Husky Air Compressor Reviews


Husky’s line of pneumatic tools, hand tools, and storage products was introduced in 1924 and are best known for being the house brand of Home Depot.

Husky products were initially manufactured in the United States but are now largely made in China and Taiwan.

Husky air compressors come in a variety of capacities and have multiple applications both at home and on the job site.

This can make it very difficult for you to choose one best suited to your needs.

To ease your troubles, this article will try to summarise the key features and specifications of said products to allow you to make an informed decision.

Husky Air Compressor Reviews

Husky air compressors can be used for home improvement works as well as heavy-duty jobs, depending on product type and specifications.

Listed below is a tabular overview of the products with their key features:

Model NoCapacity

Still, confused? If yes, you can scroll down to see more details of the aforementioned products to make the process of investing in a Husky air compressor even easier.

We have divided the products into ranges on the basis of capacity in gallons to make for a smoother analysis.

Air CompressorsCapacity – 1 to 20 gallons

We are now going to look at products that have tanks with capacities under 20 gallons in little more detail.

Model C041H

Model C041H gives a power output of 1.7HP, weighs 55 pounds and has a capacity of 4 gallons. It has a maximum PSI of 225.

The tank holds 3 times more air than a 125 PSI 4 gallon tank. It has a soft start motor for easy extension cord use and the product is ideal for contractor crews.

It has a ¼ turn ball valve for easy tank draining and starts in temperatures as low as negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also has a roll cage and control panel for the protection of vital parts, cord wrap for convenient storage and an oil-free pump for easy maintenance.

It is backed by Husky’s limited 3-year warranty.


Model 3320445

Model 3320445 has a capacity of 4.5 gallons and weighs 71 pounds while giving an output of 1.3 HP and a maximum PSI of 175.

It has a 4 pole induction motor for longer life and 2 quick couplers to allow the simultaneous working of two tools.

It is quiet in operation, has an oil-free low maintenance pump and an integrated metal control panel for easy use.

It is ideal for inflation jobs in the household including bicycle tires and pool toys. It can also be used for tools like brad and finish nailers.

This product also comes with Husky’s warranty.


Model 300816

Model 300816 is a hotdog shaped air compressor with a capacity of 8 gallons which weighs 61 pounds, has a power output of 1.8 HP and a maximum PSI of 150.

It is ideal for inflating ball tires, car tires and air mattresses at home. It is a portable, oil-free electric air compressor that can be moved around very easily.

The fully shrouded motor has a long life and is very quiet in operation.

Moreover, the oil-free pump is easy to maintain. It comes with one quick coupler for easy air hose attachment.

The removable handle makes it very easy to store in tight spaces.


Model C201H

Model C201H has a capacity of 20 gallons and gives a power output of 1.3 HP. It weighs 73 pounds and has a maximum PSI of 175.

The PSI guarantees longer run times for air tools and the product operates on low noise levels.

The pump and motor are fully shrouded for protection and the compressor is also highly portable around the shop or garage.

It can be used for automotive applications and medium-duty spray painting jobs as well. It can also be used for hobby painting and finishing nailing/stapling.

The oil-free pump allows for spray painting without the need for oil separators. It also comes with Husky’s warranty.


Air Compressors Capacity – 30 to 60 gallons

We can now also look at products with capacities ranging from 30 to 60 gallons in a little more detail.

Model C303H

Model C303H has a capacity of 30 gallons, maximum pressure of 175 PSI and a power output of 1.7 HP.

It weighs 105 pounds and it has dual quick connections which make it easy to switch between tools and applications. It is well suited to spray painting and automotive applications.

The product does not require an oil separator for painting projects as the electric pump is oil-free.

It also has a high flow regulator to provide uniform airflow to your tools.

The tank is ASME certified for safety and the vertical design makes it easy to store.

This product comes with a limited warranty of 2 years.


Model C302H

Model C302H weighs 148 pounds, has a maximum PSI of 155 and gives a power output of 1.6 HP.

The tank is 30 gallons in capacity and the v-twin cylinder is made out of cast iron.

