Best Tuners for 3.5 Ecoboost Engines Today


Quick Answer: Best Tuners for 3.5 Ecoboost

  1. SCT performance – 7015 – X4
  2. Bully Dog – 40417 – GT
  3. DiabloSport T1000 Trinity
  4. Bully Dog – 40420 – GT
  5. SCT Performance – 5015P
  6. Superchips 1845 Flashpaq F5
  7. Hypertech 2000
  8. SCT performance – 40490
  9. Bully Dog – 40460B – GTX
  10. DiabloSport 8145 inTune i3

The Ford family of engines comprises several high-performance turbocharged engines, and one of them is the Ford Ecoboost. There are two variants of the Ecoboost engine which use the V6 model.

These are the 2.7L and the 3.5L Ecoboost engines. The design of these engines is geared to deliver as much horsepower and torque as the more powerful engines and yet have higher fuel efficiency.

They are also designed to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

These engines have been used across the family of Ford vehicles.

The 3.5L Ecoboost engines, also known as the Cyclone, can be found in Ford Transit, Ford Flex, Lincoln (MKS and MKT), Ford Taurus SHO, Police Interceptor Sedan, Ford Explorer Sport, Ford Police Interceptor Utility, Ford F-150, Ford Expedition/Expedition EL, and the Lincoln Navigator/Navigator L.

There was a second generation of the 3.5L engine which first made appearance in the 2017 Ford GT with addition of port fuel injection and a few other improvements.

In the following section of the article, we are going to explore some of the best tuners available in the market that will cater to the automotive tuning needs of the 3.5L Ford Ecoboost engine.

This is followed by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about tuning, its after-effects, and the engine itself.

Best Tuners for 3.5 Ecoboost Compared

Here’s a comparison between Best Tuners for 3.5 Ecoboost:

Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
SCT performance - 7015 - X4
  • Wifi Enabled: Yes
  • Weight (Ounces): 16
  • Pre-Loaded Tunes: Yes
  • USP: Smaller, compact design
Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner for Gas ApplicationsBully Dog - 40417 - GT
  • Wifi Enabled: No
  • Weight (Ounces): 16.32
  • Pre-Loaded Tunes: Yes
  • USP: Increased fuel economy
No products found.Bully Dog - 40420 - GT
  • Wifi Enabled: No
  • Weight (Ounces): 4.8
  • Pre-Loaded Tunes: Yes
  • USP: Good value for money
Superchips 1845 Flashpaq F5
  • Wifi Enabled: No
  • Weight (Ounces): 11.2
  • Pre-Loaded Tunes: Yes
  • USP: Increased memory
Hypertech 2000 Max Energy 2.0Hypertech 2000
  • Wifi Enabled: No
  • Weight (Ounces): 14.4
  • Pre-Loaded Tunes: No
  • USP: Allows TPMS adjustments
No products found.SCT performance - 40490
  • Wifi Enabled: Yes
  • Weight (Ounces): 15.7
  • Pre-Loaded Tunes: Yes
  • USP: Works as advertised
BULLY DOG - 40460B - GTX Performance Tuner/MonitorBully Dog - 40460B - GTX
  • Wifi Enabled: Yes
  • Weight (Ounces): 32
  • Pre-Loaded Tunes: Yes
  • USP: Highly versatile model
8145 DiabloSport inTune i3 PlatinumDiabloSport 8145 inTune i3
  • Wifi Enabled: No
  • Weight (Ounces): 6.7
  • Pre-Loaded Tunes: Yes
  • USP: Good customer support

Reviews of the Best Tuners for 3.5 Ecoboost

SCT performance - 7015 - X4

best overall rating


SCT Performance has redesigned the X4 performance tuner from the ground up to include some of the latest features.

Check out the features of this SCT performance tuner in a quick video at:


Some of the critical features of this performance tuner by SCT Performance are listed below.

