Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP Flat Plate AGM Marine Battery Review


In Brief: Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP Review

The Edge FP-AGM24DP is the perfect battery for those who want a high-powered solution for powering their heavy-duty motors. RVers and boaters will find this battery exceptionally useful, but that does not mean it isn’t great for everyday motorists, as well. At a very affordable price, this is one of the best batteries out there.

Exide has been in the battery manufacturing business for over 130 years and fully understands just how essential innovation is to the future.

They are continually re-imagining and re-designing their products and improving their processes.

That way, they can provide the best solutions for energy storage to meet the world’s ever-growing need for power.

The Exide Edge features unique SureLife Graphite technology.

This technology maximizes the available energy capacity to allow the battery to perform at higher levels for longer periods of time.

Key Specifications

Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP Flat Plate AGM Sealed Marine Battery Before buying any product, you need to know what it has on offer. Let’s see what this battery is highlighted by.


The Exide Edge AGM series of batteries are designed to handle the increased strains that are placed on today’s vehicles.

They boast an impressive 17 times more energy for any and all uses, from shuttle driving to repeated use of technology. Plus, they feature an increased volume to provide a higher energy capacity.


These batteries provide up to 15% more starting power and are capable of handling heavy key-off, key-on activity.

The SureLife Graphite technology ensures that these batteries recharge faster than average batteries.

Their absorbed glass mat construction prevents spilling completely, thus you do not need to perform any maintenance on them at all.


The specially designed, highly engineered alloys in these batteries help to prevent corrosion and maximize battery life.

This is true even under the most extreme operating conditions. The unique valve system is individualized in order to avoid dry-out and evaporation, extending the battery life even more.


The Exile Edge AGM also features a substantially higher cycling endurance in comparison to other batteries.

It excels in some of the most stringent automotive stress tests in the world, which further proves its sustained performance.


These batteries are proven to last two times longer than other batteries.

Furthermore, they outperform other standard batteries even in the simplest of situations, such as bumper-to-bumper traffic.

ConstructionNon-spillable AGM
Cold Cranking Amps775
50 pounds
Dimensions10.2 x 6.8 x 8.7 inches
Reserve Capacity140 minutes
Vehicle Service TypeMarine, Personal, Craft

How to Use the Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP

For a quick and easy tutorial on how to use this battery, check out this video for more information: 



The label on every one of Exide’s batteries is an indication of the total number of months that the free replacement period covers.

It also shows the pro-rata period for batteries that have been fitted into private cars, two-wheelers, multi-utility vehicles, gensets, inverters, and solar applications.

In the event that you experience problems with your battery, you should return it complete and untampered with.

Return it to the company’s wholesaler, authorized dealer, or depot in India, with the Warranty Claim Form included.

You can register your battery for warranty at: https://www.exidecare.com/register-your-battery/

Customer Review Analysis

The overwhelming majority of customers were more than satisfied after purchasing the Exide Edge FP-AGM24DP.

Most of them found that it could withstand all of the things one does to a standard battery.

Whether it is letting the vehicle idle, draining it with a car stereo, or not keeping a charger handy, it performs without so much as a minor mishap.

In fact, one reviewer even reported that their battery lasted a whopping three months uncharged and disconnected in their boat.

Speaking of boats, those are what customers have been using this battery for the most.

This is because it can easily handle the heavy workload that most boats place onto batteries. Also, it does not need to be recharged nearly as often as standard batteries.

Many buyers were also happy with the no-spill design that is featured on the Edge FP-AGM24DP.

Also, many people used it as a replacement for their old batteries that had started leaking or simply would no longer charge.

They also liked the fact that they could ride this battery at basically any angle without worrying about spilling the electrolyte.

Again, this is due to the no-spill technology.


Pros/Cons of The Edge FP-AGM24DP


  • This battery can safely be charged in a short time.
  • It is resistant to vibrations and shocks, adding to its durability.
  • It includes several different technologies to control any moisture accumulation.
  • This model is a trolling battery, meaning it will not spill.
  • This battery produces a minimal amount of sulfate and does not form it frequently.
  • It is also able to regulate the flow of cell moisture.
  • Finally, it has a low internal resistance.


  • This battery is not entirely immune to sulfate formation.
  • It is more on the heavy side, but not as much as standard acid lead batteries.
  • It is more expensive than conventional batteries.

Who Should Buy The Edge FP-AGM24DP?

This battery is perfect for those who are looking for a battery that can be used on an electric motor, offer high performance, and still be affordable.

While the majority of customers who purchased the Edge FP-AGM24DP used it in their boats and aquatic vehicles, it is also perfect for wheeled vehicles, especially RVs.

This is due to its high charge capacity and low charge time.

This is also an excellent battery for folks who don’t enjoy standing around waiting for their battery to charge.

The Edge FP-AGM24DP can handle quick charges with ease.

If you need more information about this battery, check out this video: 


Our Recommendation

This battery is truly one of the most versatile batteries on the market and is affordable, as well.

It also features some high-end qualities that are not often found on other batteries, such as the anti-spill technology.

Plus, there is the Absorbed Glass Mat that enables it to absorb shock and withstand some violent vibrations.

Additionally, it soaks the electrolyte and evenly distributes it over the plates, while simultaneously holding them in place.

Because of this, it is one of the best batteries on the market to use when you are trolling with powerful motors, such as those found in boats and RVs.

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