Review Analysis for Mile Marker 76 50246bw Winch

The customers were delighted with the SEC95 winch that is suitable for all-weather winching.

The completely sealed and waterproofed design of the winch allows the customers to make use of the winch in a wide range of situations where lesser winches may falter.

Some of the features that are particularly popular with the audience are the longer duty cycles, clockable gear housing, multi-mount submersible solenoid, automatic braking system, rugged construction, and faster line speeds.

The customer service offered by Mile Marker also helped the customers in getting their issues resolved speedily.

Overall, the customers were happy with the host of premium grade features that the SEC95 was able to offer them without failing at a pocket-friendly price.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Mile Marker 76 50246bw sec9.5 winch are listed below.


  • Corrosion-resistant, expedition-grade construction
  • Strong, stainless steel, rugged construction of gearing system
  • Completely submersible, powerful solenoid which maximizes duty cycle
  • Extreme sealing against weather elements, IP68 rating
  • Military-grade connectors
  • Can sustain aggressive off-roading adventures with ease
  • Good customer support
  • Excellent value for money


  • Wireless control has to be purchased separately


When and Who Should Use

The SEC95 winch is specially designed for coping with the rugged terrains and unpredictable conditions that may arise in off-roading.

The powerful motor and completely submersible winch body are designed to optimize the use of the winch in all-weather conditions. It can be used with Jeeps, ATVs, and UTVs for self-recovery.

The winch can also be used for recovering other stuck vehicles. The 9,500 pounds of pulling power can be used for lugging around loads, snowplowing, recovering boats, etc. and a lot more.

Recommended Accessories with Mile Marker 76 50246bw sec9.5 Winch

As mentioned by the manufacturers, the winch can easily be converted to wireless control, and Mile Marker provides a wireless system with a simple ‘plug and play’ setup that will allow you to control the winch wirelessly from a distance.

This wireless system can be purchased here

Although the winch is entirely weatherproof, when it is not in use, the winch should be kept covered. This will help to prolong the life of the winch. A Mile Marker winch cover for the same can be found at amazon here>


Can the solenoid box be mounted remotely or rotated to the front?

Yes, the control box can be mounted remotely, to the side, at the top, or in any configuration, given the disintegrated design of the winch. The support service provided by Mile Marker could help you with any queries regarding installation.

What fuse should I use with the SEC95 winch?

At maximum load, the current drawn by the SEC95 winch is 375 amps. So any fuse in that range would be suitable for use when the winch is being operated.

Does the winch work with a synthetic rope?

Yes, the winch can be operated with a synthetic rope, and Mile Marker sells a different model that comes pre-installed with synthetic rope.

Can the winch be operated with wireless control?

Yes, the Mile Marker manufacturers provide a complete wireless control system that can simply be plugged into the solenoid control box to operate the winch wirelessly.

What is the overall height of the SEC95 winch on removing the contractor box?

The height of the winch from the base to the highest point would be 8.5 inches.

Is the winch made in the USA?

No, the winch is assembled in the USA, but the parts are manufactured in China, Taiwan, and other countries but are held to the highest standards.

What are the line speeds of the SEC95 winch?

At no load and the maximum load of 9,500 pounds, the line speeds of SEC95 winch are 25.7 feet per minute and 4.3 feet per minute, respectively.

What is the average current draw of the SEC95 winch at different loads?

At no load, the SEC95 winch draws a current of 85 amps, and at the full capacity of 9,500 pounds, the SEC95 winch pulls 375 amps of current.

Our Recommendation

The best part about the SEC95 Mile Marker winch is the fact that it is equipped with military-grade connectors. It is the preferred winch by even the USA military and enjoys a broad customer base.

The winch boasts of rugged construction that can sustain the most challenging off-roading trails and be the trusted companion that will help you self-recover.

The comprehensive guide will make the installation process more comfortable. The replacement parts are available with ease, and the customer service is very prompt in helping the customers out with all kinds of issues.

With all these reasons in mind, the SEC95 gets a strong recommendation from us.


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