Makita 5012B Commercial-Grade Electric Chainsaw Review


In Brief: Review of Makita 5012B Chainsaw Review

The 5012B by Makita is a commercial-line electric chainsaw. An 11-5-amp motor drives the cutting chain to deliver up to a whopping 91.66 FPM cutting speed. For its size and price category, the 11-3/4-inch 5012B is right up there with the best of them.

Makita is well-known for producing and distributing some of the best-performing power tools to all corners of the globe. Established more than a century ago, this Tokyo-based conglomerate knows a thing or two about quality.

Today, we’re looking at Makita’s 5012B, a commercial-grade electric chainsaw designed to tackle the toughest sawing tasks.

As one of the best small chainsaws available, you can bet this chainsaw will cover your limbing, trimming, and felling needs.

Key Specifications of Makita 5012B

Makita 5012B 11-3/4' Electric Chain Saw

Generally, electric chainsaws are nowhere near as powerful as gas-guzzling models, but the 5012B raises the standard for corded-electric chainsaws everywhere.

Sporting an ample 11.5-amp motor, the 5012B cuts at a rate of 91.66 feet per second. With this much speed in your hands, felling thick trees with the 11-3/4-inch bar is not just easy but also quick.

A specialized sprocket located inside of the chain keeps it running smoothly along the bar’s edge.

Add a lubricant to the formula, and you’ve got yourself a powerful chainsaw built to handle commercial-grade tasks, let alone simple yard chores.

Let TexReviews on YouTube show you what you get with the 5012B kit:


The table below summarizes the 5012B’s key specifications:

Powered Source
Power (amp)
11.5 A
Runtime (minutes)
Bar Length (inches)
Weight (lbs.)
9.5 lbs.
Noise (dB)
Warranty (months)
User ManualCheck Manual
Oil Tank Capacity (pints)
Chain Speed (feet/second)91.66

Unique Features

Let’s move onto the unique features found in the Makita 5012B.

Manual Oiling System

Unique, in a sense, yes. Convenient, that depends. Nowadays, you’ll find chainsaws with auto-oiling systems that drop tiny amounts of bar oil onto the chain. The 5012B, on the other hand, requires operators to push a button to do so.

The advantage of this system is that users have control over how much or little bar oil to apply. When cutting through thick logs and trunks, you’ll need more bar oil than most auto-oiling systems can provide.

The downside is that you need to remember to push the oiling button; otherwise, you’re putting the cutting chain at risk of snapping.

Cord-Retaining Hook

The 5012B comes with a handy cord-retaining hook where the extension cord loops around. The hook prevents the cord from becoming unplugged while moving around.

Just remember to give the cable enough slack, or it might end up unplugging from the power outlet.


Performance, Design, and Safety

This section will describe the 5012B’s performance, design, and safety features.


One area where the 5012B stands out among the vast sea of corded-electric chainsaws is its high cutting speed. Sawing more than 90 feet per second, you can bet that the 5012B does quick work out of felling trees.

Its astronomical cutting speed combined with the 11-3/4-inch bar and cutting chain, the 5012B slices through 10-inch trunks and limbs with ease.

All you need is a portable generator, and you can take the 5012B with you to the middle of forests.


The 5012B weighs just 9.5 pounds, making it one of the lightest corded-electric chainsaws ever. Makita was able to achieve this feat by making the outer casing almost entirely out of polycarbonate plastic.

However, there’s no cheap feel to the 5012B. The housing will protect the delicate inner components for many, many years.


Overall, the 5012B is a safe tool to use, despite a lack of safety features. The 5012B comes with a low-kickback bar and chain, a throttle lock button, and handguards in the front and rear.

Whenever operating a chainsaw, always take the necessary precautions to avoid nasty and potentially disfiguring mistakes.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Let’s take a moment to discuss how easy it is to maintain the 5012B and what sort of warranty coverage Makita provides.

Ease of Maintenance and Repairs

As an electric chainsaw, the 5012B is pretty low-maintenance. The auto-shutoff keeps the electric motor in optimal shape far beyond the warranty coverage period.

Essentially, the only actual maintenance is tightening the cutting chain and adding lube into the bar oil reservoir. To tighten the chain, use a socket wrench to loosen the nuts keeping the guide bar in place.

Then, with a screwdriver, turn the tensioning screw on the powerhousing next to the guide bar. The socket wrench and screw come with the 5012B.


Seeing as how the 5012B is for commercial purposes, we understand why its warranty is limited to only 12 months. It will undergo a lot of wear and tear in its short coverage period. Users should be able to spot defects immediately.

If you have any questions regarding the 5012B or warranty policies, you can contact the Makita help hotline at 1-800-462-5482.


Price of Makita 5012B

We’ll tell you right off the bat that the Makita 5012B is one of the priciest corded-electric chainsaws available. If you have the actual need to fell dozens of trees a day, spending this much on the 5012B is wholly justified.

After all, it is a commercial-grade chainsaw.

To the homeowners and infrequent users, we recommend looking at other models. Perhaps the Earthwise CS30116 would be a better fit.


Who Should Buy Makita 5012B?

As stated throughout this review, the Makita 5120B is a heavy-duty chainsaw built for commercial purposes. The only way we view this as a valuable tool is if you plan on using it to earn something back.

In addition to its price tag, the 5012B’s tremendous motor and cutting speeds are definite overkill for straightforward trimming and limbing projects.

Why We Like It

Power and speed sum up what the Makita 5012B is all about. For first-time users, it might be too fast, and the touch-sensitive trigger will almost immediately rev the motor to its highest speed.

Also, the 5012’s price certainly fits the bill to be a commercial-line chainsaw. Performance and convenience don’t come cheap.



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