Key USPs

  • Fully colored, larger backlit display
  • Smaller, compact design
  • Comes pre-loaded with performance tunes
  • Holds up to 10 custom tunes
  • Offers on-device data monitoring
  • Comes with built-in Wi-Fi for easy updates
  • The body features dual analog inputs
  • Does not support any changes to the vehicle’s emissions systems
  • Allows natural restoration back to the stock tune


  • Kit includes the USB interface cable
  • Allows the user to monitor and adjust various vehicle performance parameters
  • Loaded with dyno-tested performance tuning files
  • Easy clearing of the vehicle diagnostic trouble codes
  • Users have greater ease of installation and product is easy to use
  • Good customer support


  • Creating and loading new tunes costs extra

Bully Dog - 40417 - GT

best overall rating Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum Tuner for Gas Applications

This performance tuner by Bully Dog is a gas tuner that delivers tried and tested tuning for the engine to optimize its output and achieve higher horsepower and torque.

It helps the user unlock the maximum potential of the vehicle without tampering the emission systems.

Check out the features of this performance tuner in a quick video

Some of the critical features of this performance tuner by SCT Performance are listed below.

Key USPs

  • Highly customizable gauges allow the user to easily track several parameters
  • Helps in enhancing capabilities for off-roading and hauling
  • Allows storing up to 10 custom tunes
  • Adjustments are possible to features like auto door locking, traction control,horn chirp lock, etc.
  • Monitoring of the transmission, coolant and pyrometer temperatures
  • Speed limiter and rev limiter configuration control


  • Monitoring of over 15 parameters possible at one go
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Reputed brand and company
  • Excellent improvement in the vehicle’s mileage
  • Technical support is highly responsive


  • Doesn’t have the capability to store the factory tuning

DiabloSport T1000 Trinity

best overall rating


Although the Trinity model has been replaced by the newer model which is the Trinity 2 EX edition, this particular model was also a top of the line tuner that delivered higher horsepower for the engine.

Check out how to install this tuner into your vehicle in a quick video:

Some of the key features of this performance tuner by SCT Performance are listed below.

Key USPs

  • Capable of accepting as many as five additional tunes
  • Includes two analog data inputs for connecting with the additional accessories
  • USB connectivity offers a high-speed connection
  • Includes a slot for an SD card for increasing the memory
  • Allows viewing multiple gauges at once
  • Checking and clearing diagnostic trouble codes is extremely easy
  • High resolution (320 x 240) display
  • Kit includes the required components for mounting


  • Provides a wide range of vehicle parameters for adjustment
  • Acts as an advanced diagnostics tool as well as a dashboard flash monitor
  • Critical vehicle performance information available at a glance
  • 100 MB of on-board memory solely for recording and playing back the data
  • Virtual drag tree functions available
  • Economy, Extreme and Towing modes available


  • Customer service could be better

Bully Dog - 40420 - GT

best overall rating No products found.

The notable feature of this performance tuner is the fact that it is compatible with a wide range of engine models, making it well-suited for a wider audience and highly versatile.

This model works correctly for tuning and optimizing the diesel engines for Ford, GM, Dodge, etc.

Check this Bully Dog performance tuner in action in a quick video at:


Some of the key features of this performance tuner by SCT Performance are listed below.

Key USPs

  • Improved fuel economy helps the user in the long haul
  • Capability for allowing the user to monitor over 15 parameters in a single glance
  • User can make use of the multiple pre-loaded tuning files for bettering the performance
  • User can download as many as ten additional custom tuning files onto the device
  • Diagnosing and clearing the trouble codes is greatly simplified
  • Kit includes mounting accessories


  • Extremely lightweight at just 4.8 ounces
  • Highly recommended by the users
  • Ease of installation is high
  • Noticeable changes in the power and mileage of the vehicle
  • Good value for money


  • Some customers felt that the quick start guide could be better written

SCT Performance - 5015P

best overall rating


The Livewire performance tuner by SCT comes pre-loaded with dyno-tested tuning files for both gas and diesel engines. It helps the vehicle rise beyond the mass factory configurations and optimizes it for better performance.

Some of the key features of this performance tuner by SCT Performance are listed below.

