Husqvarna 240 2-HP Gas Chainsaw Review


In Brief: Husqvarna 240 2-HP Chainsaw Review

The Husqvarna 240 is a 2-HP, entry-level chainsaw for minor cutting jobs. The only bar length options are 13 and 16 inches, which can be quite limiting, but for infrequent use, it serves its purpose exceptionally well.

Established in 1689, the company evolved from being a firearms manufacturer into a dominant force in the outdoor power tools industry.

Today, they distribute their power tool to all corners of the planet.

Today, we’re here to tell you about the Husqvarna 240, a gas-powered, 2-HP chainsaw that’s as pleasing in looks as it is in performance.

Fair warning: as a homeowner chainsaw, it’s not the correct tool for heavy-duty tree felling, so don’t expect to get too much work out of this tool.

Key Specifications of Husqvarna 240 2-HP Chainsaw

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First and foremost, the 240 is a gas-powered chainsaw, meaning that it offers ultimate portability for use in the middle of the woods.

As long as you have a canister of ethanol-free fuel mix on hand, your 240 will never run out of power.

The bar, or what is typically known as the blade, can either be 14 or 16 inches long, depending on which version of the 240 you get.

Stubbier than most, it won’t cut through thick oak trunks easily, but for thin branches and rough lumber dimensioning, this tool is a good fit.

The promotional video by Husqvarna will tell you in an English accent what the 240 is all about:


This table a summary of the 240’s key specifications:

Powered Source
Power (cc)
Runtime (minutes)N/A
Bar Length (inches)
14 to 16
3,000 to 9,000
Weight (lbs.)
Noise (dB)
Warranty (months)24
Oil Pump Capacity (pints)
Chain Speed (feet/second)
Up to 20.7

Unique Features

After learning about what the chainsaw has in store, let’s see what unique features Husqvarna installed into every 240.

X-Torq Engine

As is typical of any chainsaw belonging to the Husqvarna family, the 240 comes equipped with none other than the emission-reducing X-Torq Engine.

Despite being a combustion engine, this machine keeps fuel consumption at a bare minimum to reduce its carbon footprint by a significant amount.

Air Injection

An air filter inside of the 240 serves to protect the engine from harmful particles that can accelerate deterioration.

With an air injection system, the 240 keeps large debris out of the machine, reducing the workload while increasing the longevity of the air filter, which in turn maintains maximum engine health.

Low Vib System

By opening the top and bottom covers, users will find two springs that dampen vibrations that would otherwise lead to muscle cramping and imprecise cutting.


Performance, Design, and Safety

Now let’s take a look at how well the tool performs, how well its design is, and how safe the 240 is.


The 240 performs well in cutting small branches, twigs, and other thin objects. This tool isn’t something a pro lumberjack would take to the forest, but for general-purpose pruning and trimming, it is more than sufficient.

With that in mind, we understand why some users would find this tool to be underwhelming, especially if the goal is to fell large trees for prepping firewood.


The 240 could have been designed better to make tightening the chain easier.

The instructions say to turn a wheel that’s accessible only by loosening the bar cover, but a tiny stub in the tightening system can keep the chain from proper alignment.


Speaking of which, in the right hands, this tool is as safe as the best of them.

The palm release button ensures that the chain link doesn’t pick up speed unless your hand is wrapped comfortably around the handle, the bucking spikes allow the bar to penetrate logs at almost the entire length of the bar, and the air injection system keeps large chips out of the engine to prevent burnout.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Gas chainsaws are notorious for experiencing frequent maintenance issues, which is why you need to know how to maintain your 240 and what coverage Husqvarna provides.

Ease of Maintenance and Repairs

Parts of the 240 that require frequent examining are the chain link, air filter, oil pump, and brake line. After filling the tank with a non-ethanol fuel mix, give the tool’s exterior a quick look over to see what needs to be tuned.

A quick example is by checking how much slack is in the chain. You can consult the owner’s manual available online on the company’s product page, but the chain tightening system does take some getting used to.


The warranty is no different from other chainsaws in the Husqvarna family.

You’ll get a two-year warranty that covers diagnosing the tool and repairing and replacing defective parts. As long as you haven’t modified the tool in any way, the warranty should remain valid.

Any questions regarding the warranty and the owner’s rights can be directed to the nearest authorized seller, by calling the company at 1-800-487-5951, or by visiting their website at

Price of Husqvarna 240 2-HP Chainsaw

The 240 is an entry-level chainsaw with the price tag to match. Depending on where you purchase it, the 240 can save you a considerable amount of money compared to much of its 14- and 16-inch competition.


Who Should Buy Husqvarna 240 2-HP Chainsaw?

The 240 covers all of the basics that should satisfy the needs of now-and-again DIY-ers and homeowners.

Regardless of the size of your lawn, the number of trees on your property, and the unruliness of hedges, the short bar options, and high-speed cutting performance are perfect for small cutting tasks.

Even then, comparable chainsaws on the market outclass the 240 by a wide margin. For instance, the all-around 460 by Husqvarna is more robust, more versatile, and more enjoyable to use.

Why We Like It

The 240 by Husqvarna is a decent entry-level chainsaw for basic lawn care and light cutting tasks. It’s one of the most affordable 14- to 16-inch chainsaws out there.

Tightening the chain can be a bit tricky, but after you get the hang of it, you’ll get a ton of joy out of this 2-HP beast.


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