The oil-lubricated pump comes with a cast iron crankcase and a thermally stable body.

The valve plate is also made out of cast iron.

The reed valve is made of stainless steel and the compressor has a heavy-duty induction motor for maximum efficiency.

It is good for hobby painting, bolting and fasting and medium-duty roofing projects. It is also very quiet in operation and comes with several easy use features.

Pneumatic wheels make the product highly portable across surfaces.


Model C602H

Model C602H has a tank capacity of 60 gallons and weighs 208 pounds with a maximum pressure of 155 PSI and a power output of 3.7 HP.

It has a cast iron, oil-lubricated pump. It is ideal for operating tools like ratchets, hammers, impacts and spray guns.

It works on synthetic oil for optimum use and durability. The high capacity tank runs tools for longer and is also ASME certified for safety.

It, however, does not come with a power cord and needs to be connected to a 230 Volt; 60Hz AC only power supply.


Model VT6314

Model VT6314 has a capacity of 60 gallons, a power output of 3.7 HP. It weighs 255 pounds and has a maximum pressure of 135 PSI.

It has a solid cast iron, twin cylinder compression pump for maximum durability.

The space-saving vertical design makes it ideal for storage in and portability around the home, garage or workspace.

The induction motor is capable of powering multiple power tools. The oil-lubricated pump provides largely noiseless operation.

The tank is made of steel and is also durable.

It has a changeable automotive-style air filter, the protective belt guarantees safety and the oversized gauges are easy to read.


Air Compressors Capacity over 60 gallons

Now, we can take a look at air compressors with capacities higher than 60 gallons in a little more detail.

Model C801H

Model C801H has a capacity of 80 gallons and weighs 310 pounds. It has a power output of 4.7 HP and a maximum pressure of 155 PSI.

It has an oil-lubricated pump with 3 cast iron cylinders, a cast iron crankcase, and a cast iron flywheel.

It has Swedish stainless steel valves and an oil level window for durability and easy maintenance.

Graphite gaskets provide for reliable and long-lasting seals. The induction motor also has a long life.

The graphite gaskets also provide for lower torque loss compared to paper gaskets and are also more resistant to high temperatures.

Wired formed belt guard provides more efficient cooling. The intake filter has silencers and works on synthetic oil for longevity.


Model HS5181

Model HS5181 is a two-stage air compressor with a capacity of 80 gallons which weighs 458 pounds and has a maximum pressure of 175 PSI with a power output of 5 HP. It has a solid cast iron oil-lubricated pump for maximum durability.

The tank is ASME certified and can store more power it is also made of strong steel.

Moreover, an automotive-style changeable air filter is included with the product. It provides quiet and consistent airflow to multiple power tools.

The metal cage protective belt guard provides for added safety.


Model C803H

Model C803H has a capacity of 80 gallons, weighs 428 pounds and has a maximum pressure of 175 PSI with a power output of 5 HP.

It is also a two-stage air compressor with the capacity to run both small and large pneumatic tools for long periods of time.

It is equipped with rapid cooling cast-iron cylinders which are lubricated by a smooth-rolling oil pump.

This product is well suited to heavy work at job sites and the cast iron heads dissipate heat quickly to prevent overheating.

The pressure gauges are easy to read and the product can run on synthetic oil for greater durability and longevity.


Model HH9919910

Model HH9919910 has a very high capacity of 120 gallons.

It is an electric stationary air compressor that weighs 920 pounds, has a maximum pressure of 175 PSI and gives a power output of 10 HP.

It can operate more than one power tool at a time.

The 3 phase motor is equipped with a pre-wired and mounted magnetic starter to save both time and money.

The metal belt guard provides for the efficient cooling of the two-stage pump. The tank is also ASME certified for safety and durability.



With this collated information, we hope it is now easier for you to pick an air compressor best suited to your needs.

The summarised features and specifications should assist you in making an informed choice and we hope you are able to gain maximum use from the product that you decide to invest in.

For any queries or problems, leave a comment below and will get back to you at the earliest.

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