Key USPs

  • High resolution, fully colored, 4-inch display
  • Available for both gas and diesel engine models
  • Allows switching on the fly
  • Automatic brightness adjustment for ease while daytime and nighttime use
  • Allows holding as many as ten custom files
  • Offers automatic sleep, on and off modes for the engine
  • Clearing diagnostic codes are simplified


  • The warnings and alerts can be customized by the user
  • Gauge layouts and graphics can be selected by the user according to their convenience
  • Kit includes a windshield mount
  • Adjustments offered for a wide range of parameters
  • Speed and rev limiter control offered
  • The interface is exceptionally adjustable and hence easy to use


  • Pre-loaded tunes may not be compatible with all vehicles

Superchips 1845 Flashpaq F5

best overall rating


This comparatively older model of tuner by Superchips stands out from its contemporaries in the fact that it offers options for both gas and diesel tuning.

Noticeable improvements can be noted in the engine torque and horsepower. There is also the additional benefit of fuel economy.

Check out the features of this Superchips programmer in a quick video at:


Some of the key features of this performance tuner by SCT Performance are listed below.

Key USPs

  • Backed by a two-year warranty offered by the manufacturer
  • High definition, fully colored, 2.8-inch display
  • Compatible with different performance upgrades to the vehicle
  • Monitoring of several engine parameters possible at one glance
  • Updates can be downloaded from the Internet via the USB slot
  • Provides control over the active fuel management module
  • Eliminates downshift while upward climbing
  • Performance tuning modes of Daily Driving, Towing, Extreme and Economy offered


  • Tuning options offered for shift firmness and shift points
  • Speed limiter and rev limiter can be adjusted
  • Speedometer corrections suggested for various gear ratios
  • Legal in all 50 states, including California
  • Faster processing speed and read-write times
  • Increased memory


  • Some customers faced minor compatibility issues

Hypertech 2000

best overall rating Hypertech 2000 Max Energy 2.0

This Hypertech programmer works well for diesel as well as gas engines. The installation can be done in under 15 minutes and does not need any tools or additional equipment.

It is an award-winning tuner that delivers higher torque and horsepower for the engine.

Check out the features of this engine programmer in a quick video.

Some of the key features of this performance tuner by SCT Performance are listed below.

Key USPs

  • One of the best tuners for towing
  • Allows TPMS adjustments
  • Allows easy calibration of the speedometer
  • Changes can be made to the speed limiter and the rev limiter
  • Automatic transmission adjustments possible
  • Compatible with diesel, regular, premium as well as E85 fuel
  • Large backlit display for monitoring several vehicle parameters


  • Lightweight at just 14.4 ounces
  • Menu navigation is easy to use and very user-friendly
  • Excellent value for money
  • Noticeable improvement in mileage
  • Users found it easy to use
  • Allows multiple programming vehicles


  • Does not provide programming control for cooling fan

SCT performance - 40490

best overall rating No products found.

You can count on SCT to deliver dyno-proven, street-tested files for getting the most out of your vehicle’s engine.

It allows the user to select from different power levels and amongst the pre-loaded tunes that are designed by engineers.

Some of the key features of this performance tuner by SCT Performance are listed below.

Key USPs

  • Can load up to 20 custom tunes onto the device from the local custom tune dealers
  • Offers monitoring and data logging capabilities to the user
  • Allows Wi-Fi updates via the cloud delivery
  • Slim, sleek, full-colored display
  • Gauges are highly customizable
  • Speed and rev limiter adjustments possible
  • The tuner will enable you to custom tailor the vehicle to your requirements


  • Reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes is simplified
  • Reputed brand name
  • Lightweight at just 15.7 ounces
  • One of the best aftermarket accessories for tuning
  • Works as advertised


  • Product is not legal for sale in California

Bully Dog - 40460B - GTX

best overall rating BULLY DOG - 40460B - GTX Performance Tuner/Monitor

This product stands out owing to its ultra-modern look and sleek display design. It has a 5-inch capacitive glass display, which is the first of its kind.

