Extreme Max 5600.3072 Bear Claw ATV/UTV Winch Review


In Brief: Extreme Max 5600.3072 Bear Claw ATV/UTV Winch Review

Extreme Max’s Bear Claw 3,100-lb winch is one of the sturdiest electric winches in the market. The extra 100 pounds on top of the 3,000 pounds of pulling power make all the difference when it comes to the performance of the winch. The sealed components, oversized clutch, well-built gearing system, great structure, and top-notch rope are all equally essential in delivering the kind of performance the Bear Claw winches are known for. Priced reasonably, this 3,100-lb winch model is a must-have for everyone!

Extreme Max offers a wide range of products that can be categorized into different product likes like ATV/UTV products, snowmobile products, motorcycle accessories, tie-down straps, trailer accessories, anchors, fenders, ladders, shackles, etc. to name a few.

In their product line for ATVs and UTVs, there are different kinds of winches available.

The 5600.3072 model is an electric winch by Extreme Max with a rated pull capacity of 3,100 pounds.

This winch is a part of the Bear Claw series by Extreme Max that packs a powerful punch and is packaged in the form of a compact and rugged tool that can weather the toughest situations with ease.

In the following sections, we will elaborate on the features of this Bear Claw 3,100-lb winch by Extreme Max.

We will also look at related product information like the warranty offered on the winch, the recommended accessories, and the different uses for this winch.

Key Specifications of Extreme Max 5600.3072 Winch

Extreme Max 5600.3072 Bear Claw ATV Winch - 3100 lbs.

The compact design of this Bear Claw 3,100-lb winch offers a rugged housing for the more robust electronics.

The 3,100 pounds of pulling power is much similar to any typical 3,000 pounds winch available in the market with a little bit of an extra pull.

The components of the winch are of the highest quality and ensure smoothness, reliability, and noiseless operations.

The free-spool control in this model is oversized for greater ease of engagement and disengagement.

The components are entirely sealed and work toward keeping the contaminants out to keep the innards of the winch in pristine condition for longer product life.

The motor, along with the three-stage planetary gearing system, ensure that the winch delivers a power output that is expected from it.

The connections of the winch are super-conductive terminals that provide consistent power delivery.

The planetary gears allow an equal distribution of the torque that spans over several contact points and reduce the individual strain over the gears to prevent them from wearing out.

The base of the winch is made of the heavy-duty cast that is designed to pull the heat from all the components and dissipate it to prevent the unit from overheating.

The detailed technical specifications of the Bear Claw 3,100-lb are tabulated below – 

Working Load
3,100 lbs.
Rope Material
Steel Wire
Rope Dimensions
45 feet (Length)
Gearing System
Triple Planetary Gear System
16.8 inches x 10.9 inches x 8.6 inches
(Shipping Dimensions)
21.8 lbs.
Limited Two Year Warranty
Freespool Clutch
4-Way Roller
Remote Controller
Handlebar-mounted rocker switch
Color-Coded Wiring

Warranty / Repairs

Extreme Max provides a two-year limited warranty for the Bear Claw 3,100-lb electric winch. If you are unsatisfied with the purchase, Extreme Max also allows returning the winch for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase.

For claiming the warranty or fetching any information regarding the same, Extreme Max can be contacted via email at [email protected].

For the claim, you need to include the following information in the email – name, phone number, address, date of purchase, copy of the invoice, email, brief description, and relevant images of the product.

Customer Review Analysis for Extreme Max 5600.3072 Bear Claw ATVUTV Deluxe Winch

The Bear Claw 3,100-lb winch is the customer’s preference when it comes to ease of installation and value for money.

Many of the customers have used the winch on their ATVs and were extremely satisfied with the performance, and they found it to be much more durable than they expected.

The customers also found the installation to be reasonably straightforward. The winch operates smoothly on the user’s command and also provides a free spooling option.

