Greenworks 20292 Cordless Chainsaw Review


In Brief: Greenworks 20292 Chainsaw Review

The 20292 by Greenworks is a powerful cordless chainsaw for its size. Using a 40V battery, users will have plenty of runtime per charge, and its 9.27-pound build makes it simple to maneuver and operate. If you need a chainsaw for prepping firewood on camping trips, the 12-inch 20292 is one of the best models you’ll find.

Greenworks hasn’t been in the outdoor power tool’s game for long, but in its short life, the company has managed to lead the charge by producing some of the most widely used battery-powered tools.

This time, we’re looking at Greenwork’s 20292. This 40V 12-inch chainsaw is an entry-level tool that excels at light cutting and felling jobs. Please find out full review of the 20292 down below.

Key Specifications of Greenworks 20292

Greenworks 40V 12 inch Cordless Chainsaw with Extra Chain, Tool Only, 20292

As a cordless tool, don’t expect the 20292 to saw through thick logs and fell humungous trees. However, for basic cutting and trimming jobs around the home or campsite, the 20292 is more than reliable.

It comes with a 12-inch bar and low-kickback cutting chain that make sawing branches off of trees a breeze.

Weighing just under ten pounds, carrying this tool to trim the tops of hedges won’t leave your shoulders cramped up after the battery has run out of power.

Let bobspurloc on YouTube show you what you get with the 20292 chainsaw kit:


The table below quickly summarizes the 20292’s key specifications:

Powered Source
Battery (voltage)
40 V
Runtime (minutes)
Bar Length (inches)
Weight (lbs.)
Noise (dB)
Warranty (months)
User ManualCheck Manual
Oil Tank Capacity (pints)
Chain Speed (feet/second)

Unique Features

There are two noteworthy features found in the 20292. They’re not exclusive to this tool nor Greenworks chainsaws, but they definitely add value to the tool.

Auto-Oiling System

The 20292 has an auto-lubricant feeding system that oils the chain and keeps it from warping the metal bar. A well-lubricated chain will also make sawing through thick logs easier on both the user and the tool.

This system includes a minuscule take and a transparent window where users can see how much oil is left. Make sure to check the window before and after using the 20292.

Tool-Free Chain Tensioning System

On the side of the 20292 is a large dial that tightens and loosens the cutting chain. Tool-less tensioning means never having to fumble with spanners or screwdrivers to handle the most frequent maintenance issue.

Like the auto-oiling system, make sure the chain is wrapped taut around the bar before pulling the throttle trigger.


Performance, Design, and Safety

Here, you can read about the 20292’s performance and design, as well as what safety features are in place.


The 20292 performs almost as well as any cordless chainsaw on the market. It’s missing a chain brake, so the cutting chain will continue to spin for about one or two seconds after releasing the trigger.

In terms of cutting performance, for smaller tasks like trimming hedges and removing branches, the 20292 does it neatly and without much effort. It also works exceptionally well at felling trees less than 11 inches thick.

Still, if you decide to get this tool, we recommend sticking to light-duty jobs.


Although the tool is made nearly entirely out of plastic, the 20292 is as durable as they come.

The front handguard protects larger debris and twigs from smashing into your hand, and the large battery compartment lends a hand in protecting the motor.

The trigger switch is located near the back handle. Wrapped in a non-slip handle, sawdust from the cutting saw will do nothing to reduce your grip on the 20292.

Also, a transparent window lets you know when to top off the lubricant tank.


The safety features on the 20292 are pretty basic.

They include bucking spikes to stop logs from pinching the low-kickback cutting chain, a trigger lock to prevent accidental startup when moving, and the front handguard that curves upward to stop most debris from hitting your front hand.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

Let’s quickly go over what the 20292 operator’s manual has to say about maintenance and warranty coverage.

Ease of Maintenance and Repairs

As stated in an earlier section, the 20292’s auto-oiling and tool-less tensioning systems eliminate much of the guesswork needed to keep the blade and cutting chain in tip-top shape.

Sharpening the cutting chain should be done whenever there is a noticeable drop in cutting speed.

Sharpening should be done regularly—about once every two or three weeks, depending on usage frequency—to maintain cutting performance.

Also, make sure to wipe down the 20292’s exterior after each use to keep sawdust particles from entering and damaging the electric motor.


Greenworks covers the 20292 with its limited three-year warranty. This warranty includes the costs of fixing and replacing damaged components due to production errors.

Make sure to use only Greenworks’ compatible chains and bars when replacing broken components, otherwise the warranty may be voided.

Feel free to contact a Greenworks customer service rep by calling 1-888-90WORKS or by leaving a message on the company website

Price of Greenworks 20292

The 20292 is a wallet-friendly cordless chainsaw. However, it’s worth noting that its inexpensive cost does cover a battery and charger.

You’ll have to purchase those separately or take the battery from a compatible Greenworks cordless tool.

Cordless chainsaws typically run for much higher prices depending on the brand and bar length. As a 12-inch model, this Greenworks machine is more than worth the investment.


Who Should Buy Greenworks 20292?

Manufacturers aim electric chainsaws at homeowners and DIY-ers, and we feel that these categories are what will benefit from the 20292 the most.

Professional workers may be searching for something more powerful or with a longer-lasting battery. We recommend taking a look at the Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim.

It’s entirely possible to fell thick 20-inch trees with this tool with the proper cutting technique.

Still, if you’re looking for considerably more power in your chainsaw, you might want to take a look at the XtremePowerUS 22-inch gas-powered model.

Why We Like It

The Greenworks 20292 is a fantastic entry-level cordless chainsaw. For minor cutting tasks like shaping hedges and felling softwood trees, this chainsaw is more than reliable.

Plus, a full battery provides more than 30 minutes of cutting power, so campers and homeowners should complete their light-duty sawing tasks on a single charge.


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