Greenworks 20312 Cordless Chainsaw Review


In Brief: Greenworks 20312 Chainsaw Review

You’ve never seen a cordless chainsaw like the Greenworks 20312 before. This chainsaw doesn’t just slice through thick trees with ease, but it also comes with a massive 4-Ah battery that keeps the motor running for longer. Weighing just over 10 pounds, the 40V 16-inch 20312 is bound to impress homeowners and pro lumberjacks.

It’s pretty easy to see how Greenworks remains on top of the cordless outdoor tools game. Each of their products is designed to use as little power as possible without sacrificing performance.

An example of this sentiment is the Greenworks 20312. This 40V cordless chainsaw is driven y a hefty 4-Ah rechargeable battery that provides enough time to produce more than 100 cuts in four-inch logs.

The 20312 can also be used in commercial settings thanks to its 16-inch bar and ultra-lightweight build.

Key Specifications of Greenworks 20312

Greenworks 40V 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw, 4AH Battery and a Charger Included

First of all, the 20312 is a cordless chainsaw that relies on 4-Ah battery to run.

Each battery pack supplies upwards of 30 minutes of runtime, giving users the ability to saw through thick trees and trim hundreds of square feet of hedges before running out of power.

The 20312 comes with a 16-inch Oregon-made cutting bar and chain. Together, these parts reduce the risk of kickback without impairing cutting performance.

An auto-oiling system will keep the chain lubed up and ready for more.

This video by John Masters Does It All of the 20312 shows what the chainsaw looks like in action:


In the following table, you’ll find all of the key specifications of the 20312:

Powered Source
Power (voltage)
40 V
Runtime (minutes)
Bar Length (inches)
Weight (lbs.)
Noise (dB)
Warranty (months)
User ManualCheck Manual
Oil Tank Capacity (pints)
Chain Speed (feet/second)

Unique Features

Now let’s take a look at what sort of unique features are in the 20312.

Brushless Motor

Brushless motors produce less friction and, therefore, remove heat more efficiently than their brushed counterparts.

The 20312 uses this type of motor that improves speed, reduces power consumption, and last longer.

Rapid Charge

The 20312’s 4-Ah battery pack only takes about 60 minutes to go from 0 to 100 percent.

Based on customer estimates, each battery pack can supply up to 45 minutes of runtime, or enough time to slice 150 four-inch logs in two.


Performance, Design, and Safety

Here, we’ll go over the performance, design, and safety features of the Greenworks 20312.


When using this tool, you’ll be surprised to find just how powerful it is. At maximum speed (8,000 RPM), this tool does easy work of felling thin trees and slicing logs for firewood.

Definitely do not judge this chainsaw by its compact size—it may be small (only about 10 pounds), but it’s packing quite a punch.

The 4-Ah battery pack supplies plenty of time to saw through hundreds of square feet of hedges and dozens of 4-inch logs before running out of juice.

If productivity is a top priority, consider investing in one or two additional battery packs to keep your 20312 running nonstop.


Design-wise, the 20312 is pretty close to perfect. It’s made of a plastic composite that can withstand the bumps of flying twigs and foliage, and a simple wipe-down will keep the exterior looking as good as new.

The main issue is the oil tank cap. It has a retainer that floats on top of the bar oil which makes it nearly impossible to close.

This is a minor inconvenience at most, but an inconvenience nonetheless.


There aren’t very many safety features installed onto the 20312.

It has the basic safety lock that prevents the motor from accidentally turning on, and an auto-cutoff that kills the motor as soon as it experiences an inkling of overheating.

The problem with the auto-shutoff feature is that it’s too sensitive, but it’s much better to be safe than sorry (in this case, the 20312 succumbing from heat exhaustion).


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

How easy is it to maintain your new 20312? Read this section to learn about chainsaw’s maintenance and warranty.

Ease of Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining the 20312 could not be easier. Before pulling the trigger, make sure that the chain is adequately sharpened and tightly wound around the 16-inch bar.

Tightening the chain is done by loosening the plate knob, turning the tensioning dial, and re-tightening the knob.

After that, you’ll want to add bar oil into the oil reservoir.

The automatic feeding system ensures that there’s plenty of lube on the bar and chain to prevent burn marks and maintain longer-lasting sharpness of the cutting chain.


The 20312 is protected by a four-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers the cost of fixing and replacing defective components caused by manufacturing errors.

Do not modify the tool or replace the bar and chain with off-brand models as this will void the warranty.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to Greenworks by calling their help hotline at 1-888-90WORKS or by leaving a message on their site at

Price of Greenworks 20312

After looking at the 20312’s price tag, it’s fair to say that it’s pretty budget-friendly, at least for a cordless, brushless chainsaw.

You certainly could spend a lot less on a cordless chainsaw, but it might not promise the same level of performance and user-friendliness as this top-notch model.

However, it’s worth noting that the 20312 costs about the same as many gas units. For the same price, you could get a gas chainsaw with better cutting performance.


Who Should Buy Greenworks 20312?

Cordless chainsaws are best used for trimming shrubs and minor log-cutting jobs.

The 20312 certainly can be used to fell trees of more than a foot in thickness, but you might end up draining the battery more quickly.

The 20312 is absolutely no substitute for heavy-duty gas models. However, you could definitely fell oak trees of up to 15 inches in thickness with this tool.

For the occasional user—e.g., homeowners and DIY-ers—the 20312 will cover each and every one of your wood-sawing needs.

Why We Like It

It may be small, but it’s packing some serious heat. The 20312 cordless chainsaw’s 4-Ah battery pack provides enough power to saw up to 150 logs measuring four inches in diameter.

The battery only needs 60 minutes to fully recharge, reducing downtime and improving productivity by A LOT.


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