Greenworks 20362 Cordless Chainsaw Review


In Brief: Greenworks 20362 Chainsaw Review

Greenworks 20362 cordless chainsaw with 40V 2-Ah battery and 10-inch bar does easy work out of small trimming and cutting tasks, and its moderately sized battery can hold a charge to deliver up to 35 cuts.

Greenworks line of chainsaws is just of the various products they produce to complete lawn care jobs quicker than ever.

Today, we’re looking at the Greenworks 20362, a 10-inch chainsaw powered by a 24V 2-Ah battery.

Each charge provides plenty of power to saw off dozens of branches, while its lightweight build makes it easy to maneuver in tight spots. Take a look at our in-depth review of the 20362 down below.

Key Specifications of Greenworks 20362

Greenworks 24V 10' Chainsaw, 2.0Ah USB Battery and Charger

The 20362 is a cordless chainsaw that sports a 40V 2-Ah battery. A fully charged battery can provide up to 35 cuts through thin branches before requiring about 120 minutes to recharge.

As a cordless device, it is safer for the environment—a tremendous plus if you plan on felling thin trees with this chainsaw.

The bar and chain is only ten inches long and limits what you can and cannot cut. This device is used for basic trimming and shaping jobs, and users should avoid attempting to fell thick trees.

For prepping firewood and general hedge-shaping jobs, all you need is this compact chainsaw to get them done.

Here’s a brief promotional video of the 20362 by Greenworks’ YouTube channel:


Below, you’ll find a quick summary of the 20362’s key specifications in table format:

Powered Source
Power (voltage)
24 V
Runtime (minutes)
Bar Length (inches)
Weight (lbs.)
Noise (dB)
Warranty (months)
User ManualCheck Manual
Oil Tank Capacity (pints)0.11
Chain Speed (feet/second)

Unique Features

Let’s see what exclusive features Greenworks has installed into the 20362.

Tool-Less Tensioning

Not a unique feature by any means, but it’s worth noting. As the name suggests, tightening the chain on the 20632 does not require a spanner or screwdriver.

Instead, by turning a large dial on the side of the tool, the chain automatically wraps tightly around the bar, thereby simplifying the most frequent maintenance issue that arises.

Large Front Handguard

On the front of the tool is a humungous handguard. This guard protects your hand from flying debris that could impair your grip on the 20632.

The handguard works quite well and also stops a majority of flung woodchips from getting into the battery compartment.


Performance, Design, and Safety

Now onto what the good stuff: the 20632’s performance, design, and safety features.


As you might expect, the 20632 is not at the same par as gas-guzzling models. However, as a cordless chainsaw, it’s right up there with the best of them.

The sizable motor is powered by a large 2.0-Ah battery that provides around 30 to 40 minutes of continuous cutting power through thinner objects, such as branches and hedges.

The saw can sputter at times when forced through hardwood logs, but as an electric chainsaw, you should avoid this type of lumber in the first place.


The tool’s design is fairly straightforward. The first thing buyers notice is the massive battery compartment.

It doesn’t add weight to the tool, but it can affect balance according to some buyers.

A neat feature is the auto-oiling system that keeps the cutting chain thoroughly lubricated while cutting at work.

It’s quite tiny, and multiple refills are needed when working sawing through dozens of logs at a time.

The transparent window will let you know how much oil is left in the tank and when to refill.


There aren’t many safety features in the 20632.

For instance, there it doesn’t have a brake chain nor spiking bucks, but since users are most likely not sawing through thick logs, these features aren’t as needed.

However, it does come with a safety lock that stops accidental startups. To start cutting, you’ll need to press and hold the safety lock while pulling on the trigger.

When the motor is running, you can safely release the lock button and get to work.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to care for your 20632 and what the four-year warranty covers.

Ease of Maintenance and Repairs

According to the operator’s manual, maintaining the 20362 is pretty straightforward, even if you’re not experienced around chainsaws.

Before pulling the trigger, make sure that the chain is wrapped tightly around the bar and that there’s enough lubricant in the oil tank.

Implementing these two things into your pre-chainsawing ritual will help avoid costly problems over time.

Since the 20362 is a cordless device, the motor will not experience as many problems as you’d typically find in gas models.

The only part that may require frequent maintenance or even replacing is the cutting chain.


Greenworks provides a four-year warranty for the 20362 that covers the costs of fixing and replacing defective components, provided that problems did not arise due to mishandling by the operator.

Greenworks also has a two-year warranty for the 2-Ah battery pack.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the company’s help hotline at 1-800-90WORKS. Greenworks also answers questions via its website at

Price of Greenworks 20362 (50-75 words)

The 20362 is an entry-level cordless chainsaw that costs about the same as a mid-range 14- or 16-inch model.

A longer bar may not be necessary for most small-scale cutting tasks, but at this price range, an additional four or six inches can mean a lot.

Looking at customer reports, a majority of them feel that the 20362 is worth the investment.

There are fewer performance and components problems, so that you can save a tremendous amount of money on maintenance.


Who Should Buy Greenworks 20362?

The 10-inch bar and chain are clear indicators that the 20632 is made for homeowners. DIY-ers may be looking for a more powerful motor and deeper cutting capacity for this price.

The 20362 might also serve well as a backup chainsaw for professional lumberjacks but not for use in felling jobs.

Another demographic that will appreciate the cordless 20362 are environmentally conscious buyers. The 20362 does not release toxic fumes into the air, and charging the battery requires very little energy.

Why We Like It

For its cost, you could certainly get a bit more from other cordless chainsaw models. However, there’s hardly any reason to doubt the 20632 tool’s amazing cutting quality.

The 10-inch bar does easy work out of small trimming and cutting tasks, and its moderately sized battery can hold a charge to deliver up to 35 cuts.


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