Maasdam A-100 Pow’R Pull Cable Puller Review


In Brief: Maasdam A-100 Pow’R Pull Cable Puller Review

Maasdam Pow’R Pull has been in the business of winch making for over 60 years now. The A-100 model is one of the most popular manual winches in the market today. The winch proves itself to be useful time and again for a wide range of domestic winching needs. With the company’s reputation, customer testimonies, and quality components in its corner, the A-100 winch is a must-buy for all entry-level enthusiasts!

Maasdam Pow’R Pull is one of the leading manufacturers of different kinds of manual winches. You can choose between cable pullers, rope pullers, and strap pullers.

There are four different models of rope pullers to choose from, and the capacity of all these rope pullers is the same, ¾ ton or 1,500 pounds. The difference lies in the length of the rope fitted on the rope puller.

The model that we are going to explore in this article is the A-100 rope puller, which is fitted with a 100 feet long rope. The other variants available in the market are 20 feet, 50 feet, or just the frame without any cable.

By the end of this article, you will be familiarized with the features of the A-100 rope puller by Maasdam Pow’R Pull.

Related information like compatible accessories, recommended use, and warranty information is also provided to help you with your purchase decision!

Key Specifications of Maasdam Pow’R Pull A-100

Maasdam Pow'R Pull A-100 3/4 Ton Capacitty Rope Puller with 100' of 1/2' dia. Rope

This powerful manual winch may look deceptively sleek. Still, the robust construction and smartly engineered design ensure that even the most massive loads are met with strength and perseverance by the A-100 winch.

The winch offers a notch at a time letdown for heavy loads giving more control over the heavyweights when needed.

The 100 feet rope fitted on the winch is ½ inch in thickness and made of Dacron polyester rope. The cable is highway approved, wear-resistant, and comes in the twisted or braided form for added strength.

The end of the cable is fitted with durable hooks. These hooks feature OSHA-recommended safety latches.

The winch handle is coated with a PVC layer that makes the handle resistant to harsh weather conditions. The non-slip grip is designed to aid the user while operating the winch and reduce hand fatigue.

The specifications of the A-100 cable puller are tabulated below –

Working Load
¾ Ton or 1,500 lbs.
14.31 lbs.
Rope Material
Twisted or Braided Dacron Polyester Rope
Rope Dimensions
100 ft. (Length) X ½ inch (Thickness)
Leverage Ratio

Check out how to best use a rope puller like the A-100 model by Maasdam Pow’R Pull in a quick video at:


Warranty / Repairs

All the products by Maasdam Pow’R Pull, including the A-100 model, are backed by a full lifetime warranty.

They take pride in their premium quality offerings and, therefore, are sure that provided the winch is used within the stated capacity, it will last for a long time without any defects or flaws in materials or workmanship.

Should any problems arise, you can get in touch with the manufacturers via call or their contact page at 888.797.7855 and, respectively.

Customer Review Analysis for Maasdam Pow’R Pull A-100

It doesn’t take more than a brief look at the hundreds of customer testimonies to decipher the kind of appreciation that the customers have for the A-100 model. The product has a straightforward design and is extremely easy to use.

The customers faced no problems whatsoever in hooking up the winch to the loads and get it running.

Another factor that plays a significant role in the popularity of the A-100 winch is the sturdiness of the winch.

Customers have used the winch for felling trees, pulling out stumps, roll along with a heavy load, and were able to do so single-handedly with ease.

The customers were also happy with the price of the winch and the fantastic warranty terms that assure them of the winch’s rugged build and reliability.

Overall, there are only positive things that the customers have to say about the A-100 winch model.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Maasdam Pow’R Pull A-100 are listed below.


  • Ergonomic, PVC-coated, handgrip for smoother operations
  • Able to handle heavy loads with ease
  • Good value for money
  • A high ease of installation and use
  • Sturdy and rugged construction
  • Excellent terms of the warranty
  • Longer rope length for better reach


  • Some customers felt that the rope slips a bit during use


When and Who Should Use

The use of the A-100 rope winch can be found in a wide range of applications. The most common use for the winch has been in felling trees, removing the fallen trees and cleaning up the debris.

Customers can also use it for moving boats and trailers, transporting furniture as well as securing materials to a truck.

The winch can be used for any of these small tasks that involve rolling or pulling loads and are under 1,500 pounds weight.

Recommended Accessories with Maasdam Pow’R Pull A-100

Some of the accessories that are made available by Maasdam Pow’R Pull for the A-100 model are the handle replacement kit and a rope puller replacement kit. The same can be purchased at the links mentioned below.

Handle Assembly Replacement Kit

Rope Puller Replacement Kit


What is the weight rating of the Dacron polyester rope fitted on the A-100 winch?

Although the winch rating is 1,500 pounds, the rated pull capacity of the Dacron rope fitted on the winch is 4,818 pounds. However, the manufacturers discourage loading up the winch with loads more than 1,500 pounds to ensure the integrity of the winch structure does not get compromised.

How much rope is taken up with each stroke of this winch’s handle?

The length of the rope consumed with each stroke of the winch handle depends on the leverage ratio and, more importantly, on the load that the winch is supposed to pull. The A-100 model offers a leverage ratio of 10:1, and customers have had varied experiences with different capacities. With each stroke for towing a car, the rope consumed was a little more than 1.5 inches, whereas, for lighter loads at 500 pounds or so, the cable moved by a foot.

Is the puller included with the winch rope?

You can either purchase the A-100 model where the puller and rope are both included or buy both the components separately.

Can I use a rope with smaller dimensions of the A-100 winch?

The rope catching device on the winch body is a fixed V-groove with notches. A rope with a smaller diameter could potentially touch the groove’s bottom and slip when heavier loads are involved. Therefore it is best to use a ½ inch thick rope.

Does the winch offer the same control for lowering as well as lifting? Should I use this only for pulls?

The lowering process is prolonged, and the release mechanism of the winch ensures that the load is lowered one notch at a time. When the weights are more substantial, the rope may slip by a couple of notches. Care has to be taken for the same.

Our Recommendation

We strongly recommend any product that offers the promise of durability, consistency, and reliability and can provide the customers exactly that.

With an in-depth analysis of the customer sentiments regarding the A-100 model of rope pullers, it is clear to us that the customers have widely enjoyed using the product and confidently vouch for its authenticity.

The company has offered desirable warranty terms to the people giving them further assurance regarding the quality of this winch.

All of this is available at a very reasonable price, and therefore it gives us multiple reasons to recommend this product to all our readers!


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