FROM Ant Series 12500lbs Winch Review


In Brief: FROM Ant Series 12500lbs Winch Review

The 12.5S winch that forms a part of the ANT series by From is one of the most chosen and reliable companions for several off-roading expeditions. It boasts of a powerful motor and a robust planetary gearing system that operates in tandem to produce some stunning results that will leave you wondering how such a compact winch can pack so much power. Invest in the 12.5S winch without giving it another thought, and it will not let you down!

The ‘From’ in From Winches stands for Full Range of Motion. Headquartered at Tallahassee, USA, From Winch has two lines of offerings which are, Tungsten4x4 and Fromwinch.

The Fromwinch line is the most advanced line of electric winches manufactured and first developed in 2015.

The different product lines available are electric winches, winch accessories, and replacement parts. The winch lines are further segregated into winches for ATV/UTVs, competition winches, and SUV/Truck winches.

The ANT line of winches was developed by From to offer some of their highest rated capacities in a compact design winch. The Fromwinch 12.5S model is a part of this offering and was developed for Jeeps, ATVs, and UTVs.

In the following sections of this article, we will detail the specifications of the Fromwinch 12.5S model.

We will also look at how this winch can be used and which accessories are compatible with it for further complementing its performance.

Key Specifications of From Ant Series 12500lbs Winch

FROM ANT Series Electric Winch 12500lbs 6.0HP 12V Offroad Winch for ATV/UTV/Jeep with Synthetic Rope FA12.5S

The Fromwinch 12.5S winch has a rated pull capacity of 12,500 pounds. This powerful pull is generated with the help of a series wound, 6.0 HP motor, and a three-stage planetary gearing system.

The disintegrated design of the winch allows for multiple mounting options as the control box is removable and can be mounted anywhere. The winch is entirely waterproof and has an IP68 rating to testify the same.

The best part of this winch is the fact that it can be operated with the help of a wireless remote controller that is provided with the winch kit. This helps put a safe distance between the winch and the operator.

The winch also features an automatic braking mechanism which is handy for keeping heavy loads in position despite power interruptions that might disrupt the winching operations.

The new design of the winch allows for greater ease in activities.

Some of the other features of the Fromwinch 12.5S winch are listed below – 

Working Load
12,500 lbs. (5,670 kg) Single line
Series wound, 6.0 HP, 4.4 kW, 12V DC
Rope Material
Synthetic Rope
Rope Dimensions
5/8 inches X 64 feet
Gearing Ratio
Gearing System
3-stage planetary gear
21.5 inches X 6.3 inches X 7.6 inches
72 lbs. (33 kg)
Freespool Clutch
Sliding ring gear
Drum Length
8.9 inches
Drum Diameter
2.5 inches
Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
Braking Mechanism
Automatic in the drum
Wireless RemoteAvailable
Electrical Wiring
Two-gauge, 72 inches
Mounting Bolt Pattern
10 inches X 4.5 inches
Maximum Line Speed
25.5 feet per minute at no load
Minimum Line Speed
6 feet per minute at full load (12,500 lbs.)
Maximum Current Draw
350 Amps at full load (12,500 lbs.)
Minimum Current Draw
80 Amps at no load

Warranty / Repairs

Fromwinch Ant series, including the 12.5S model, is protected by a 5-year limited warranty.

The warranty, to the buyer of the winch, is offered against any mechanical or workmanship defects for 5 years from the date of purchase, provided that the winch is used only for recreational purposes.

The warranty extends to the electrical components of the 12.5S model as well and warrants that the product will remain free of any electrical defects for one year from the date of purchase.

For more information regarding the warranty, From Winches can be contacted directly via call or email at 866-669-6376 and [email protected], respectively.

Customer Review Analysis for From Ant Series 12500lbs Winch

The customers were immensely happy with the prompt customer service that is provided by From winches.

The customers were able to install the winch easily on their 4x4s and use it for a wide range of applications, even if it meant exposure to snow, rain, mud, etc.

The customers were happy that the winch was available to them at a bargain.

Overall, the installation and operational process for the 12.5S winch were smooth and glitch-free, which made it a good purchase for a majority of the customers that purchased the winch.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the From Ant Series 12500lbs winch are listed below.


  • Good quality, waterproofing makes the winch weather-proof
  • Works as expected
  • Delivers a high pulling power with ease
  • Prompt customer service
  • Excellent value for money
  • Multiple mounting options possible
  • Highly versatile winch


  • Quality of the remote controller could be slightly better


When and Who Should Use

The Fromwinch 12.5S model is designed for use by jeeps, trucks, modified vehicles, or any 4X4s. According to the manufacturers themselves, the winch is an excellent fit for police, fire department, or farm work.

The high capacity of the winch makes it eligible for these rugged jobs.

It can be used for a multitude of applications provided that the weight does not exceed the rated capacity. The winch works excellently for self-recovery and in helping recover other vehicles that may be stuck as well.

Recommended Accessories with From Ant Series 12500lbs Winch

Accessories like a cable hook stopper or a sidewinder can come in handy with a winch like the Fromwinch 12.5S model because of the heavy loads involved. These accessories can be purchased at the following links.

Cable Hook Stopper

Winch Sidewinder

The synthetic rope that is fitted on the winch is more sensitive and prone to abrasion as compared to steel wires.

Therefore, a protective sleeve will go a long way in protecting the integrity of the synthetic rope. This protective sleeve can be purchased from Amazon here>


Does the winch have power-in, power-out, and free spooling options available?

Yes, all the options mentioned above are available with the Fromwinch 12.5S model. The reverse spooling option is available, although it is recommended by the manufacturers to frequently use the free spooling option to keep the winch engine cooler for longer.

What accessories are available with the winch kit?

Apart from the winch, the 12.5S winch kit includes a wireless remote controller, a synthetic rope, a wired remote controller, a screw bag, a strap, an aluminum hawse fairlead, a hook, and an instruction manual.

Can I use this winch for my business?

Although the winch has a high rated pull capacity of 12,500 pounds, it is discouraged to use the winch for any commercial, industrial, or business needs because this will completely void the warranty for the winch.

Can the 12.5S winch be mounted foot forward?

Yes, the 12.5S winch can be mounted foot forward. However, it is best to mount the winch foot down because the alternative configuration causes severe abrasion to the synthetic rope.

What material has been used for making the free spool knob?

The free spool knob is made of metal.

Is the wiring kit included with the winch?

All the hardware necessary for operating the winch is included with the winch. Only the mounting kit needs to be separately purchased as it has to be compatible with the specific vehicle model.

Can I purchase an extra wireless controller for this winch?

The wireless remotes are individually programmed with the winch control box. Therefore, if you want to purchase a separate wireless controller, you will also have to buy the remote for it.

Is this winch made in the USA?

Some of the winches in this line are assembled in the USA. This means that the winch parts are manufactured in Taiwan or China, but the final assembly takes place in the USA.

Can the winch be mounted in different configurations?

Yes, the winch can be mounted in several different configurations, but care should be taken that the synthetic rope should always pull between the drum and the mount. It should never pull off the top of the winch, which can cause damage to the cable.

Our Recommendation

The From winch line has manufactured and delivered the right quality products to the customers. The winches are durable and able to deliver on the promise that is made to the users.

The 12.5S winches can outlast several competitors and prove themselves worth all the trust that the customers have placed in them.

The 12.5S winch offers higher line speeds, reliable & consistent performance, quality components, long product life, affordability, and a lot more, which makes it a good purchase for all your heavy-duty winching needs.

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