Earthwise LCS35814 Cordless Chainsaw Review


In Brief: Earthwise LCS35814 Chainsaw Review

The cordless 58V LCS35814 is a powerful chainsaw packed with several unique features. Although its 14-inch guide bar on the stubbier side, there’s no tree, branch, or hedge that stands in the way of its high-speed cutting chain.

Though American Lawn Mower Co. specializes in cordless lawn mowers, its Earthwise chainsaws are some of the best-performing units out there.

Today, we’re looking at one such model: the Earthwise LCS35814.

This cordless chainsaw comes with a powerful brushless motor that drains less battery per minute while also delivering enough cutting power and speed for limbing, trimming, and felling tasks.

Read our full review of the LCS35814 down below.

Key Specifications of Earthwise LCS35814

Earthwise LCS35814 14-Inch 58-Volt Cordless Brushless Motor Chainsaw, 2Ah Battery & Charger Included

First of all, as a cordless chainsaw, the LCS35814 does not keep users tethered to outlets or portable generators. Instead, a fully charged 2-Ah battery pack is all the LCS35814 needs to cut tree limbs and trim hedges without strain.

Weighing just a sliver over 11 pounds, the LCS35814 is not only portable but also extremely user-friendly.

Customers aged 50 years and older have expressed how impressed they are with easy this tool maneuvers over shrub tops.

The 14-inch bar, though short, offers enough cutting range for basic jobs and even felling smaller trees.

Also, take a look at the key specifications of the LCS35814 down below:

Powered Source
Power (volts)
58 V
Runtime (minutes)
Bar Length (inches)
Weight (lbs.)
11.4 lbs.
Noise (dB)
Warranty (months)
User ManualCheck Manual
Oil Tank Capacity (pints)
Chain Speed (feet/second)N/A

Unique Features

The LCS35814 is packing quite a few unique features. Here they are in no particular order.

Brushless Motor

There are two types of motors: brushed and brushless. The latter is a later innovation of the former that doesn’t create friction and dissipates heat much more efficiently.

Brushless motors have longer lifespans, require fewer repairs, and consume less battery power.

2 or 4-Ah Battery Pack

Even though the LCS35814’s stock battery is a 2-Ah Li-Ion pack, this cordless chainsaw is compatible with Earthwise’s 4-Ah batteries.

The charging times differ between the two—75 minutes for the 2-Ah, and 120 minutes for the 4-Ah—but a bigger pack gives operators the ability to saw through more logs per charge.

The 4-ah battery is sold separately.

Battery LCD Display

Usually, cordless chainsaws let you know how much battery power is left by the speed of its cutting chain.

The LCS35814’s battery is different; it comes with a built-in LCD display that shows exactly how much power remains.


Performance, Design, and Safety

Let’s move onto more pressing matters. Here, we’ll discuss the LCS35814’s performance, design, and safety features.


The cordless LCS35814 works exceptionally well at limbing and pruning. Its 14-inch bar allows it to fell smaller trees for prepping firewood.

With an estimated cutting speed of about 49 feet per second, this tool will make easy work out of small- and medium-scale cutting jobs.

Handling the LCS35814 is a breeze. Since it’s an electric model, you won’t need to fiddle around with recoil cords.

Instead, a push of the trigger will send the cutting chain spinning along the bar’s edge for quick, effortless sawing.


Overall, the LCS35814’s design isn’t much different from other electric chainsaw models. Its housing is made almost entirely out of a durable plastic composite.

The chain-tensioning knob on the right-hand side of the tool keeps the chain wrapped taut around the guide bar.


The LCS35814 comes with standard safety features.

It comes with metal bucking spikes that let the cutting chain and bar reach its maximum depth safely, a trigger release button that keeps the motor from accidentally starting up, and a mechanical chain brake that stops the 16-inch chain as soon as the brake lever is engaged.


Ease of Maintenance, Repairs & Warranty

In this section, we’ll quickly go over what the LCS35814’s manual has to say about maintenance and warranty coverage.

Ease of Maintenance and Repairs

The most frequent maintenance issue is a loosened chain. This is common in all chainsaws, and tightening the chain should always be a part of your pre-sawing ritual.

To tighten the LCS35814’s chain, simply loosen the bar lock screw, spin the large tensioning dial found on the side of the tool, and tighten the loosened bar lock screw.

You’ll need to fill the 0.35-pint oil tank frequently to ensure that the cutting chain moves smoothly along the bar’s edge.

Before starting the tool, fill the tank to max capacity. Any seepage can be wiped away with a rag.


The five-year warranty on the LCS35814 should instill confidence that this cordless chainsaw is a high-quality tool.

The stock 2-Ah battery is protected by a two-year warranty. Modifying or damaging the tool voids the warranty.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the American Lawn Mower Co. headquarters by calling 1-800-313-5111.

Price of Earthwise LCS35814

Looking solely at the LCS35814’s price tag doesn’t do the cordless chainsaw any justice.

There’s no denying that it’s one of the costlier electric chainsaws out there.

After all, brushless motors don’t come cheap, but they are worth every penny…


Who Should Buy Earthwise LCS35814?

…that is, if you’re a professional lumberjack. Homeowners and infrequent chainsaw users may not require the super-high efficiency of brushless motors.

Brushless motors are long-lasting pieces of equipment that are made to dissipate heat quicker than brushed. The LCS35814 certainly does this, but do you really need it?

For the most part, homeowners and DIY-ers could get by with a brushed electric chainsaw such as the inexpensive Greenworks 20362.

With all of this in mind, we recommend the LCS35814 to anybody who needs a long-lasting chainsaw, regardless of how often they plan on using it.

Why We Like It

Overall, the LCS35814 is a powerful chainsaw that exceeds the needs of occasional users.

The hefty 58V 2-Ah battery pack provides plenty of cutting power and runtime to complete more tasks before needing to recharge.

The 14-inch bar can prove to be too short for major tree-felling jobs, but for basic lawn care chores like trimming hedges and limbing trees, the brushless LCS35814 is more than reliable.


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