Homelite ZR43100 Electric Chainsaw Review


In Brief: Homelite ZR43100 Electric Chain Saw Review

The Homelite ZR43100 9.0amp 14” Electric Chain Saw provides a 14-inch bar and low-profile chain powered by electricity. This chainsaw includes kickback protection to keep you safe and a convenient automatic oiler function for efficiency. Its lightweight, portable design makes it a great addition for residential use.

The Homelite company creates quality tools for outdoor use. With a focus on residential customers and homeowners, this company creates accessible, affordable equipment that gets the job done right.

With convenient tool-less tensioning and an oil level viewing window, the Homelite ZR43100 makes it easy to maintain the chainsaw between cuts.

This saw combines the efficiency of the Homelite company with the convenience of a portable, beginner-friendly machine.

Key Specifications of the Homelite ZR43100 Electric Chain Saw

Homelite ZR43100 9.0 Amp 14-in Electric Chain Saw (Renewed)

The Homelite ZR43100 chainsaw comes with an electrical plug and provides enough power to handle light to moderate yard work.

It includes a 14-inch blade and weighs just 8 pounds, making it one of the lightest residential chainsaw options.

Check out the Homelite ZR43100 9.0amp 14 Electric Chain Saw in action here –


Read the long list of Homelite ZR43100 9.0amp 14 Electric Chain Saw specs below:

Powered SourceCorded electric
Power(cc)/Battery Volts9amp
Battery Charge (Amps)N/A
Runtime (hrs)2 hours
Bar Length14 in.
Warranty Length2 years
Max Cut Diameter24 in.
Drive Length52
Chain Speed3.8mps

Unique Features

The Homelite ZR43100 chainsaw includes a low-profile chain on a 14-inch bar designed to cut smoothly while offering user protection. With an automatic oiler and tool-less tension design, it works well for all skill levels.

Low-Profile Chain

The included chain offers a low-profile design which helps it reduce the risk of injury to the user. This chain also remains easy to tighten or replace as needed thanks to its user-friendly guide bar.

Automatic Oiler

With an automatic oiler function, this chainsaw stays lubricated and ready for use between cuts as long as you ensure its oil levels remain high enough. Check the oil levels easily by looking at the oil window built into the machine.

Tool-less Tension

The chainsaw provides tool-less tension, so you can easily adjust the tension on the chain as needed without complicated steps.

Frequently checking the tension and making changes as needed remains easy and convenient with this design.


Performance, Design, and Safety

With a simple, accessible design and adequate safety features, the Homelite ZR43100 chainsaw makes cutting jobs easy for homeowners, even without prior experience using chainsaws.


Customers find this chainsaw surprisingly powerful. It packs a punch and outperforms some of its competitors with ease. Despite its small size and somewhat lesser-known branding, the chainsaw holds up well to long-term use.

Many customers have no trouble cutting small to medium dead or live trees with this chainsaw. It also works well for trimming branches and cutting firewood.

Some customers run it for several hours with no trouble, thanks to its electric power.


The saw includes a lightweight design that makes it easy to move around as needed. Complete jobs quickly and efficiently with the help of this convenient chainsaw.

The saw also features an auto-oiler function that keeps it running smoothly throughout multiple cuts.

With this built-in design feature, the saw does not require you to stop and lubricate it between each cut, saving you time in the long run.


The chainsaw includes a Safe-T-Tip guard designed to reduce the risk of kickbacks. When operated correctly, the saw remains very safe and provides almost no kickback potential.

Read through the included instruction manual to ensure safe and proper operation.

Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

The Homelite company provides a convenient parts lookup function on their web site. This function allows customers to input their product’s model number and find parts designed specifically for that product.

Customers should perform routine maintenance on this chainsaw. Before and after each use, check the tension on the bar and chain. Check the oil level before and after each use and replace as needed.

Be sure to clean the chainsaw according to the manual regularly. When the chain wears out, replace it immediately.

The Homelite company provides a two-year warranty on this chainsaw. The warranty covers residential use but not commercial use. It includes repair and replacement of all non-expendable parts of the chainsaw.

Contact the Homelite company’s customer service for more information about the warranty at 1-800-242-4672.

Price of the Homelite ZR43100 Electric Chain Saw

The Homelite ZR43100 chainsaw comes in at a much lower price than many of its competitors. This low price comes from its older model design as well as its lightweight, portable features and its lesser-known brand name.

Despite these reasons for the saw’s price remaining low, its value remains high. Customers report feeling satisfied with the results when purchasing this chainsaw and feel the quality outweighs the price.

Who Should Buy the Homelite ZR43100 Electric Chain Saw?

The Homelite ZR43100 chainsaw works great for homeowners in need of a portable saw for light to moderate residential yard work. It cuts deadwood with no trouble and handles live wood up to 24 inches in diameter as well.

This saw provides efficient cutting for any user who has access to electrical power supplies. Since it runs on electricity rather than gas, it requires no fuel and can cut for longer periods without stopping.

Additionally, since it plugs in rather than running on a battery, this chainsaw lasts longer than many of its competitors. Customers in need of a long-running saw for home use enjoy working with this machine.

Why We Like It

The Homelite ZR43100 chainsaw provides ample cutting with electrical power.

It offers an accessible, user-friendly design perfect for beginners but packs enough strength to help more experienced residential customers complete yard tasks, too.

We recommend this chainsaw for customers in need of a highly portable saw that works for branch trimming and firewood cutting.

We also recommend it for yard clean up following a storm or natural disaster, as long as electricity remains available.


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