Champion 14560 ATV / UTV Wireless Winch Review


In Brief: Champion 14560 ATV / UTV Wireless Winch Review

The 4500-lb winch kit is one of the best selling winches in the market. With features like wireless control, automatic shut-off, dynamic load holding supported by the best-in-class components, there are few things that this Champion winch can’t do. This winch kit is a champion in the most real sense as it works relentlessly without glitches to get you out of the stickiest situations with ease!

Champion Power Equipment is a California based manufacturer of different types of tools like inverters, generators, log splitters, and winches.

Their winch line consists of a variety of models that have capacities ranging from 2,000 pounds to 12,000 pounds.

On exploring the winch line, we have come across a very efficient 4,500 pounds wireless winch kit for ATVs and UTVs at an attractive price. It is one of the many popular products sold by Champion.

The winch kit is an all-in-one power tool that can power through tricky situations where other lesser winches might fail.

In the following sections of this article, we will explore the features of this Champion 4500-lb winch kit. We will understand what makes this product an efficient and hassle-free purchase that makes it the customer’s first choice.

Key Specifications of Champion Winch Kit

Champion Power Equipment-14560 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit

The first and foremost thing to be taken note of is the wireless control of the winch that allows the user to operate it from anywhere within the 50-foot radius.

The winch body houses a powerful 1.6 HP motor and a well-oiled three-stage planetary gear system.

The mini-rocker switch mountable on the handlebar, along with the free spooling clutch, provides ultimate control over the motion of the winch.

The winch is fitted with an excellent galvanized steel cable whose movement onto the sturdy winch drum is guided with the help of a roller fairlead.

Although the winch looks lightweight, it delivers a power-packed performance. The clevis hook, along with the handy strap makes this winch an absolute must-have in emergencies.

It also includes an additional feature that powers off the winch whenever it is not in use to preserve the vehicle’s battery.

Some of the other specifications of the winch are listed below – 

Working Load
4,500 lbs.
1.6 HP, 12 V DC, Permanent Magnet Motor
Rope Material
Galvanized Steel Cable
Rope Dimensions
38 ft. (Length) X 15/64 inches (Thickness)
Gearing Ratio
Gearing System
Three-Stage Planetary
12.7 inches (L) X 4.1 inches (W) X 4.2 inches (H)
19.7 lbs.
Mounting Channel
Duty Cycle
Freespool Clutch
Drum Length
3.1 inches
Drum Diameter
1.7 inches
4-Way Roller
Braking Mechanism
Wireless Remote
Available (50 ft. radius)

Check out the features of this Champion 4500-lb winch kit in a quick video.

Warranty / Repairs

Champion Power Equipment offers a two-year limited warranty on this winch model.

According to the terms of the warranty, the winch will be free of any workmanship, and material defects in mechanical and electrical components for a 2-year duration from the date of purchase provided the winch is used recreationally.

The terms of commercial usage are different. More information regarding the same can be found by contacting Champion Power Equipment via email or call at [email protected] and 1-877-338-0999, respectively.

Customer Review Analysis for Champion 4500-lb. Winch Kit

There are quite a few features of this Champion 4500-lb winch kit that are highly rated and appreciated by the customers who have had positive experiences after using this product.

Most of the users were happy with the instruction quality because it greatly simplified the process of installing the winch and using it.

The wireless remote controller gives a 50 feet radius for operating the winch, which is extremely useful for safety reasons. The winch was also appreciated for its reliability, consistent performance, and hassle-free operations.

Most of all, the customers were pleased to get an excellent product and a very supportive and robust customer service at such an affordable price. Summarily, the winch is one of the highly recommended products by the user themselves.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Champion 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit are listed below.


  • Automatic shut-off feature to preserve the vehicle’s battery
  • Higher line speeds offered
  • Kit includes all the necessary parts for a quick setup
  • Lifetime technical support provided by experts
  • Dynamic braking mechanism for preventing load slippage
  • Quality components and sturdy construction


  • Product life should be a little longer


When and Who Should Use

The 4,500 pounds of pulling power offered by this winch make it suitable for self-recovery. The winch design makes it a perfect fit for most 4X4s and a reliable companion in off-roading adventures.

The winch has the capability of recovering other vehicles as well.

The winch can also be used for dragging around heavier loads, pulling cars onto the trailer, or other pulling or rolling jobs that can be covered by the maximum rated capacity of the winch.

Recommended Accessories 

The winches should be covered when they are not in use. Champion provides a quality winch cover which can be purchased from Amazon>


What is included in this winch kit?

Apart from the winch itself, the 4500-lb winch kit includes a hook strap, a mounting channel, a clevis hook, a roller fairlead, a contractor, battery leads, an antenna, and a wireless remote controller.

What are the line speeds of the 4500-lb winch?

At no load, the line speeds of the 4500-lb winch system can be as high as 12.8 feet per minute, and at full capacity, the line speed is somewhere around 4.6 feet per minute.

What is the length of the battery cables that are included in the winch kit?

The winch includes two pairs of cables that are 3 feet and 6 feet long.

Is there a receiver mount that this winch will mount to?

The winch kit includes a mounting plate that makes it easier to mount the winch to any vehicle.

Can the winch be plugged into a 110 V outlet?

No, it is best practice to connect the winch to the batteries installed in the vehicle.

Is this winch waterproof?

Although the manufacturers have not stated this explicitly, some users have exposed the winch to water and even led to it to submersion, but it did not cause any problems with the winch. The rope might get affected, though, because of water exposure.

How do I replace the wireless remote controller?

Usually, if you are facing issues with the wireless controls, it’s because of the batteries or the range. Ensure that you are within the range, and the batteries are replaced for the best results. Champion also sells the complete wireless assembly separately in case you need a replacement.

Can I use this winch with a boat trailer?

Yes, the winch can be used with a boat trailer as long as the boat’s weight is within the stipulated limits.

Our Recommendation

With this quality 4500-lb winch kit, the Champion manufacturers have ensured a virtually glitch-free experience for the users. The wireless control has to be the best feature that is offered, guaranteeing both safety and ease of use.

Additionally, the battery saving feature of automatic shutdown wins major brownie points from us. The heavy-duty, super-grade steep rope, the quality clevis hook, the hook strap, and the roller fairlead make using this winch a glitch-free and excellent experience.

Factoring in all these qualities, the Champion 4500-lb wins a thumbs-up from us!

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