This option allows one to easily reach into the winch and grab the winch hook to walk away with the cable conveniently.

The winch delivers the power needed, fits into different kinds of 4x4s, and also comes with a complete installation kit, so the users don’t have to purchase anything separately.

Summarily, the customers feel that the Bear Claw 5600.3072 is an affordable winch that works well in all kinds of applications.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Extreme Max 5600.3072 Bear Claw ATVUTV Deluxe Winch are listed below.


  • The 4-bolt mount which is a universal fitment for all kinds of winch mounts
  • Heat dissipating base that keeps the winch running cooler for more extended periods
  • An oversized contractor that is suitable for heavy ATV applications
  • Includes all the mounting hardware and components necessary for the operation
  • Powder-coated, sturdy snatch block included for angled pulls
  • Unmatched durability as well as noiseless operations guaranteed
  • Detailed instruction manual included for ease of use


  • Relay wiring could be a little longer


When and Who Should Use

The purpose of the Bear Claw 3,100-lb winch can be done for self-recovery or for recovering other vehicles while off-roading.

The winch is exceptionally well-suited for tasks that involve pulling heavy loads and is fitted with a strong hook to facilitate the same.

The winch can be used for hauling logs, pulling down trees, moving equipment, hitching a trailer, towing a load, and a lot more.

Recommended Accessories with Extreme Max 5600.3072 Deluxe Winch

Some of the accessories by Extreme Max that will complement the Bear Claw 3,100-lb winch are listed below.

A water-repellent duffel bag that will make it easy to carry the winch is available. The same can be purchased here from Amazon>


Can I replace the steel wire with a synthetic rope?

Yes, the replacement can be made, but the roller fairlead will also have to be replaced with a hawse fairlead.

Does the winch fit comfortably on all kinds of vehicles?

The mounting design of the winch follows a 4-bolt pattern that is relatively universal and compatible with a wide range of winch mounts. The manufacturers have specially designed it this way for the winch to be compatible with more vehicles and be versatile.

What is included in the Bear Claw 3,100-lb winch kit?

Apart from the winch itself, the winch kit includes a zinc-plated hook kit, a solenoid, steel snatch block, a 4-way roller fairlead, a handlebar rocker switch, heavy-gauge battery cables with connectors, a nylon safety pull strap, complete mounting kit hardware, heavy-gauge motor cables with connectors and a detailed instruction manual.

Does the winch kit contain circuit breakers?

No, the winch kit does not include circuit breakers. The wires directly connect from the batteries to the winch.

Is the winch waterproof?

The manufacturers do not mention the winch having any waterproofing. Keeping this fact in mind, the winch itself is fitted on the vehicle’s bumper and can get wet. However, the solenoid and other electrical components should be kept away from water exposure. Some customers have claimed that the winch works even in wet weather conditions (as they are operating the winch in Alaska).

Can the winch be operated with a 6 V battery?

No, the winch is rated at 12 V, and it is ideal for connecting it to your vehicle’s battery for optimal performance conditions.

What is the actual spool diameter of the winch drum?

According to some users, the dimensions of the winch drum are 1.5 inches (diameter) and 3 inches (length), excluding the flange diameter.

Does the load lowering happen as a powered operation, or does it free spool?

The option for powering down a load or free spooling depends on the user. The user has to put the winch in a free spooling mode manually.

What are the dimensions of this winch?

The dimensions of the Bear Claw 3,100-lb winch, as per a user, are 12 ¾ inches × 4 ¼ inches × 4 ½ inches.

Our Recommendation

Several excellent features form a part of the Bear Claw 3,100-lb winch. Not only is the winch affordable, but it is also well-appreciated by the numerous customers who were delighted with the performance of the winch is varied situations.

This winch is an excellent tool for everyone who is off-roading or even looking to get some household work done. Keeping all the specifications and reviews in mind, the Bear Claw 3,100-lb winch has our full backing.

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