Dutton-Lainson DL2500A Pulling Ratchet Winch Review


In Brief: Dutton-Lainson DL2500A Pulling Ratchet Winch Review

The Dutton-Lainson DL2500A winch is a reliable and robust tool to have. The winch is an affordable tool and designed in a way that makes it incredibly user-friendly. Features like zinc coating assure a long product life, and the intelligent design ensures that the load is distributed evenly. You can now pull thousands of pounds of weight single-handedly without breaking into a sweat, thanks to the DL2500A manual winch!

Dutton-Lainson has been one of the most dependable companies in business with years of experience, having established in 1886.

They offer a wide range of equipment like air cleaners, coupler, fencing tools, oilers, tongue jacks, fuel tank filters, wheel bearings, winches, and a lot more.

When it comes to winches, there is a wide range of choose from. The different categories are brake winches, worm gear winches, electric winches, pulling winches and accessories for these models.

Check out the features of Dutton-Lainson winches in a quick video at:

In this article, we are going to look at their two-speed hand winch with a rated pull capacity of 2,500 lbs.

The following sections will elaborate on the specifications of the winch, the warranty terms, recommended accessories to be used with the winch, who should use the winch, suitable applications, and some more relevant information.

Key Specifications of Goldenrod Dutton-Lainson DL2500A

Goldenrod 14825 Hand Winch 2-Speed 2500-LB

This Dutton-Lainson hand winch has a rated pull capacity of 2,500 lbs. The winch body is fitted with an ergonomic handle grip, which is 9 ½ inches in length.

The winch handle allows one to single-handedly operate the winch and pull heavy loads, which would not have been possible without the winch.

The winch also supports freewheeling operations for easy line removal or maintenance activities.

The long life of winch and protection against the corrosive weather elements is guaranteed with the help of a zinc-plated TUFFPLATE finishing.

The winch also boasts of a patented reversible ratchet technology that allows the cable or strap of the winch to move in either direction.

There is a dual-drive shaft system that will enable you to easily change the winch mode from high speed to low gear cranking.

The installation of this hand winch is also pretty straightforward, and it comes with a clamp kit to ensure that the process is easy.

The best part of the winch has to be the fact that it is made in the USA. Some of the other specifications are tabulated below –

Operation Type
Working Load
2,500 lbs.
Handle Length
9 ½ inches
Low Gear Ratio
High Gear Ratio
5-Year Limited Warranty
16 lbs.

Warranty / Repairs

The Dutton-Lainson warranty for the dual-speed 2,500-lb hand winch states that any defects in workmanship or material will be repaired or replaced free of cost if the product is still covered under the 5-year coverage period offered by the warranty.

It is also assumed that the customers know the warranty will be void if the product is not used per the guidelines shared by the manufacturer.

More information about the same is available at https://www.dutton-lainson.com/product-warranties/.

The company can be contacted via their contact page available at https://www.dutton-lainson.com/contact-us/.

They can also be reached via call or email at 402-462-4141 and [email protected]dutton-lainson.com, respectively.

Customer Review Analysis for Goldenrod Dutton-Lainson DL2500A Winch

Dutton-Lainson is a trusted brand name, and the customers of this winch have explicitly expressed their delight regarding this product and its quality.

There are quite a few parameters where this hand winch has been rated exceptionally well compared to its counterparts.

The winch receives one of the highest ratings for ease of installation. The customers were also happy with the durability and sturdiness of the product. Another aspect which is a major winner is the value for money.

The winch allows for a change in speed according to the load to be handled, which gives the customers better control over the heavier ones.

Overall, the customers were delighted with the product that they received and for a very reasonable price.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Goldenrod Dutton-Lainson DL2500A 2500 lb Plated Pulling Winch are listed below.


  • Rugged construction with a zinc-coated finish
  • Easy switching between different speeds
  • Easy to grip, ergonomic winch handle
  • Excellent gearing system that makes load pulling easier
  • Smooth, glitch-free operations assured
  • Good value for money
  • A high ease of installation


  • Customer support service could be faster in responding


When and Who Should Use

The winch is suitable for all kinds of winching operations that require 2,500 pounds of pulling power or less.

The Dutton-Lainson manual winch is ideal for jobs like towing a trailer up a rope, tensioning the fence line, pulling out stumps, dragging rolling loads, etc.

Recommended Accessories with Goldenrod Dutton-Lainson DL2500A Winch

With regular wear and tear, the standard components of the winch may need to be replaced. We have mentioned the purchase links of some of the replacement parts and accessories below.


What rope or cable should be used with this winch?

According to the kind of application for which the winch will be used, you can either use a strap or a steel cable for pulling objects. However, the manufacturers discourage the use of synthetic cable or rope. A two-inch strap would be the best option in this case.

Can I fit a synthetic rope on this winch?

Installing a synthetic rope or cable is not recommended with this winch as it could create constricting forces that could cause damage to the winch’s reel.

What is the maximum length of strap or cable that can be used with this winch?

The winch can comfortably accommodate a 25 feet long strap or cable on the reel.

Can the winch be operated in two directions?

Yes, the winch also supports reversible operations. This is possible by holding the ratchet down and releasing it subsequently.

Does the winch kit include any mounting hardware?

No, the winch does not come with any mounting hardware.

Does the winch come with the strap for pulling objects?

No, the strap or cable will have to be purchased separately.

Does the winch come assembled?

Yes, the DL2500A winch comes pre-assembled. You will only have to attach the handle to one of the drive shafts of the winch along the strap, or the cable and the winch is good to go.

Can I replace the winch handle? If so, where can I purchase the same?

Yes, the winch handle can be replaced, and the same can be purchased here>

Does the winch have a brake?

No, the winch does not include a brake in its design.

Can a cordless drill be used for winding the winch instead of the handle?

It is not possible to operate this winch with a cordless drill. There are separate worm gear winches by Dutton-Lainson that can be operated with a drill winch, and they even offer attachments that enable working winches with a cordless drill. Still, such an attachment is not available for this particular model.

Our Recommendation

Dutton-Lainson is a reputed name in the winch industry, and their products are known to sustain the loads they are subjected to without breaking down. With features like zinc coating and hardened steel construction, you can rest assured that the winch will last you for a long time.

The product requires little maintenance and works as expected. There are two-speed modes available that allow you to get the amount of control you need over the movement of the load.

The handle is exceptionally comfortable, and the design of the winch will enable you to single-handedly manipulate loads as hefty as 2,500 pounds, which would not have been possible without the winch.

With several such attractive features, the DL2500A winch gets a strong buy recommendation from us.


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