Master Lock 2955AT Portable ATV Winch Review


In Brief: Master Lock 2955AT Portable ATV Winch Review

With the 2955AT model, the Master Lock manufacturers have made available a quality, light-duty winch at extremely affordable prices to the public. The winch works exceptionally well for its compactness and lightness. The powerful motor and gearing housed inside the winch body lend it the excellent torque output and consistency in performance. 

Although Master Lock is primarily known for its security products, they also manufacture electric winches. The winches are a part of the ‘Home and Personal’ segment of their varied offerings.

People rely on Master Lock products for their vast experience, and this electric winch is no different.

The winch model that we will discuss in this article is designed specifically for use with ATVs. We will elaborate on the technical specifications of this winch.

We will also provide additional information like recommended accessories for the winch, warranty information and when & who should use this winch.

Read on to find out more about the 2955AT winch model, and it will help you better understand if this product is a good fit for your needs.

Key Specifications of Master Lock 2955AT Portable ATV Winch

Master Lock 2955AT 1500lb Portable ATV Winch

This electric winch by Master Lock offers a rated pull capacity of 1,500 pounds with the help of the powerful motor and the robust planetary gear train system that drives high torque and radial load capacity.

The winch design is compact so that it can be fitted on different kinds of vehicles where the installation space might be a restriction.

The winch is designed for permanent mounting and comes with all the needed hardware.

Apart from the usual components needed for getting the winch operational, the kit also includes a hand-saver strap and a hook with a safety latch.

The winch is fitted with a strong, galvanized, corrosion-resistant steel cable that supports the winch’s pulling efforts.

The following table elaborates on the technical specifications of this winch model.

Working Load
1,500 lbs.
12 V DC
Rope Material
Galvanized steel cable
Rope Dimensions
35 ft. (34 ft. working length) X 5/32 inches
Gearing System
Planetary Gearing
Dimensions4.5 inches (H) x 4.3 inches (D) x 13.2 inches (L)
13.7 lbs.
Line Speed
6.4 feet per minute at no load

Warranty / Repairs

The warranty information regarding the 2955AT model can be sought by contacting Master Lock via their customer service number at 800-464-2088.

They have also provided a contact form that is available at

Customer Review Analysis for Master Lock 2955AT 1500lb Portable ATV Winch

The customers have found the winch to be a great tool that offers an excellent winching experience at minimal costs. This winch is a well-made tool that pulls loads as advertised. It was effortless to mount the winch to the vehicle.

It also has good aesthetic design and a well-made body, which makes it a good fit for most ATVs.

The customers were not expecting any stellar line speeds, but the winch performed decently in a wide range of tasks. Overall, the winch is an excellent product for anyone who needs to get some winching occasionally done.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Master Lock 2955AT 1500lb Portable ATV Winch are listed below.


  • Good brand reputation
  • Compact and lightweight design that can be accommodated anywhere
  • Kit includes a safety hook and a hand saver strap
  • Works with a 3-position remote control with a long 42-inch lead
  • Delivers high torque and works as advertised
  • Excellent value for money


  • Product life could be a little longer


When and Who Should Use

The 1,500 pounds pulling capacity of the Master Lock winch makes it suitable for small winching jobs around the house.

It can be used for hauling an elk, moving around small equipment, pulling a load up a ramp, and a lot more. Care should be taken that all the weights are under the 1,500-lb capacity of the winch.

Recommended Accessories with Master Lock 2955AT 1500lb Portable ATV Winch

In case any component of the Master Lock winch ever breaks down and needs replacement, the Master Lock manufacturers provide the replacement parts. These can be bought by getting in touch with the company directly.

Apart from these, there are a few accessories that can be used with this ATV winch. For example, a tow strap can be used for added strength and durability.

A good quality tow strap with forged hooks by Master Lock can be purchased at Amazon here>


Does this Master Lock winch have a manual clutch? Will the winch be able to hold loads under high tension?

Yes, this winch model is fitted with a manual clutch, and it is capable of carrying loads under high tension.

Is there any universal mounting plate? Or can I weld it to my vehicle?

There is a mounting plate with standard bolt patterns to allow mounting the winch to the vehicle. Welding is probably not a good alternative.

Does the winch have a power-out option, or do I have to pull out the cable manually?

The winch has both forward and reverse options available. You can also pull the wire out manually.

Is the winch waterproof?

No, the manufacturers have not explicitly stated that the winch is waterproof. Some customers who have used the winch in different kinds of environments feel that it is water-resistant to some extent.

What is the average current draw of this winch at different loads?

At the heaviest load of 1,500 pounds, this Master Lock winch has an average current draw of 27 amps, whereas, at lighter weights of around 560 lbs., the average current draw is 10.3 amps.

What is the duty cycle of the Master Lock 2955AT winch?

When the winch is being used with lighter loads of around 250 pounds, the winch can be operated for 2.5 minutes at one stretch and then requires a 2 minute cool down period before resuming operations. 
At the heaviest loads of 1,500 pounds, the winch can be operated for 2.5 minutes and requires a break of 8 minutes before restarting the next cycle.

Our Recommendation

The Master Lock brand has been a long-standing, well-trusted company for many products. This electric winch is no different.

With 1,500 pounds of rated pull capacity, this winch is practically one of the most reliable lightweight winches in the market today. 

Components like a powerful motor, a smooth planetary gear train system, a galvanized steel cable, and the remote controller with a long lead ensure that the winch can be operated safely from a distance.

It has the capability of offering the high radial capacity and torque needed for getting your daily winching jobs done with ease.

Priced economically, we would most assuredly recommend this Master Lock winch to anyone looking for a light-duty winch.


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