Another thing to be noted about this performance tuner is the fact that it records the vehicle’s performance at 35 frames per second.

Check out the features of this performance tuner by Bully Dog in a quick video.

Some of the key features of this performance tuner by SCT Performance are listed below.

Key USPs

  • One of the premier data monitoring solutions
  • Gauges are high resolution and highly customizable
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for a smooth user experience
  • Grab and Go magnetic mounting system included with the kit
  • Automatic mobile regeneration
  • Adjustments to over 20 different engine parameters


  • Highly versatile model compatible with several various engines
  • Cloud delivery ensures updates are directly downloaded to the vehicle
  • Ensure better mileage and fuel economy
  • Marked improvement in the vehicle performance
  • Customers are happy with the performance


  • Technical support could be better

DiabloSport 8145 inTune i3

best overall rating 8145 DiabloSport inTune i3 Platinum

Some of the key features of this performance tuner by DiabloSport Tuner are listed below.

Key USPs

  • Allows tuning several vehicles simultaneously by purchasing a multi-vehicle license
  • Car read and write times are speedy
  • All the programs are dyno-tested
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac
  • Compliant with the emissions norms in all 50 states
  • Comes with an ‘easy mode’ for fast installation
  • Data logging possible with the OBD-II port


  • Lightweight at just 5.6 ounces
  • Reputed brand
  • Good customer support
  • Reading and troubleshooting engine trouble codes is greatly simplified
  • Can act as a data logger as well as a performance tuner


  • Product is not street legal and can be only used on racing vehicles


What kind of towing capabilities can be expected out of a 3.5L Ecoboost?

The base rating for a 3.5L Ecoboost’s towing capacity is 5,000 pounds. However, it can go as high as 13,200 pounds.

What is the fuel economy rating for the 3.5L Ecoboost?

The ratings for city driving and highway (long-distance) driving for the 3.5 Ecoboost are 17 mpg and 23 mpg, respectively. Another fact to be noted is that Ecoboost engines do not have to be restricted to premium fuel and can adapt to any as long as the octanes do not drop below 87.

What oil do I need to use with the 3.5L Ecoboost?

The highest upgraded 3.5L Ecoboost engine with the V6 model will need a 5W-30 motor oil for optimal performance.

Will my vehicle emit more particles or have unhealthy emissions after the tuning?

There are strict norms in place to ensure that vehicular emissions are not harming the environment in any manner. Therefore the tuners that are available in the market do not tamper with the vehicle’s emissions systems in any way. This ensures that the tuners are legal to use in all the states.

Is there any positive or negative impact of tuning on the lifespan of the engine?

Tuning does not have any long-lasting effects on the life of the engine. The engine’s life is primarily determined by the style of driving and the routine maintenance undertaken to ensure its well-being.

Is it necessary to get any special permission or permit for tuning the vehicle?

It is not necessary to get any specific licenses or permissions for tuning your vehicle. You just need to check whether the particular tuner model is allowed to be used in that particular state. Another thing which should be verified is that some tuners mention that they are designed for racing cars only.

Can I bear down on the throttle all the way to get the same results as the tuner?

This will not yield the expected results as using a tuner. In fact, using the throttle to such an extent frequently will cause more harm than good.

Does tuning have any effect on the frequency of the engine servicing?

As such, the primary outcome of tuning is that the performance of the engine is optimized. There are some modes that put the engine into a high-performance zone, which might lead to a slight increase in the need for an oil change. Otherwise, there would be any significant changes in the frequency of servicing your car.


It should be noted that all the cars that are mass-produced are done so as to be economical and deliver reliable performance to the user.

Having said that, there are some users that would want to break the impositions that are made on the vehicle and alter some engine parameters to customize the car to their own tastes.

Most of the time, these modifications are sought by racers who want to boost the performance of the vehicle and get a higher speed.

Before undertaking any sort of tuning initiative, you should ensure that you are sure about the kind of modifications you want and are selecting the appropriate tuner for it.

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